Chapter One - The Mission

Pein sat in his office, his eyes closed as he leaned back into the surprisingly soft chair. His office was relatively dark that day, and very quiet. It was unusual for this organization, considering the members. He had been sitting there for hours putting a mission together to obtain a person of interest to him; a certain kunoichi from the Hidden Leaf Village. Before he was resurrected, he remembered seeing her, and being taken back by how beautiful she was. Despite the obvious age difference between them, he felt this strange... need. He had to have her.

Finally finishing up with his briefing papers, Pein called Deidara and Sasori into his office. He figured that they would be the most effective duo to complete this mission with ease and return the young girl to his chambers within the week. They fought less than most of the other teams, and he could trust them not to hurt her in any way. He smiled to himself, and then took on his emotionless and serious persona as the Akatsuki artists entered his office. The two young men moved to stand before their leader, awaiting their mission.

He looked down at the two pieces of identical paper, before handing one to Sasori and the other to Deidara. "Alright, that is your briefing paper. I want you to leave immediately and head to the Leaf Village. You are to capture Sakura Haruno at night, when everything is calm, and bring her back to me alive. Do I make myself clear?"

Sasori nodded, his face blank. "Of course Leader-sama. We will not fail you. With my puppets, we can take down anyone that tries to stop us from obtaining the mark. She will be brought back safely, just as you request."

Deidara was still reading over the paper, making sure he knew every detail. Glancing up, he looked to Sasori and then back at Pein, "We won't let you down, yeah."

Pein smirked a little. "Good, now get on the road and complete this mission. Kill any and all who stand in your way, understand?"

Both Deidara and Sasori nodded, leaving Pein's office to go and ready themselves. The mission that they were to complete would take several days, concidering the distance between the two villages. Deidara walked a little slower than Sasori, since his room wasn't as far from Pein's office. He looked up at Sasori and then down the hall. "Well danna un, I'll meet you at the doors, yeah?"

Sasori glanced back and nodded, "Yes. Make sure you pack enough of your clay and enough food to get you through the journey. There will be no stopping until we return."

Deidara nodded as he took off and walked down the hall to his room without another word. He opened the door and walked in, only to see all his equipment laid out on the bed.

Slightly confused, he shook his head and began to pack everything so he could go and meet his master at the doors. Once his stuff was packed, he quickly looked around the room, noticing he forgot to put his pouch of clay back onto his pants.

The bomber quickly walked over, his blond hair swept back by his quick movements as he grabbed it, and re-attached it to his pants. He looked around his room again, and then nodded, satisfied that he wasn't forgetting anything. With a smirk, he walked out of his room and headed back towards the door.

Even though Deidara made his way to the door as quickly as possible, Sasori was already standing there, ready to go. He looked up from the briefing paper and raised an eyebrow. "What took you so long, brat?"

Deidara looked up. "Sorry danna, h'n... I had to make sure I had everything, like you said, yeah."

Sasori shrugged his shoulders vaugely as Pein walked out of his office angrily. "What are you two still doing here! You should have been gone!"

Both men jumped a bit at the sudden appearance of their leader. Sasori quickly opened the door and walked out without a word, while Deidara just bowed his head. "Sorry Leader-sama...yeah..." He then followed after Sasori, as they began their mission to the Leaf. Pein shook his head in exasperation and headed back to his office, almost second guessing himself if he made the right choice.

~to be continued~