Hiya! o/

Well got this game just for fun and... Man! What an awesome game! XD
My first reaction was so crazy that I decided to write it.
Everything ya gonna read here is TRUE. Nothing is fake. It's my true reaction.
I'm not a crazy person… maybe sometimes…

Disclaimer: Scribblenauts belongs to WB Games Inc. blah, blah, blah.



*Me sitting comfortably in my chair and eating an apple.*

"Man I hate tutorials, they make me waste much of my time… When video games had only 3 buttons and the objectives were only 'jump-to-kill enemies' we didn't need tutorials… ¬¬"

*A few minutes later…*

"This never ends!" – Start to hit the table.

*Last part of the tutorial: Notepad Rules:*

"Only real-life objects? What happens if I need a Lombax to save the galaxy in an Ottsel spaceship?"

"No alcohol? He can't drink vodka and get a hangover?"

"No vulgarity? Oh man…"

*Write your first work in the notepad*

"What I'm supposed to write? There are tons of things…" - Bite the apple and…


Magically an apple appears on the screen.


The Gardens: First Level.

"What they would use in their hands…? There are a cop, a chef, a fireman and a doctor… Hm… Lemme see…" – Thinking time.

"G-U-N." – Give the gun to the cop.

"Nothing happens! He doesn't wanna a gun! WTF? If I were a cop I would have a gun… ¬¬ … Forget it, he liked it."

"Hm… The doctor wants…" – Think for a moment – "HA! He wanna go wild with a N-U-R-S-E!"

Give the nurse to the doctor and…

"HOLY S#$%! Did she say 'Hmm'? OMG! What a f#$%&* pervert nurse!" – I laughed my ass off.

Refresh the Man.

"Do I have to refresh him?" – Thinking – "Oh maaan… There are so many possibilities…"

"Ah! T-S-U-N-A-M-I." – A wave appears. - "Wow a wave!"

Put the wave in the right place and…

"OHMYGAWD! They were killed by the tsunami! Hahaha! – I start to scream/laugh incomprehensive while I hit the table.

Help the Lumberman.

"Hm… I can write 'axe' but it's so simple… I can use a dinosaur to smash the tree… D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R."

A cute dinosaur appears. I tried to make it smash the tree but accidentally it smashes the lumberman and…

"You bastard! You're hitting my dinosaur! Stop! Stop… B#$%*! YOU KILLED MY DINOSAUR!"

Harvest the Flowers.

"Get the flowers and put in her basket?... Ok easy… Hm a bee… F-R-O-G. – The frog eats the bee. – "Haha! Take that!"

"Hm… A carnivorous wild fish! Hm… Let's see if a S-H-A-R-K eats it." – A shark appears and eats the piranha.

"Ha! Now let's cross the river." – I jump into the river and…

"AH! It's eating me! Aaaah" – Maxwell dies.

"Whatahell! I thought he only summoned domesticated animals! Why he can ride a carnivorous dinosaur like a pony and he CAN'T surf on a shark!... Hm… Maybe cuz I don't have the HM03 yet…"

*On the same level…*

After killing the piranha – I summoned a bear, it ate the piranha and quickly I dragged the bear to the trash can before it could eat me…-

"Damn! I can cross the river but I can't climb this wall… Can I use a ladder here?" – Thinking time – "What happens if write… G-O-D…"

I press the OK button and…

"HOLY F$%&! GOD! God help MEEE!" – I got so excited that accidentally I threw god into the water.

"Oh S%&*! I drowned god! OMFG!" – Before god could punish me I pressed the start button and laughed like hell.


Like I told ya guys, this madness is the realistic truth. XD
If you played the game you know that all possible things can happen in this little fricking game. I didn't write how I solved the puzzles, I only wrote the funny parts.
Maybe I'll write another chapter reporting my madness…
Thanks for reading this... Hm... Fact of my life. X]

Bye-bye for now! ^_^

PS: I'm still laughing about the drowned god! XD