Author's Note:

I'm sure you've all rushed over here hoping for an update and I wish I could deliver that for you.

Unfortunately my house was broken into and my laptop was stolen, so I have not had access to a computer for some time. I'm writing this from the computer lab at my university, but obviously due to time demands from my coursework and clinical placements, it's not feasible for me to write here as well.

The loss of my laptop has been devastating as my entire life is on it, as well as some unpublished chapters of this story, my other Twiligt fanfic, "Rebirth," and lots of other writings. I am so saddened to have lost not only those chapters, but the vessel for my continued creativity and ability to update these stories for you. There have also been some other personal issues in my life, and so there has been a lot weighing on me since the beginning of this year.

I cannot afford to buy a new computer right now, but I hope I will eventually be able to do so. Until then, consider my stories to be on a sad hiatus. I'm happy to know through reviews and private messages that people are still interested and missing my stories. I look forward to the day that I can continue writing!

Thanks very much,