It was a regular day, just like any other. While going over patient records in my office, I was listenening in on Esme and Rosalie having a small conversation about current fashions, while Edward and Emmett were out hunting for another two days. I smiled to myself, marveling the fact that my family seemed to be complete. Of course, Edward was still missing his mate, but she would come soon enough. Suddenly, everything went completely silent. Edward's piano playing seized, Rosalie and Esme seemed to go mute, and Emmett stopped growling under his breath. This was all caused by a low knock on the front door. I then heard a small crash that hit the wall to the back of the living room. I ran down the stairs quickly, taking in the scene in front of me. Rosalie was up against the wall, growling slightly under her breath, staring in front of her without blinking. It was obvious that she refused to look away, even if a bomb had exploded in the middle of the living room. Then again, that's what seemed to have happened. I looked to the door, which was now open. In front of it was a small girl with short black hair, her face and body modeling something pixie-like. Judging from her eyes, she was a vampire. But none like the other nomads that she seemed to be. She had eyes like ours, but a lighter amber. Behind her was a much taller figure. I have to admit, he took me by surprise, which in return made me flinch back slightly. He was staring at Rosalie, also growling lightly. I wasn't paying all that much attention to everyone else in the room since I was very interested to see what would happen between Rosalie and the tall male, so I was suprised to feel small arms around my waist.

"Hi, Carlisle. I'm Alice", I looked down to the small girl that was now hugging me. How did she know my name?

"Erm... hello, Alice. How did you know my name?" I asked, truly puzzled.

"Well, that's a long story, but I know all of your names", I looked at her in confusion. She pointed to everyone of my family members, saying their names. All of them correct.

"So you hunt animals?" I finally decided to ask.

"Yep, thanks to you"

"But I don't know you"

"I know that. By the way, this is an amazing house", her eyes began to wander.

"She insane!" Rosalie hissed. Jasper growled, shutting her up instantly.

"Jasper, be nice" Alice repremanded him.

I noticed Jasper's eyes flicker to Esme and back to Rosalie.

"Maybe you should explain things, Alice", she turned to him, eyeing him carefully.

"I am explaining things", she sort of whined. It was all pretty interesting to me.

"So people can understand"

"Oh", she muttered, biting her lip, "Sorry, I tend to skip ahead a few steps. It's hard remembering others aren't as far in knowing as I am"

It was silent for quite sometime. Soon enough, I cleared my throat and my eyes averted to the male that was with her, who was still refusing to look away from Rosalie. They had been in the same stance from the begining.

"Oh", Alice said, realizing what she left out, "And this is Jasper", Jasper finally looked away from Rosalie- lifting a small weight off my shoulders- and looked to me. I started to really notice the scars that had gathered up in one area around his neck, a few of them around the rest of it, and some along the side of his face. He looked down then, realizing that I was staring at his scars. I felt bad, but I knew that he figured someone was going to notice. The look on his face told me that he was somehow ashamed of these scars. I looked to Alice again, seeing that she always had the same wide smile on her face. It seemed to be infectious seeing as which a smile began playing at the edges of my lips.

"So, Alice, why don't you tell us about yourselves?" I made sure to include Jasper, as to make him feel more comfortable. I gestured towards one of the couches for Jasper and Alice to sit on. Alice took Jasper's hand, walking over to the couch. Jasper reluctantly follwed. Emmett walked in just as Alice sat down. He looked like he was about to get into a protective crouch in front of Rosalie once he saw Jasper, but changed his mind when his eyes averted to Alice. It was then that I noticed Jasper wasn't sitting down, but instead he was standing over Alice protectively. Before I could really say anything, Alice began talking.

"Well, you know how you asked me how I knew your name? You see, I can see things before they happen-" I cut her off before she continued.

"So, you're psychic?"

"I guess so", she laughed and it sounded like a dozen silver bells, "Anyway, I saw tons of visions of all of you. And after a while, I started seeing us with you. So I decided, once I found Jasper, that I would go look for you"

"You say you 'found' Jasper?"

"Yes. I woke up one day and immediately I had a vision of him"

"Woke up?"

"Well, I don't remember anything from my human life, so I woke up by myself as a vampire"

"You don't remember anything? At all?"

"Nope, nothing. All I knew was my name and that I was a vampire"

"Hmmm. Interesting", she laughed again.

"And what about him?" Roslaie demanded, "Don't tell me all those scars are a fashion statement"

"Rosalie", Esme reprimanded immediately. I was fighting back the will to do the same. Jasper tensed, looking around the room, eyeing every possible exit. It was then that I realized the slight southern accent when Jasper spoke. I was then reminded of the southern wars. He was a soldier. The scars, the defensive posture, the calculating looks. It all started to make sense. With all the sudden realization came fear for I had only heard about the southern wars, but never had any real expierience with those involved.

"You're from the south?"

"Yes", direct and to the point.

"You fought in the wars?"

"Yes", at least he was honest.

"Why did you leave?" he looked away, frowning.

"I'd had enough", it was obvious from Jasper's stance that he didn't like being in the spotlight, so I looked back to Alice.

"How long have you been traveling together?" Esme asked.

"Two years, four moths, five days, ten hours", Alice reeled off giggling as she turned around to look at Jasper, who surprsied me by actually smiling back. Esme turned to me, mouthing, 'Can we keep them?' I smiled back. Guess that settles it. I looked to Alice, who was now smiling widly. She danced back over to Jasper, taking his hand.

"So which rooms ours?"