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The sky was a paling blue, the sun slowly rising over the treetops. The high school in Japan in which four girls, Miyuki Takara, Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Konata Izumi, attended, had a paint peeling picnic table in the shade of a tree. That was where the girls had decided to meet each morning, including many of their other friends, whether first years or third like themselves. The picnic table was empty that morning. No one sat on its benches, warmed by the sun and cooled by the shade provided by the large tree. No one was there that day. Yet.

"Oh, it looks like we're the first to arrive, sis…" Tsukasa said sleepily. She plopped down on the bench, tugging at the long sleeves of her winter uniform. Tsukasa gave a rather large yawn, excused herself, and pulled out her phone. A short selection of music came from the speakers on the phone as Tsukasa began to play a game application.

Kagami fixed her sister's sloppily addressed bow, tugging it to center itself on the top of her head. Then she patted the top of Tsukasa's head, hopping to de-frizz the lilac hair. "I wonder where everyone is today," Kagami wondered. She pulled out her light novel and began to read, the only noise of the winter school day the blipping of Tsukasa's pink phone.

"Kagamin! Waifu, it is you!" Konata chirped abruptly, Kagami yanking her head up to see the small blue-haired otaku waving about a Gamers bag, Yutaka following close behind. Yutaka applied her blue ribbons, pulling her hair into two small pigtails.

"Don't call me your wife!" Kagami barked as Konata straggled onto Kagami's back. Kagami flailed about a little, screaming muffled words that Tsukasa made out as, "Get off me! Get off my back!"

"So tsundere," Konata cooed as Tsukasa put away her phone and yanked her off her sister's back.

"Good morning, Kona-chan, Yutaka-chan," Tsukasa grinned. She bowed a bit to the first year cousin of Konata, Yutaka.

"G'morning, Hiiragi-san," Yutaka replied. "I decided to walk to Gamers with Kona-chan and I had to wake up really early." Yutaka blinked sleep from her eyes. "To tell the truth, I believe I'll let Konata-chan's father take me to the train station from now on…"

Konata's cat like grin reappeared as she clambered onto the table top, strutting about as she showed off her new Haruhi Suzimaya manga, collector's edition. Kagami whacked her lightly on the head with her light novel and told her to sit down.

"Look, it's Miwiki-san," Konata called out, pointing to a peach haired girl with glasses.

"Good morning everyone, I apologize for being late, I tripped and spilled my breakfast everywhere, so it took me longer to get to the train…then I realized I had to take a latter train," Miyuki apologized. She had planted a palm on her right cheek and her face was tinged with a rosy blush.

"Moe!" Konata exclaimed. "You are the perfect essence, the wondrous moe Miwiki-san!"

Miyuki blushed brighter. "M-moe…?"

Kagami sighed heavily and mimicked Konata's nasal tone: "You are clumsy—"

Tsukasa burst out laughing and pinched her nose, morphing her mouth as best as she could to look like a sideways three, and finished: "—and clumsy is sexy!"

Miyuki grinned and chuckled politely, her face tinged red now. Konata frowned as Yutaka even agreed it sort of sounded like her. "I don't sound nasal!" she retorted. "And clumsy is sexy."

"You sound like a perverted old man," Kagami laughed.

Hiyori Tamura ran over, hair twisted and knotted. Her shoes were on the wrong feet, glasses fogged. She was even wearing her summer uniform instead of her winter. She clutched her book bag and sketchbook, muttering something like, "It's wonderful! Brilliant!" She sat down quickly, cleaned her glasses, fixed her shoes, and ran a hand through her hair. She pulled out a pencil in the mess and continued to sketch whatever it was that was on her mind.

"Good morning, Tamura-san," Miyuki greeted, face still a bit crimson.

"Must. Sketch," Hiyori murmured in a monotone voice.

"Hiyorin! Did you get a good idea?" Konata asked, crawling across the table and peeking at her sketch. Hiyori just mumbled a mixture of letters that couldn't form any words.

Minami stumbled over to the picnic table. A few other kids were gathering in the courtyard of the school now, and Tsukasa checked her cell phone for the time. It was almost eight, the time school would start. It was 7:40. Tsukasa greeted Minami as Minami bowed and apologized to Miyuki for not going to the train with her. Kagami remembered Minami and Miyuki were neighbors.

Patty, Ayano, and Misao had somehow met up with one another and all arrived five minutes after Minami. Patty then asked, in her shrill voice, "Minami-chan, why are you so sleepy today?"

Misao was messing with a bug and trying to fling it at Ayano, who was laughing warily as Misao repeated, "I'm just kiddin' with ya, Ayano!"

