Disclaimer: The plot/title was inspired by the Supernatural episode 'In My Time of Dying' (s2, ep1). Most of the characters belong to Hart Hanson. Anything you don't recognize is mine.

Title: In My Time of Dying

Summary: Post season5-finale, something goes horribly wrong in the Loony Bin. Ensemble fic, mystery/angst/romance/etc. Zach-centric.

A/N: OHMYGOD! It's a CHAPTER-FIC-ZANGSTY-THING! This is a very big step for me, but HAVE NO FEAR! UNDERDOG IS – sorry for that; we will now return you to your regularly scheduled author's note. ANYWAY, I'm writing this WHOLE THING before I post ANY OF IT, so don't worry, if this chapter gets posted, updates will probably happen every other day or so! Which makes me very happy. So happy that I'm babbling like a crazy-person in the author's note. YAY!

A/N2: Just a note, I do not warn for character death, since I feel like it gives everything away. This note being here does not necessarily mean that there is character death, although there might be. It's now a standard author's note for all my stories, particularly the ZANGST ones. They're the ones that are most likely to involve character death (I think at least one actually had it, or at least hinted at it).


In retrospect, jumping between a terror-stricken-teenaged-girl and the literal-psycho who was wielding an improvised butcher's knife wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do. Of course, hindsight is always perfect.

But what else was he supposed to do? Sit there and watch, like everyone on the staff, paralyzed by disbelief and fear? Do nothing while some poor girl was mutilated?

No. Nobody in their right mind would have just sat there, doing nothing.

Ironically, only one other person in the entire world believes that Zach Addy is in his right mind. Or, at least, knows that Zach isn't crazy the way he said he was. Knows that he is innocent of murder, anyway.

Either way, Zach hadn't had much choice, now had he?

At least, that's what he tells himself as he sits in the hospital, staring incredulously at the body in the hospital bed. The body looks terrible.

Stab wounds, head trauma, the works. Tubes poking out of the mouth and nose; other, thinner ones coming out of the arms.

The especially weird thing is, the body is Zach's.

Ever heard of an out-of-body experience?

Zach's heard of them before today, but he always discounted them as ridiculous fallacies. It's insane. Completely, totally ludicrous.

Maybe he's finally snapped, for real. Maybe Zach is crazy.

But he doesn't feel insane. He feels normal, the way he's always felt. He understands right and wrong, he understands that he shouldn't have listened to the Master.

So, if he's not insane, that means that this is real.

He's having an out-of-body experience, because he's in a coma, and he's probably going to die.

This is not good.

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