What If?

Here's me trying out my first Hetalia fanfic, as well as my first fanfic on this site. Excuse their slight ooc-ness at times. This is just a compilation of what would happen if certain nations were thrust into situations that we will not mostly expect them in. I hope you enjoy it ^^

Human names may be used.

What if…

America could see England's magical friends?

Chapter 1

Such a beautiful day… why did I have to spend it with this idiot…?

"Hey Iggy! Tell me that's not an awesome pose I just did!"

"Shut the hell up you git, I told you I've no time for your bloody poses," said England. America pouted at him, quickly recovering and flashing England with one of America's trademark 'awesome' smiles.

"B-b-b-but you promised!" whined America. England rolled his eyes and put down his cup of tea.

"I promised to spend the afternoon with you, prat; and I would appreciate it if you not ruin mine with your useless crap," stated England.

"My poses are not crap! Look at this!" shouted America. He jumped up and spread his arms out dramatically. He knocked over a hat stand in the corner as he swung his arm to the right.

…Which started a chain reaction.

The hat stand knocked over a glass orb from its stand, which rolled down the shelf and hit a candle, which got knocked over a bigger glass orb, which rolled down to a cabinet full of china, which shivered slightly and threatened to let its precious valuables inside fall to their doom. It teetered a bit, but managed to balance itself again.

England started with a jolt as he saw it all happen. He turned to America, who had frozen and watched the horror unfold before him. He shook his head and cracked another of his smiles.

"See? Wasn't that awesome?" he blurted out. England continued fume and seethe in his seat, glaring at the oblivious American prancing around his study. "I told you I'm aweso-…whoops!"

Whoops was right. With his dancing, America had managed to break one of England's tea sets that was on display on a table. That was when England snapped.

"GET OUT OF MY STUDY!" he hollered. America ducked as England threw one of his knitting needles at him, and was preparing another.

"You have to catch me first Iggy!" shouted America. He bolted to the door and ran down the hallway, England hot on his heels. He looked back and felt triumphant; Iggy would never catch up to him! Nothing could stop him!

…Except a flight of stairs.

He was so absorbed at trying to watch England's reaction that he somehow forgot where he was going. His heart gave a jolt as he tumbled down the stairs. Pain shot through his body as he fell down. He heard a shout. Someone was shouting his name…

"We have to help him!"

"But how do you suppose we do that?"

"I don't know; I don't care if he doesn't believe in us; Mr. Jones was Mr. Kirkland's charge once! That makes him important to the master!"

A horse neighed.

…A horse? America tried opening his eyes. Blurred shapes were moving in front of him. He put a hand to his face. Texas was gone!

"W-where's Texas…?" he murmured. Instantly a sharp pain to his head greeted him.

A gasp.

"He's awake!" someone squeaked.

"Texas? What's that?"

"I think he meant these!" said a small voice. At once, something was shoved into his face. Everything came to focus after a few seconds.

And he was staring straight at a small girl who was standing on his nose. She wore a light yellow dress that barely covered her small body. She had a pair of bright yellow wings that fluttered as she bent down to observe him.

A fairy was on his nose.

And he was seeing it.

But wait... fairies didn't exist... right?

Not much on this first part, but I hope you liked it. I'll update it as soon as I can. Please bear with me. I have massive writer's block at the moment and can't right crap... Dx

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