"I stayed up all night—" Minami was cut off.

"Oh, did ya finish reading another novel?" Misao interrupted. Apparently she was done messing with bugs and putting them in Ayano's face.

"No, I—" Minami, again, paused to allow Tsukasa to venture a guess.

"Oh, no, did Cherry bark all night long? I don't like it when puppies get loud at night time," Tsukasa asked.

"No, I stayed up all night playing video games," the mint haired girl said quickly and quietly. Everyone fell absolutely silent.

"You play videogames?" Hiyori gawked. Her pencil was down, amazingly. She began to have a detailed fantasy, one where Minami was (again, as usual) the boyish role of the couple she wished would just happen. Minami was in the middle of playing a video game, eyes focused, as Yutaka squealed as another scary beast appeared in the dungeon of a castle.

"It's just a game," fantasy Minami cooed, brushing fantasy Yutaka's small face. Fantasy Yutaka's face was red, and she nodded. "Besides, you're so much prettier than the princess in this…" She leaned in for the passionate kiss, but Hiyori yelped.

"I'm such a pervert!" she moaned, slapping her face onto the table top. Konata, once again, stood on the table and put her chin in the air, one fist in the air, the other in the center of her chest. She took a big breath, as if she was going to make a long speech.

"I knew it! Waifu, tell them I predicted this from the start—"

"I'm not your wife!" Kagami shot back.

"—about Minami, that she was an Otaku at heart!" Konata grinned as Hiyori added more to the drastic effect as she whispered into Patty's ear. Then, in unison, they cried out their agrees and shielded their eyes. "She must have a hentai stash, some form of manga or anime, somewhere in her house! Detective Konata is on the case!"

"By the way, Minami, what video game were you playing?" Yutaka asked.

No one but Yutaka heard the response because Konata's loud assumptions were clearer than Minami's shy answer.

The deafening school bell rang. Tsukasa had ten minutes to get to her class after dropping by her locker quickly. It was simple: Tsukasa ran to locker 310 after saying her goodbyes to the others, unlocked it with her four digit combination, and stuffed her phone and her math books inside. She pulled out her world history books, and then readied herself for the dash to Kuroi Sensei's class.

Konata strolled through the halls. Kuroi Nanako was already used to her being late, so why was today different? Well, she wanted to show a few of the boys in her class her new manga, and she wanted to give everyone a good laugh. Konata opened her locker, put away her things, and walked at her usual pace to the class. She sat her bag down, pulled out her school book from the desk which she always kept there, and removed her manga from the Gamers bag.

"Sensei, sensei!" Konata called. A few of the kids gave her sideways looks that seemed to say, "You're early?" while others continued to talk to their friends. "I got the new Haruhi manga this morning!" With this, some kids nodded, understanding that she had gotten up early. Miyuki was somehow already in her seat, book in hand, supplies on the top of her desk.

"Kyah! I didn't know that was out yet," Kuroi groaned, jealous. A few of the other otakus in the class began to hover about, if, of course, they liked Haruhi.

"Konata's always got the best manga," Tsukasa giggled. Miyuki looked up from her book, pushed her glasses up, and nodded.

"I suppose that's true," Miyuki laughed, agreeing happily with her young friend. "Oh, yes, Hiiragi-san, I was wondering if perhaps you would draw me a flower? You're sister told me you drew a beautiful petunia the other day."

Tsukasa smiled big. "She's just too flattering," she gushed. "I can draw you one, Miyuki."

Miyuki gave her a piece of paper and watched, mystified, as Tsukasa began to draw a little flower with two leaves and eight petals, a butterfly flitting about by it. Miyuki's face turned two shades darker than that morning, and realized how dear Tsukasa was to her. But she wasn't quite ready to tell her that…no, not for a while, at least. Miyuki smiled though. Tsukasa was a very good friend.

"Hiiragi?" Sensei Sakuraba read on the register.

Kagami slowly raised her hand and said clearly, "Here."

Sakuraba continued down the roll call register and came to Misao. "Kusakabe?"

"Here," she yawned.

"Minegishi?" Sakuraba read aloud, not pausing.

"Here…" Ayano replied quietly, looking out of the window, chin in hand. A bird flicked past the window, making her jump, but she relaxed quickly. A slip of paper slid onto her desk. She unfolded it. In Misao's sloppy child-like writing, she read:

'Sakuraba's such a bore, huh? I wonder why Sensei isn't as free as Kuroi-sensei.'

Ayano laughed a bit, scrawled something, and slid it onto Misao's desk.

Misao looked down at the paper, satisfied with a response, and read it.

