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TK does appear in this chapter and he is in fact male.


Angel Beats! Quid Pro Quo

Chapter Two: Labra Lege.


"Okaeri, Hideki. How was practice?" Hinata Nozomi was by no means disinterested in her sons progress- she would have preferred his talents lay in something more academic, but as long as Hideki's baseball didn't interfere with his schoolwork, it was fine by her.

Hinata winced. "Yeah, about that. I accidentally smashed a window while I was practicing." He said sheepishly, joining his mother next to the sink and taking over the dishes.

Nozomi's eyes went wide. "Please tell me you don't want an advance on your pocket money for the next two years." she said weakly, opening the doors of the pantry and scanning the inside.

"The teriyaki sauce is in the fridge, Mum. No, just for the next three months- the lady who owned the house's daughter, who's paralysed, I think, worked out a way for me to pay. I'll pay what I can now, and then work off the rest because her mother looks after her by herself and could use a hand around the house. It's like getting a job, only the hours are more flexible and the pay is not being broke until university." Hinata joked, beginning to load the dishwasher.

"I suppose so. " she replied doubtfully. "You'd better not smash any more windows, Hideki."

Hinata grinned. "Mum, you don't need to tell me twice."



"You seem a bit unfocused. Are you tired?" Otonashi asked, resting a hand on her shoulder. Kanade turned to look up at him, her expression changing subtly to one of surprise. Kanade was easy to read once you realised she downplayed all of her expressions. Once you knew what to watch for, she was an open book.

"Mapo Tofu." she said after a while, the corners of her mouth twitching upwards. "But movie theatres only sell chocolate and popcorn."

Otonashi blinked. "True, that. I'm taking you out to lunch after this, so we'll have Mapo Tofu then." He replied, passing the popcorn to Noda, sitting in the seat on his other side.

"Shush, you two. The movie's about to start. Nothing ruins a movie like a couple of idiots making out in the middle of the theatre." Yuri snapped, grabbing a handful of popcorn and flicking a stray strand of magenta hair away from her eyes.

Kanade gave her an odd look. "Then, in light of the last time we went to the movies as a group, shouldn't we be more worried about you and Noda 'ruining' the movie than Yuzuru and I?"

Noda turned the colour of a stop sign and looked in the opposite direction, which happened to mean he made direct eye contact with Yuri, who was in the process of rising out of her seat to give Otonashi a good talking-to.

They started at one another for a few pregnant seconds before turning towards the screen. "Wish this goddamn movie would start." Noda muttered into his shoes, while beside him Yuri stared resolutely at the ads playing on the screen, chewing her lip and sending occasional glances at Noda.

Kanade and Otonashi exchanged smiles over their interlinked hands.

"That was awful. I'm telling everyone I know not to go to that movie. Could anyone tell me what the hell was going on for the last fifteen minutes?" Yuri asked, pulling out her headband and running her fingers through her hair.

Noda frowned. "The main guy's girlfriend was actually a bomb or something. They had two minutes to disarm her or something like that otherwise she would die."

"She was a biological time-bomb and if time ran out she would die and release a toxic gas into the atmosphere, killing the entire population of Tokyo and then some. You're right, Yuri, it was so bad it should be erased from human memory." Otonashi replied, looking back at the theatre and shuddering.

"Well, that spectacular waste of time has made me hungry. I'm going to go home and have dinner. See you guys." Noda turned on his heel and loped off. Yuri watched him go, before she noticed both Kanade and Otonashi staring at her intently.

"What?" she asked them both, blinking.

"You and Noda live very close together. Aren't you going to walk home with him?" Kanade asked, tilting her head to one side.

Yuri shook her head. "Nah, I think I'll hang around here for a while longer. My parents and my youngest two siblings are out of town and Haruhi is at a sleepover."

Otonashi put a hand on Kanade's shoulder. "Do you want to come have lunch with me and Kanade? Mastuhita 5th Dan told us there's a restaurant ten minutes walk from here that's really good."

"Mapo Tofu." Kanade interjected, nodding. "I looked at the menu on the way here."

"Uh, actually, I think I need to go somewhere and, uh, do…something…" Yuri tailed off, pausing. "Uh, bye!"

Otonashi and Kanade watched her run off, exchanging knowing looks. "She was just making an excuse to not walk home with Noda. I can't believe she thinks she has us all fooled- it's pretty obvious she holds a torch for Noda and vice versa. The tension is so thick you could slice it and put it in a sandwich." Otonashi sighed, mentally working out which way the restaurant was.

Kanade nodded. "Enough for two sandwiches." she added, the corners of her mouth quirking upwards.

"True enough." Otonashi replied, smiling. They walked in silence, crossing the road, waving to Ooyama, who was coming the other way, and turning a corner. It was a quieter area of town, with less people and cars. Otonashi was considering making small talk when a figure leapt out of the shadows.


"One, Two, Three!"

TK grinned, moonwalking across the pavement to let the duo past. Kanade let go of Otonashi's arm, which she'd grabbed onto out of fright, while Otonashi gave the blond-haired dancer a perplexed look.

"Let's Dance!" was the only response he got, along with an even wider grin. Both Otonashi and Kanade sweatdropped.

