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The next morning was quiet, or at least it was until Alex awoke to screaming in the room.

"How dare you touch my stuff!" shouted Chris, shoving James backwards. James staggered, hitting the bed where Robert was still sleeping before jumping forward, shoving Chris backwards.

"Don't you dare touch me boy!" he growled.

Then, before Alex knew it, Chris ran forward, tackling James down with a loud thud. Robert jumped awake at the noise, looking around.

"What the hell is going on?" he asked Alex, not quite yet noticing the two men wrestling around at the bottom of his bed.

Alex sighed, "They're at it again," he said, pointing his finger over at James and Chris who were still rolling around on the floor.

Robert sighed as he stood up, walking up behind James. He wrapped his arms around the other man's waist, and pulled backwards, staggering as he fell onto the bed, James lying on top of him.

"What the hell has gotten into you to?" asked Alex as he helped Chris up from the floor.

James growled as he tried to fight his off of Robert, "That punk stole my clothes!" he growled, finally getting free and rolling off Robert, sitting up next to him shortly after.

Alex glanced over at Chris, "Is that true?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well….." said Chris, sighing gently, "Yes, it's true."

Alex sighed softly, "Why did you take his clothes Chris?" he asked as he walked over to Chris' bags, pulling James' clothes out and handed them to the man before turning back to Chris, "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Chris lowered his gaze, "I'm sorry James," he said softly, kicking lightly at the carpet.

"Whatever," growled James as he stood up and stormed into the bathroom. Robert sighed as the door slammed shut.

"Great, as if it wasn't bad enough that he needed a beer, now he's cranky," he said, shaking his head as he grabbed his things and waited around for the bathroom to be free.

Once they were all clean and dressed, they made their way out to the car again. This time, Robert climbed into the driver's seat while James sat in the passenger seat. Alex sighed as he climbed into the back with Sabin, stretching out slightly. At least this time he wouldn't have to drive and could finally relax like the others were able to when he drove.

"We need to find somewhere to have breakfast," mumbled Robert, pulling out of the parking lot. The others nodded in agreement, staring at the windows for somewhere to eat.

"There's a Dennys," said Chris a few minutes later, pointing to a sign in the distance. Robert pulled into the parking lot before they got out and walked into the restaurant.

Once they were seated at the table, they chose their food relatively quickly then sat around for the waitress to return with it, and just like before they weren't patient.

"Stop kicking me," growled James, glaring across the table at Chris.

Chris jumped, looking at him, "I'm not kicking you," he lied, smiling brightly at James as he kicked him again.

"Yes you are," he said, "Stop it!"

Alex sighed gently, "Please stop it Chris," he said, placing a hand on Chris' leg. Chris looked over at him, pouting.

"Why are you always taking his side?" he whined as the waitress returned with their food.

"I'm not taking his side," he responded once she was gone again, "You're just being childish, just like always."

Chris frowned, "I thought you liked my childish side?" he asked, pouting more.

"I do," said Alex softly, "Just not right now."

Chris nodded, the pout never leaving his face as he took a few bites of his food then sat back, not bothering to eat anymore. Alex glanced over at him, and then looked at the others before looking back at Chris.

"You can't be done already, can you?" asked Alex, raising an eyebrow.

Chris looked at him, "What does it matter?" he asked, standing up, "You're not my father."

Alex sat there, shocked as Chris left the restaurant. He looked over at the other two, sighing gently when he saw the same shocked expressions on their faces.

"This is going to be a horrible trip," mumbled Alex as he picked at his food. Robert reached across the table, patting Alex on the arm.

"It'll be okay," he said encouragingly, "If I can stand James here, then you can handle Chris."

James nodded before stopping and looking over at Robert, "Hey! I'm not as bad as him," he said with a pout before standing up and leaving the restaurant as well.

"What the?" asked Robert, watching him leave, "What did I say?"

Alex sighed, "Oh I don't know anymore," he said, finishing up his food. He pulled out his wallet, tossing some money on the table before leaving the restaurant with Robert at his side. They walked over to the car but froze when they didn't see either James or Chris there.

"Where are they?" asked Robert, looking around, "Do you see them?"

"Nah," responded Alex, looking around, "Chris! James!"

A series of running footsteps sounded a few minutes later from behind them, and they turned in time for James and Chris to crash into them, knocking them backwards.

"What's wrong with you to?" asked Robert, spitting James' hair out of his mouth as James struggled to climb off of him.

"Nothing" answered James, "We just wanted to apologize for getting upset, right Chris?"

Chris nodded, climbing up off of Alex, "Yeah, we're sorry," he said, helping Alex up as James helped Robert up.

Alex and Robert shared confused looks before looking at the two of them, "What is it you guys really want?"

Chris and James looked at each other, shrugging, "Nothing really," said Chris, "We just wanted to apologize, honestly that's all."

Robert nodded, "Get in the car now, we need to get going," he said as he climbed into the driver's seat, "We have quite a few miles before we even hit the border of Florida."

The others groaned, "Why are we driving again?" asked James.

"Cause we don't kiss Hogan's ass," mumbled Alex as they pulled out onto the road to begin their long journey once more, hoping they could get some distance covered before the end of the day.