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Chapter 4: Weird fortunes and moments

Chris and Sheva were in a nice Chinese restaurant. Sheva was eating orange chicken with rice with a coke and had a fortune cookie on the side for last. Chris was eating Kung pao chicken with rice sprite and a fortune cookie for last. Chris was still amazed that Sheva knew how to use chop sticks. He couldn't use them right so Sheva tried to teach him but it was in vain he couldn't do it so he was eating with a fork. He curious so he had to ask this.

"Sheva how do you know how to eat with chop sticks?" He watched her finish taking a sip on her coke.

"Well in the past when I was younger I was interested in Asian culture so I wanted to learn everything about it including how to use chopsticks." She explained by taking a piece of orange chicken in her mouth. She had a look of satisfaction on her face.

"So Sheva how do feel about being a leader?" Sheva's face then took on a sad thoughtful one.

"I don't know Chris I mean I know Mr. Burton thinks I have the capabilities to do it. And then there's you being a captain. I don't know if I can measure up."

Was that what she thought? Chris couldn't help but look at the young woman who helped him in Africa. She doubted her abilities way too much. He put a comforting hand on hers. For some reason it felt right to do that.

"Sheva…" She was still looking down at her plate. So reached another hand to lightly stroke her cheek like he did earlier." You are going to be the best captain there is for your team. I have no doubt in my mind that you will do nothing but great. Hell you might even be better than me." He got the effect he wanted when he smiled at him. He always liked her smile.

"Thank you Chris I appreciate it now let's look at our fortune cookies." As she grabbed hers and gestured towards Chris to do the same. They opened there's at the same time. Chris had to hide his expression of confusion. His fortune said:

The one that you will love forever is right in front of you. After reading he looked at Sheva who was also reading hers. What could this mean?

Sheva also was doing well in hiding the confusion she was feeling now. Her fortune said:

The one that you will love forever is right in front of you. She looked at Chris who was across from her reading his fortune. What is that supposed to mean? She thought she looked at Chris again."So what did yours say?"

"I'm not telling you it's a secret." He joked Chris didn't want to her know what his said at all it was just plain weird.

"Fine you'll tell me one day and I'll tell you mine when you tell me yours." She joked back also not wanting Chris to know about hers. Then the waitress came to their table.

"Are you ready to pay the bill?" She asked

"Yes" Chris said to her.

"Okay here you are and an extra fortune cookie for you girlfriend sir. You two make a cute couple." She giggled as the pair turned a couple shades of red.

"Wait it's not like-"Sheva started

"It's okay the older men are always better and under the sheets if you know what I mean." She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Here's the money lets go Sheva." As Chris grabbed Sheva's hand and her fortune cookie and walked towards the exit.

"Have fun" The waitress called causing them both to turn even redder. Chris couldn't believe that actually happened.

"Ummm….. Chris."

"Yeah Sheva."He looked at her.

"You can let my hand go now." As she gestured towards their joined hands. Chris then let her hand go feeling a little embarrass that happened as he rubbed his neck a nervous habit."So… what now?" The atmosphere was getting awkward now.

"Wanna head back to HQ?" Chris asked he didn't want to but he didn't want to screw-up more than he had right now.

"Sure right after I open my fortune cookie." As she cracked it open he was anxious to see her expression but her hair was in the way. But Sheva knew what it said and had a dark look on her face when she saw what it said.

The past may come back when you lease want it to. Unfortunately that's a past she was willing to forget now and forever.

"Sheva…" Chris was starting get worried when she didn't say anything."Sheva" He tried again and put a hand on her shoulder which she responded to.

"What's wrong?" She asked innocently.

"You tell me." He said trying to look at fortune but she pocketed it. Something doesn't seem right.

"Nothing's wrong Chris why would ask that?" She was trying to change the subject he could tell. She wanted him to drop the subject now not wanting to talk about it.

"I don't know you seem like you spacing out but that's just me." He wasn't going to approach the subject now but in due time. They started walking back to HQ. Sheva was not forgetting what the fortune said.


It was weird she thought they could be together. Jill was trying to piece it together. What did Chris and Sheva know about each other. She doesn't know what they did in those three days. They seemed real close when she came on the first day. The thoughts were jut irking her to no end. Should she be called a bitch for wanting Chris to herself? She hasn't told anyone about this either of her jealously. And spiked to more dangerous levels when she saw them walking in together. What did he see in her? Jill couldn't fathom it at all.


Chris was once again in Sheva's room which was furnished. He was sitting n the couch looking around Sheva was getting something for them to drink. It made him feel welcomed and it had a homey feel to it thanks to all the pictures. She was standing in a grassy field her arms spread out like she was flying giving a toothy grin in a dirty white dress. She looked adorable in Chris's eyes. Then there was another one of beautiful dark skinned woman with long dark hair in a blue dress holding a young Sheva in a yellow dress in her lap, both were smiling happily at the camera. It didn't take long for him to figure out that was Sheva's mother. There were so many similarities between them. Guess that's where Sheva got her beauty from. He thought. Then he looked at another picture with a dark skinned man with black mustache wearing a black shirt and dark green pants with a younger Sheva on his back. That was her father. Then there was another one which had her mother in a green dress and her father in a white shirt and black pants holding a young Sheva who was sticking her tongue out of the camera it was a happy picture.

"I took that one when I was four." Her voice caused Chris to jump as she came back to the room with drinks. How long had he been staring at the pictures and how long did she watch him? She set his drink down an iced tea and herself a coke. She changed her clothes to a pair of black sweatpants and was wearing a dark blue tank top. She sat next to him on the couch looking at her hr various photos on her walls."I was a very energetic child when I younger always wanting to run around outside and explore." She continued as a she got this small sad smile on her face. She took a sip of her coke."It was some happy times for me… Until they died."She ended on a sad note. Chris could only look at her with sympathy he remembered when he lost he parents but he had Claire. Sheva didn't have any one to look out for her. She had it rough and he could tell she was trying not to cry in front of him. It was strange and kind of corny to him but he didn't like her feeling sad it made him well feel sad with her. He loved her smile and right now seeing her be upset right now was something he didn't want her feel. He put an arm around her for and gently pulled her close to him. He used to his other hand to brushed wipe away the tears which she started to shed on her delicate face. She was trying to contain her tears but was failing. He started rubbing her back soothingly holding her until the tears stopped.

"I'm here for you Sheva." He whispered in her ear. She let out a little sob as she nodded in his chest. Getting some control of her herself she hiccupped a little. Chris would've thought it was cute if this was different circumstances. Soon that subsided and she pulled back to look him in the eyes. He cupped her face in his hands using his thumbs to brush away any tears left.

"Sorry." She told him. But Chris simply shook his head.

"It's alright. I don't mind" He could tell he she was drained and tired. He moved away from to get the glasses of their forgotten drinks and dumping their contents and cleaning them. Sheva was still on the couch."May I carry you to bed?" She nodded. He picked her carefully in his arms and in pushed the covers back in one hand and tucked her in. Her eyes were half closed.

"Chris thank you." She mumbled as sleep started to course through eventually she went to sleep turning on her side her facing him. He knelt down next to her bed side brushing away a few strands of hair. He softly placed his lips on her forehead a good night kiss. He would be damned if he saw Sheva cry again. He will be there for her every step of the way.