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"Broken" by Lindsey Haun

Bella's Point of View

I can never regret this.

It's happening, for real.

This is life changing, now that I have made this decision, I can't take it back.

I don't want to take it back. I want this, I want this baby.

I can't tell Edward. He has a future and something that will lead him to greatness. He can't know." Tears fell from the pooling within my eyes. My thoughts held so much truth, Edward couldn't know and I will not regret this. The pink plus sign that I held in my hand decided my fate, decided my new path of life. A life with the creation of Edward and I, the baby that has equal parts of us. Our baby. I could help but cry more, I knew that Edward wouldn't know the baby and the baby wouldn't know its father and I wanted that for them. I reminded myself that he couldn't know. He was already gone.

Edward left for Yale, a month ago. The night before he left, we made the decision, neither of us thinking that me becoming pregnant was going to happen. But I'm glad while he's away I will have something of Edward here.

I knew that everything I was thinking was truth. I throw the test away and knew that the first person I would call was on my speed dial. She picked up on the first ring.

"Hi, Bella," Alice's chipper voice rang through my ears.

"Alice?" I whispered through my tears. Trying to find the strength to tell her.

"Bella, what's wrong?" I could hear the longing in her voice.

"Alice? I'm p-pregnant," I whispered knowing that she could still hear me.

"Ohmigod, Bella. I'm coming over," she said with love before hanging up. I dropped my cell phone and shed more tears then I thought possible.

Three Years Later

Edward's Point of View

I'm going home, back to Forks Washington; it's been three years since I've been home. Three years ago I left behind my family, friends and my beautiful girlfriend, the women I planned to marry. Those plans left my mind when I started my second year of College, that's when I met Tanya. My freshmen year of College was miserable, I didn't, couldn't talk to friends or family because it would make it too easy to make me change my mind and go back home. Tanya helped me fill the ach in my heart where my family and friends were, but nothing would really heal the rips where Bella use to be. I'm not done with school but its summer and mom and dad are just dying for me to come home. I gave into all my mother's begging and pleading, and that is why I am now waiting for my twin sister Alice to come pick us up.

It was a normal gloomy day in Seattle; we still had a couple hours in the car before arriving home. Tanya was on her cell phone as we stood with our luggage, Alice should be here soon. Before I formed the last of the sentence I thought I saw a small pixie running towards me.

"Edward!" she screamed crushing me into a hug.

"Nice to see you to sis," I chuckled. I saw Jasper behind Alice, when she let go of me I gave Jasper a guy hug, before Tanya cleared her throat. I looked at her and she gave me the 'are yu going to introduce me' look.

"Alice, Jasper this is my girlfriend Tanya," I continued "Tanya this is my sister and her fiancée Jasper," Alice lost her smile when she looked at Tanya, but she put on a fake smile and turned around and started leading the way, Jasper helped me with the bags. Tanya walked behind Jasper and I. I brushed off how Alice acted and got into Alice's 911 turbo yellow Porsche and started trying to figure out how to make this car ride less painful.

"Hey I got an idea, why don't we play Magic Radio?" Magic Radio was the game we all use to play instead of using a magic eight ball. Alice seemed excited to play.

"Okay, sure," I whispered.

"Okay, I'll go first. How will Edward and Tanya's relationship stand at the end of the summer?" Alice asked the radio.

"When your broken into a million little pieces," I saw Alice give a quick smile before turning the radio off the ask another question. Tanya gave me a look and Jasper laughed. I just ignored everything, letting the time pass by.

It felt like forever had come and gone and came back again when we arrived at my parent's house. I saw a blue Camaro in the front, Alice parked next to it before jumping out of the car and running in the house. Tanya waited for Jasper and I just refused to help us carry anything, I rolled my eyes and thanked Jasper for helping me. Once inside Jasper, Tanya and I went straight for the stairs. Once inside my room, memories of Bella and I flooded my mind, everything was huh I left it but the bed didn't have a sleeping Bella in it. It had a sleeping little girl in it. Jasper put the bags in the room and left before I could ask a question. Tanya looked up from her phone and her eyes got huge.

"What is that?" she spat. Oh well Tanya that would be a little girl.

"Tanya, why don't you go freshen up in my bathroom and I'll handle this," I whispered not wanting to wake the girl. Tanya rolled her eyes and went to the open door to the left of us. I sat down all the bags in the corner and went to the bed. I sat on the side of the bed and looked at the girl. She was beautiful; she had long ringlet curls in a bronze that matched mine. Her heart shaped face and pale skin, gave me a picture of Bella. She looked like a baby Bella. I picked up the sleeping girl in my arms and left my room. I went into the kitchen to see everyone there, mom, Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett. Bella looked more beautiful than ever, once I saw Bella I felt the beautiful baby in my arms stir.

Bella's Point of View

Since the day I gave birth to Rensemee Carlie, I've been with the Cullen's. I moved in with them after I had her, Charlie had past shortly after Edward left because he was shot on the job. It took a toll on me before I knew I was pregnant. Esme and Carlisle moved me in with them giving me a room and Rensemee a room even though we slept in Edward's room. They understood why we did and they were fine with it. All of us still lived here; Esme and Carlisle expended the house so we all had our own little homes within the house. Alice and Jasper had their bedroom, bath and living room, as did Rose and Emmett.

Carlisle was still looking as young as ever with his blonde hair that was starting to show very little gray and crystal blue eyes, with his pale skin. Esme looked beautiful with her caramel colored hair falling into loose curls, green eyes that were almost as beautiful as Edward's. Alice still has short black spikes that she has had since high school, crystal blue eyes that matched her fathers, little petite pixie. Rosalie kept her long locks golden blonde, her striking features and piercing blue eyes, with a body that every woman envied. Jasper looked like he did in high school with honey colored loose tousles and blue eyes that matched his twin Rose. Emmett is as big and as buff as ever, his curly brown hair and brown eyes never changed. I looked the same too, I was still a plain jane with my long curly brown hair and brown eyes, I had more defined curves, and I was still rather small.

Rensemee looked every bit like Edward as she did me, she has his bronze hair with my curls and my chocolate brown eyes and both of mine and Edwards pale skin, she always gives me that crocked smile that Edward made famous.

I lay Nessie down on Edward's bed before kissing her forehead and meeting Alice in the kitchen with Rose, Esme and Emmett.

"Nessie worn out Bells?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah," I said. Rose and I had put Nessie down for a nap; she had a long day to today. I knew something was happening today but no one would tell me what was going on.

"Esme would you like some help?" I asked feeling bad that she was slaving over the stove. She smiled.

"Sure, thanks Bella," I smiled and went to work alongside her. Esme had become my second mom; I loved her so much for everything she has done for me her and Carlisle both. Alice and Rose were setting the table while mom and I finished the food. "Bella dear will you run down stairs and get some wine?" Esme asked. I smiled and nodded.

In the basement, Esme and Carlisle have a large wine collection. I picked through looking at what would be good with dinner tonight. I grabbed two different ones just in case people wanted a variety. I thought of my baby girl; Rensemee reminded me every bit of Edward, she would be such a daddy's girl like I always dreamed if he knew about her. I pushed those thoughts out of my head and went back upstairs, I heard everyone walking and I heard Rensemee's name. I looked up and felt myself drop both of the wine bottles. Splashing myself and the floor with wine, my face froze. Ohmigod.