Hey. ChainDemi here. I haven't posted anything on here for ages and ages and ages. I assure you all that I am still working on my two Bionicle fics on top of my novel and everything else, so yeah. Angel Beats finished yesterday, so I wanted to celebrate the end of a pretty damn good anime.

The pairings here are Hinata/Yui, Otonashi/Kanade, and Yuri/Noda. I didn't intend to put in the Yuri/Noda but my boyfriend asked me to and I like the pairing so yeah. Despite all the pairings this isn't really a romance fic, just warning you all. Those of you who want sappy romance, m'afraid you may want to watch episodes 10 and 13 again. I am not good at romance.

A few notes to be made:

1. This oneshot is set post episode 13, and contains spoilers for episodes ten and thirteen.

2. In the ending of #13 it only implies that Otonashi meets up with Kanade, but I thought that it was fairly possible that he'd met up with other ex-members of the Battlefront before or after then. I shall make this very clear: They do not remember the events of the anime. I considered changing their names, since it would be logical that they wouldn't have the same names, but I was too lazy.

3. Latin is on no accounts a dead language. Latin is cool. Latin is everywhere. Viva Lingua Latina!


A baseball bat fell to the grass with a muffled thud as the boy who has swung it stared mutely in the direction the ball had gone, and the smashed window of the house next door to the pitch.

"You should probably go apologise, Hinata." The orange-haired male standing a few metres away from him interrupted, arms folded. Otonashi Yuzuru had not been particularly happy about being dragged into helping his friend practice- he had medical textbooks to peruse, after all, and if you could say anything about Otonashi, it was that he was dedicated to his goal.

Hinata gave him a woeful look, bracing his hands on his knees. "Aw, man. What if it's my accounting teacher and I've killed one of her cats? She'll give me detention for the rest of my life and I'll still be writing lines when you're retired and married to Tachibana with twenty-six grandchildren."

Otonashi turned faintly pink. "I was going to come with you," he grumbled, "but since you've kept teasing me about Kanade even after that incident with her aunt, I think I won't."

"Damn. Fine, I'll go." Hinata straightened, grinning confidently at his very unimpressed friend, and set off towards the house with the smashed window. The gate was locked from the inside, and Hinata didn't particular feel like the ten minute walk it would take to approach the house from the front. Making up his mind, he climbed over the fence and walked around the side of the house, turning the corner and nearly colliding with a washing line weighed down by what looked like a ton of soaking wet laundry.

Skirting around the wire frame and it's load of saturated clothing, Hinata then proceeded to nearly tread on a flowerbed, narrowly avoid tangling his foot in a coiled garden hose, and then nearly collapse on the veranda out of sheer relief.

"That wasn't a front yard, that was an obstacle course." he muttered, running his fingers through his hair and looking back warily at the cluttered space of lawn. It didn't look like any front yard he had ever met. It looked like a walking junkyard had stopped to throw up.

Hinata knocked on the front door and waited, shifting uncomfortably. Sure, he'd had balls land on other peoples property before, but he'd never broken any windows. That only ever happened in stories, not in real life, and certainly not to him.

A weary-looking woman answered the door, blinking up at him as if she wasn't quite sure why he was there. "Um, sorry, ma'am, I was playing baseball on the pitch over there with one of my friends and I hit the ball through one of your windows, I'm so sorry, I can pay to replace the window if you want, uh…"

Hinata mentally facepalmed. He'd said the whole sentence in one breath, and he most certainly couldn't afford to pay for a new window. He'd have to ask for an advance on his allowance for the next six months, and that still probably wouldn't be enough.

The woman standing in the doorway nodded. "I'm sure we can make some arrangements about paying for the window. Please follow me- you probably want your ball back." With that, she turned on her heel and walked away. Hinata hurried after her. Why was she being so nice about it? Maybe she was taking him further inside to murder him and sell his organs on the black market? Maybe she was a member of some psychotic religious cult and she was going to brainwash him?

And maybe, a small voice that sounded more like Otonashi every day began, she's just taking you to the room with the damage so she can give you back your ball and you can work out a way to pay for the window to be fixed?

Voice-in-my-head-that-sounds-like-Otonashi is probably right, Hinata sighed, turning into the room that apparently had the broken window inside.

There was a dustpan, filled with shards of glass, lying on a side table, and further shards lying on the floor. The room was fairly large, occupied with a few shelves containing books, stuffed animals, and a shocking-pink digital clock, a table with two plain wooden chairs, another table occupied by the dustpan and a television showing a baseball game, and a bed. The bed wouldn't have looked out of place in a hospital, with white covers and a white frame, and a girl in her pyjamas sitting up, supported by pillows, regarding him with an odd look on her thin face.

"So you're the completely stupid, thick-headed clumsy chickenhead who smashed a ball through my window?" she asked suddenly, tilting her head toward the ball lying innocuously on the floor. Hinata picked it up sheepishly. The girl's demeanour belied her fragile, bedridden appearance, it seemed.

