I laughed after I felt Beast boy's fear. Star and I walked up to her room to get her bags of supplies. Even though she could carry all 5 bags with one hand all together, I decided to just teleport the items to my room. She gave me a smile for my action and we went back to the rest of the team.

As we walked in you could see BB and Robin talking over something. At first Robin blushed and after a smirk from Beast boy he did a smirk himself and asked Beast boy something as well and cause beast boy to blush. Robin started to laugh loudly and Beast boy told him to hush it down. I looked over to Cyborg and he had a questioned face as well. All he did was shrugged his shoulders and went back to the TV.

I suppose Beast boy must be trying to make another plan but add Robin into. I saw that Beast boy look at me. He smirked back like saying he had me in a trap. I rolled my eyes and started fighting my emotions.

"Oh my Gosh, he's so sexy with that smirk on him!" Happy yelled.

"Hmm…another battle plan must be ready." Braved said while slamming her fist into her palm.

"I want to smack that smirk right off his face." Rage Growled.

"I…h-hope wi-win t-this g-g-game." Timid said lowly.

"Hmmm….nice way to put it…a game…" Knowledge thought.

Shut up now or I won't speak to Beast boy for a week. I said them and they was quieter than Robin trying to watch Starfire dance.

I felt a shake from Starfire. I looked at her and she pointed in front of us. I looked forward seeing all the boys arguing for dinner. Cyborg wanted ribs, BB wanted tofu, and Robin Chinese food. I looked at Starfire and saw her looking down at the arguing. I sighed and spoke up.

"How about pizza?" I don't know how they're able to hear me when all them yelling but they quieted it down and looked at me. Beast boy smiled and said

"That's cool with me" and then a round yea it ok for me too where flooding the room.

Robin ordered the pizza and then told me had 2 talk to me on the roof and it was an order. Cyborg had a what did you do look. Star had please don't be what I think it is look. And Beast boy had a smirk.

"Sure but I will be there in 3 minutes." Before he could say anything I grabbed Star and went to my room.

"It's not what you think? He isn't going to confess to me or anything." Lately Star been afraid Robin doesn't like her since for years he never confessed his feelings for her. She made it completely noticeable about who she liked when someone asked or when a guy asked her out.

"Then why does he wished to do the alone talk with you."

"I believe that it just has to do with Beast boy plan and getting the leader to tell him who I like but I know something that will back fire.

"Hey can you do me a favor?"

She gave me a confused looked but shook her head yes.


Robin was waiting for Raven but when the door opened it was Starfire. Her hair was in a high pony tail and had green earring to match her eyes. Robin was stuck and caught in the moment. She glided near him and spoke."

"Friend Raven had something to do so she asked me to come up instead. I could leave if you prefer her along side with better than me." She side looking down and was about to cry.

"N-no your ok." He responded and smiled.

When Starfire went back to my room she was happy and got herself a boy friend.

Dang what is taking Robin so long. I told him I would help him with Star if he told Raven to order her to tell him who she liked, and after him teasing me and asking why i wanted to know he is finally going to do it.

But when I saw him come through the doors with a love sick puppy look on him i knew he was on the side of Raven. She must have used to Starfire to get him

"Dang you Raven! Dang you!" I yelled.

"And why are yelling?" I turned to see Raven behind me/

"umm ...well. fine whatever but I will find out who you like sooner or later."

"Just don't try to get cyborg init. He already on my side." She pointed to the tin min eating loads of Beef, traitor.

"I suggest you give up or you might get hurt." She smirked at me with challenging eyes. She only played like this with me and I felt good to know it. she benn my best friend for a while but now it starting to feel like something more.

"For you Rae, getting hurt is nothing."

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