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Raven: 17 hair is to shoulders

BB: 17 taller

Cyborg: 21

Robin: 19 less obessed with catching the villains

Starfire:18 knows more about Earth customs but still speacks weird

"Kind of my business don't you think?"

"Well maybe, but I still want to know."

"No, it's involves my personal life."

"Personal life? You and me always hang out."

"If we always hang out then shouldn't you know."

"No because you're sneaky like a ninja and I would never know."

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because I like to know everything about you and were best friends I have the right to know."

Crap, he got a point there.

Here we are sitting in the common room in the largest letter shaped building in the world. Well how many letter shaped buildings are there in the world but we live in the metal big shaped 'T' tower.

At this moment it is a normal day. We did our 3 hours of brutal training, try to fake eat but we really had to eat Starfire's food, and Cyborg told us about his new tech on his "baby". Now it's just me and Beast boy taking a break. We usually argued about how I'm not going to play video games and eat tofu but today was abnormal. He asked a question I never thought he would ask.

"Raven, who do you like?" Beast boy asked the second time today.

"I already told you that's my business." He was staring to get on my nerves.

"And I told you I'm your best friend and I deserve to know." Crap he's playing that game again.

"Listen, if you where my best friend you would let me tell you on my own time." Which is never.

"So you do like someone?"
"Yes Beast boy I do."

"Is he a Titan?"

"Not telling you."

"Why not Rae, there are billions of guys out there!" he explained while moving his hands in a circular movement to exaggerate the world.

"But there is only one guy I like and I'm not telling you not end of discussion."I will never ever tell him.

"Fine." He huffed and folded his arms while mumbling things I couldn't hear. He's lucky I don't have his hearing.

We sat there just being quiet. I didn't bring a book because I long ago figured out that Beast boy will not let me enjoy it unless he's over my shoulder reading it or trying to take my attention.

Then the doors slide open to reveal Starfire.

"Greetings friends! What is the up?"

"Nothing Star." I asked you get used to the broken language around here and I knew she wanted me to go shopping with her.

"Actually Star, I have a favor for you." Beast boy smirked at me and then turned to Starfire.

"OH! I would love to be of the help for you!" Starfire said. Her hands were clasped together and she was hovering above the ground a few inches. Beast boy motioned her to come near him ashe did just that but now with a curious look on her face. Beast boy whisper something to her and her confused looked turned to a gleaming one as she jumped up and down with glee.

I arched my eyebrow as I looked at the two. It was strange enough that I didn't know what they where talking about but they were both giving me those weird looks. Beast boy emotions were anxious and curious and Starfire emotions were…..wow. She was happy, excited, anxious and a WHOLE lot of others stuff.

"Friend Raven?" She asked very sweetly.

"Um yea?" I asked unsure.

"Would you like to join me in the mall of shopping?"She asked with a innocent look it would make a crowd of people say at once "awwww." I knew what she wanted to go to the mall before she asked but since Beast Boy whispered something to her I just don't know. At one point it could just be something that has nothing to do with me but then why would he smirk at me like that?

"They are going to kill you !" Timid cried.

"They are planning a surprise attack! Brace yourself!" Brave said getting into a battle stance.

"Damn, is it really that important Raven? Get a life damn." Yawned Rude.

"Raven don't let your curiosity get the best of you." Knowledge Said reading a book.

"Hey, what do you mean by that?" Curiosity asked.

"Beast Boy is cute!" Happy smiled.

"SHUT UP! Damn it's hard enough just having you guys live in my head so stop talking all at once!" I yelled at my emotions.

"Ok Starfire we could go." I told her with a sigh.

"Glorious friend but we have to change. "


"Yes friend, Robin told me before we leave we shall change to the normal wear."

"Oh ok" I understand. Last time the titans went to the mall in our battle clothes for some reason everyone thought we were there to stop a disaster so they thought they should run for their lives early before a monster that wasn't even there could kill them. We just went to the mall to chill and looked what happened. So now we had to dress in normal clothes so people know we are only there to relax.

I went to my room and looked at loaded closet of clothes . Starfire made me buy a bunch of clothes I don't even use. I took out some black skinny jeans and wore blue flats. My shirt was a blue tank top with a black mini jacket over it. I checked my hair which is at my shoulders now and walked to the common room again. I saw Starfire wearing a pink shirt with a flower on it and blue skinny jeans with baby pink flip flops.

"Ok Star lets go." Star nodded her head and we headed to the T-car but not until Beast boy said:

"You know Rae, you can really turn heads if you try." Beast boy smirked. I looked at him and felt a blush come on my face.
I mumbled whatever to him and we left.


I smirked as I saw Raven blush and say whatever. I knew Starfire would help me out so now I just I have to wait for they to come home and finish their "Girl talk".

Raven I will figure out who you like. I thought and started laughing.

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