"Hey, don't call me a chickenhead, it was just an accident. I was playing baseball and hit the ball wrong and it sailed off here before I could do anything, and I was going to pay for the window. What did you expect me to do, run after the ball and catch it with my teeth?" he replied, slightly indignant at this girl insulting him for no real reason.

Her eyes went wide. "You can actually DO that?" she asked, sitting up a bit straighter. It began to dawn on Hinata that this girl was not in bed because she was taking an afternoon nap. She had not moved anything below her neck, at all.

"No, I can't. I was being sarcastic- um, about the window. I can earn the money to pay for it to be replaced, I just can't pay you right now. Um…I left my friend by himself at the pitch and I don't want him to have to come after me- do you mind if I go and come back later with some money, then later again with more, so I can gradually pay you for the damage?" he turned towards the girl's mother, who smiled and nodded gratefully.

"Wait," the girl interrupted, "Wouldn't it be simpler if you can't pay us back fully, to pay for half of the new window and then pay for the rest some other way? Like, helping around the house or cleaning out the garden or something? I mean, you obviously can't pay for it all to get fixed anytime soon, and Mama has a tough time looking after me by herself, so it makes sense." She said, blowing a few strands of bubblegum-pink hair out of her eyes and looking up at him.

Hinata barely suppressed a sigh of relief. "Well, that's great. Um, I should probably go…" he trailed off. "I'm Hinata, by the way. Hinata Hideki. Just so you know."

She smiled brightly. "You can call me Yui." She replied, suddenly cheerful.

Hinata blinked at her. "I probably shouldn't call you by your first name…" he started nervously. She was a stranger, after all, even though he felt oddly as if he had known her sometime before.

"Yui." She repeated, a little louder. "My name is Yui."

"Okay then, Yui-san-"

"Call me Yui." The statement sounded more like a command now.

"Why?" Hinata asked, perplexed.

"Because I said so." Yui replied firmly, glaring at him through her fringe. "And because you don't seem like a stranger even though I know I haven't met you before." she added, sounding slightly embarassed.

"Um, fine then, Yui. I have to go now, so, um…bye?" Hinata edged towards the door. This was the third time he'd tried to leave. Was this girl trying to keep him here? Well, she must be kind of lonely with only her mother for company… he thought, glancing back at her. Did she want him to stay?

"…Baseball, huh?" she said quietly, half-smiling.

"What?" he asked, even more perplexed than before.

For a few moments, she looked a little sad, a wistful smile on her face. "That must be cool. Can I come along and watch you play, sometime?"

"Uh…I guess?" Hinata replied. Nope, no chance of going back to the pitch anytime soon."

Her eyes lit up. "Promise?"

"Um, I promise."

"Hey! What took you so long, Hinata? We've been waiting here for half an hour!" Otonashi called, waving with the arm not around Kanade, who had obviously appeared while he was gone. She regarded him with calm golden eyes, totally unfazed by the fact that Otonashi was still waving and shouting, and that Yuri had seized her other arm and started talking to her animatedly, or that Noda was standing a few metres away, glaring at anyone unfortunate enough to pass by.

Those four people, and Yui, were among the twenty-odd people that Hinata had met over the course of his life that he felt he knew, even if they were perfect strangers. He knew they felt the same thing- it was a topic of much discussion between them.

"Sorry, I got talking to the girl who's window I accidentally smashed. She's called Yui. She worked out a way for me to pay for the window without having to get an advance on my allowance for the next two years. I help her mother around the house, clear up the garden, et cetera, and I don't get my pockets emptied." Hinata replied, letting out a relieved sigh.

"Quid pro quo." Kanade said suddenly, causing both Otonashi and Yuri to start and turn to look at her.

"Wha?" Yuri managed, confused. "Can you repeat that, only in Japanese?"

"Everybody benfits. You help me, I help you. It's Latin." Kanade clarified, half-smiling.

"Okay. Know anything else in Latin, or just that?" Otonashi asked, amused.

The white-haired girl standing next to him blinked, then raised her thin shoulders in a shrug. "A few things." She said finally.

"Like what?" Noda put in, speaking for the first time.

Kanade frowned slightly. "I know how to say 'May barbarians invade your personal space' and 'If Caesar was alive, you'd be chained to an oar.'"

Hinata's eye twitched. "Okay. I take it Yuri and Noda are here for your double movie date thing?"

Noda wheeled around to glare at him. "It's not a date!" he insisted, the colour his face was slowly turning clashing brilliantly with his hair.

"We're chaperoning to make sure these two don't get up to no good!" Yuri cut in, flustered.

Smirking, Hinata backed away from the small group, wondering idly if there was anything good on TV back at home. "I'll leave you four to that, then." he grinned, turning to leave…

…and coming face to face with a blue-haired girl wearing a scarf that nearly reached the grass.

"How shallow."


At that moment, a brown-haired girl popped out of nowhere and began to scream incomprehensibly in English.

Yuri nudged Otonashi. "What's she saying?" she asked, staring at the ranting girl as though she'd sprouted an extra head.

Otonashi twitched. "Something about a extra-canonical full cast reunion."


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