Summary - He didn't want to let go, and he didn't want to forget this moment.

A very young Conrad sad against a wall crying, while the wind was gently caressing his hair. This was the anniversary of the day his dad had died and people were going round calling him a filthy half-breed and that his father deserved to die and that he should be dead along with his father.

Conrad doesn't normally like to cry but this time it hurt and he didn't even know why. He's used to being called a half breed and filth, but today it hurt him.

"You should be strong, Conrad", a familiar voice said from behind the wall.

"What do you want?" uttered Conrad as Gwendal appeared from behind the wall to now face his younger brother as Conrad wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

"Because you should be strong for yourself and also your dad" answered Gwendal while sitting down besides his younger brother.

"I cant be strong all the time, I just cant keep this up, not anymore, its to hard" Conrad sobbed as Gwendal wrapped his arms around him.

"I know you can't, but Conrad, your father would not want you to be like this, and nor does mother, it make her sad also" he gently told the boy that sat weeping in his chest.

"You know, your dad asked me when we were on that trip that if he died, would I protect you, from anything and you know what I said?" Gwendal asked and paused for an answer

"No, what?" Muffled Conrad from his older brothers chest.

"I said yes in a heartbeat. You know why?" Gwendal paused. He waited for Conrad to shake his head before carrying on. "Because you're my brother and I love you".

Conrad was startled by Gwendals reply; he didn't know what to say. "Gwen, do you mean that?" asked Conrad as he pulled from his brother's embrace to be face to face with the man.

"Yes, I did" he lent in a kissed the top of Conrad's hairline and hugged him.

"Hmm, Gwen?" Conrad mumbled into Gwendals neck.

"Yes Conrad?" asked Gwendal a little shaken up after what he had admitted to his younger brother.

"I love you too" Conrad admitted as he snuggled into his warm embrace. He could finally share the grief with someone.

They both sat there with the sun glistening on their skin and with the wind rustling their hair making Gwendal's embrace with Conrad so much more special. He didn't want to let go, and he didn't want to forget this moment.

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