"TK, I have two left feet, so that's not such a good idea. I'll see you at school on Monday, okay?"

TK shrugged and continued to moonwalk along the pavement, humming along with the music filtering out of the music store behind him. The duo moved on, Kanade turning to wave just before they turned another corner.



Kanade gave him a curious look. "You can dance."

"I kept treading on your feet, Kanade."


Hinata stood on the front porch of Yui's house, feeling like a man going to his execution. The yard was an absolute mess of old furniture, a length of hose, and various other bits of trash.

He decided he was going to sort it into things that could be cleaned up and used, things that weren't much use for anything but scrap metal and firewood, and things that needed to go into the recycling. Most of the stuff in the yard could quite easily be recycled or reused, and Hinata had no plans to cart everything to the dumpster in any case.

Battered dresser with no drawers, Firewood. Microwave, could probably be fixed up. Bent metal lawn chair, scrap metal. Half a dresser, firewood. Rusty metal frame of some variety and another lawn chair, scrap metal. Two more chairs, these made of wood, and a table to match. They were covered in cobwebs and a bit dirty, but they were usable. Box of shoujo manga, probably a good idea to save that too.

Hinata heard footsteps behind him and looked up. Yui's mother was standing in the doorway, casting a critical eye over the four piles Hinata had started to create.

"Not a bad start. I have to go out and get some groceries- would you mind staying a little longer to keep Yui company? There's nothing on the television and she's bored out of her mind."

Hinata had been hoping to get home and opened his mouth to say as much, but the stressed out expression on the woman's face changed his mind. "Uh, sure. I found these manga over here, so maybe those will keep her amused." He said weakly, picking up the box and walking up the steps.

"Thank you- I'll be back in an hour at the very most. Bye!"

He watched Yui's mother, who's name had totally escaped him, jog down to the gate, open it, and then close it behind her. Then, heaving a deep sigh, Hinata crossed the threshold, shutting the door behind him, and walked to Yui's room.

"What're you doing here, idiot?" Yui snapped, brows furrowing.

Hinata frowned back at her. "Your mother asked me to make sure you didn't die of boredom. I found this plastic box full of manga while I was cleaning. Daft thing to just chuck in the yard if you ask me, so I thought they might keep you busy."

Yui's eyes lit up, focusing on the clear plastic box tucked under Hinata's arm. Then she caught the slightly smug smile on his face and looked away, scowling.

"They'll probably be dead boring, but I need something to do." She grumbled. "I can't use my arms too well, so can you hold them up for me?"

Taken aback, the blue haired youth crossed the room to sit down next to her. "Wow, they're already sorted by volume number and series title...We'll start with this one, I guess."

The next hour was passed flipping pages, which was a little boring, but it passed the time and despite her earlier attitude, Yui seemed completely riveted, ploughing through three volumes before her mother returned.

"Well, I've got to go now. I have baseball practice in half an hour, and if I'm late my coach will dismember me with his bare hands. See you, Yui. I'll be back tomorrow to do more work on the yard, kay?"

"...Bye. Don't get hit by a car on the way there, you're so stupid you probably don't look both ways before crossing the road." Yui reminded, smiling slightly.

"Hey, I resent that. Seeya." Hinata grinned, raising a hand in a salute as he walked out the door. As he walked down the corridor, he realised that Yui had actually been quite friendly in her own strange way. She'd even smiled.

She was quite pretty when she smiled.


"No, Kanade. Out of the question."

"But I-!"

"Not an option. I'm paying and that's that. I was the one that asked you to lunch, I pay. You can pay next time."

"But you paid last time as well..." Kanade trailed off, looking uncertain.

Otonashi sighed. "That was a different kettle of fish. That was to thank you from saving Hinata and I from your aunt's wrath. That was to repay you. If it's any comfort, it wasn't too expensive." he elaborated, resting a hand briefly on his girlfriends shoulder as they left the restaurant.

Kanade's house was only a short walk away, if you knew a few shortcuts. They talked idly as they walked, about anything they could think of, until they came to Kanade's gate.

"I probably shouldn't come in. I don't think your father has quite forgiven me for not preventing Hinata from keeping his mouth shut." He said wryly, bending down to kiss her.

"He'll forgive you eventually. It wasn't your fault. Goodbye, Yuzuru." She smiled, fiddling with the latch on the gate until it swung open. Otonashi smiled back, watching her walk to the door and let herself in.

A few seconds later Kanade appeared in the window. He gave her a curious look. Her lips curved upwards and she mouthed something. Otonashi Yuzuru was no lip-reader, but he could quite reliably guess what she was saying.

"Love you too, Kanade."

Giving one final wave, he turned and walked away backwards, arms folded, until Kanade's house had faded from sight. He turned and found himself face to face with Shiina.

"How shallow." She tsked, turning and leaving a stunned Otonashi behind.



A manhole cover on the road rattled and then slid out of place, the brown haired girl from the day before sticking her head out of it.

"AWWWWWWWWWWK-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD." She stated loudly, before grabbing the cover of the manhole and replacing it, leaving Otonashi even more stunned than before.


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