'I suppose, but we do learn more…'

She shook her head, slightly surprised, though she shouldn't have been, with Ayano's answer. Quickly she wrote to Kagami, 'What do you think? Should Sensei be as free willed as Kuroi-sensei?'

Kagami snorted, which caused Sakuraba to look up from the text book which she was reading aloud, and Kagami apologized. Then she scribbled down on the paper, 'No, we learn more than the little squirt's class.'

Misao's mouth twisted into a frown; her bright eyes narrowed. "Hmmm." Furiously she wrote to Kagami, 'Why do you always talk about her? Do you talk that way about me?'

Kagami was a bit stunned about this. 'Yes, I do,' she wrote, though it was a lie. She turned to see Misao's excited reaction.

'If you had to, would you marry me?' Misao responded, quickly scratching it down on the paper. Kagami's heart thumped in her chest slowly.

'Misao, why are you asking this?' she swiftly responded. There's no way she'd answer that.

Misao read Kagami's infuriated answer on the paper so, instead of writing an apology to Kagami, she marked, 'Hey, Ayano, if you had to, would you marry me?'

Ayano blushed slightly and replied, 'Yes, I guess I would.'

Misao was happy with her friends, the way Kagami was 'unable to admit' how she felt, and the way Ayano offered her friendly love. Misao smiled in a cocky way and put her head down on the table to sleep. In two period's time, lunch would be here, and with lunch, there were meat balls.

"How's your bento box, Kagami?" Tsukasa asked, hoping to get a bit of flattery, since she had made the bento boxes that day.

"Kagamin will love the treatment of fatty sweets, especially those that go straight to the thighs," Konata teased.

"Shut up!" Kagami remarked loudly. "It's delicious, Tsu-chan."

"Delicious and fatty," Konata added darkly.

"I said shut up!" Kagami yelled.

"What did you want to tell us again, Hiiragi-san?" Miyuki asked Kagami in her soft voice.

"Oh yeah!" Kagami remembered. "Do you think it's weird if someone asked you if they would marry you?"

Tsukasa and Miyuki blinked. Konata looked devastated. "It's a normal question for one you love, Hiiragi-san," Miyuki stammered. Tsukasa nodded.

"Who wants to marry my waifu?" Konata demanded. "Was it my dad? 'Cause he asks every tsundere high school girl that."

Miyuki and Tsukasa screamed and Kagami smacked her face into her palm. "No, it was Misao. She asked if I had to, would I marry her."

"You said no, right?" Konata asked.

"Well, not exac—"

"No! My waifu is not Kusakabe's!"

"I didn't say yes either, squirt!" Kagami butted in.

She hugged Kagami's waist and grinned big. "Good," she muttered. "Kagamin will always be mine, right?"

Kagami smiled, ran a hand through Konata's hair and asked, "It was a bit weird for Misao to ask, but then again, she's always sort of weird."

Misao almost dropped her meatball. She was in the doorway, about to walk over and give Kagami her prized meatball until she saw the little otaku hugging her and Kagami…

She called me weird, Misao thought sadly. She doesn't love me at all! But Kona-chan, she just adores her. Misao bit her lip as a few tears welled in her eyes. She ran off, straight past Ayano, and into the bathroom. Before she entered, of course, she ate the meatball, stuffing it into her mouth, and retreated.

The last bell of the day rang and the rain had just begun to fall. The clouds had begun in math class, swirling a bit as they collected and grew heavy until finally, they decided to pour. "Such a gloomy end to the day," Misao groaned. She hadn't admitted to Ayano what had happened at lunch and how she felt, but she had to portray happiness for her best friend. "And we got homework, too."

"Will you do it today?" Ayano asked pleasantly. "If you want, I can call after dinner to help you."

"Sure, if you're gonna give me some help!" Misao winked, her smile so big you could see her fang clearly.

They walked out of the school together quietly, Misao still sadly thinking about Kagami, Ayano daydreaming as usual. "Are you sure you're okay?" Ayano asked very quietly.

"Hmm?" Misao asked, pretending to not hear her well. "I'm sort of hungry."

Ayano gave her a small smile. "Goodbye, Misa-chan," Ayano replied with a wave. She head off to the train station. Misao sighed once she disappeared in the collecting fog. She began the steady walk home—though it would be far, she couldn't afford any more train tickets. She checked both sides of the street before crossing and was walking across with slumped shoulders. She heard the squeal of loud screeching tires and looked up abruptly.


Misao, mid scream, was flung across the road and whacked into the light post on the corner of the street. The man in the car got out and ran over to help her and called an ambulance, but all Misao saw was a man come to her and everything went pitch black…