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The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt #: 1
Pen name: twink423
Pairing: Edward & Bella
Rating: T

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Jessica invites our group of friends to come over to her house tonight. Her parents are gone for the evening on a special date in Port Angeles. They trust us enough to be here alone, even if we are only 13 years old. Jessica suggests we order pizza and watch movies or play games. Fun times for all.

After eating pizza, we decide to play games. Jessica has a closet full of games in the basement so we follow her downstairs. First we play Monopoly; Tyler manages to get all the railroads and puts hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk. Needless to say, he takes all of our money. No passing go and no collecting $200, thank you very much. Alice and I are the first ones out of the game so we go upstairs to get more pop for everyone.

"So, Bella, how's it going with Edward?" Alice smiles at me innocently.

"Just fine, Alice. Why do you ask?" I'm not quite sure what she means. Things are always fine between me and my best friend, Edward.

"Well, it just seems like he's been watching you extra closely tonight. I was just wondering if you knew what that was all about," she states, but it comes out more like a question.

"I'm sure it's nothing, Alice. I mean, we're just friends and friends can look at each other. Right?" The way she looks at me has me on edge.

"Bella, I don't think you get it. Edward wasn't just looking at you like a friend. He was staring at you like you were something to eat. I was about to stuff my Monopoly money into his mouth because he looked so famished. I think that boy has got it bad for you!" She claps her hands while bouncing on her toes.

My mouth opens and closes a few times as I think of how to respond. Sure, Edward and I are close. We've been best friends practically since birth, but that doesn't mean he sees me as more than a friend. Not that I haven't hoped it would happen. The truth is I've loved Edward Cullen since he asked me to marry him when we were five years old. We had a pretend wedding and everything. Emmett, Edward's older brother, even pulled us around the neighborhood in the wagon.

"Alice, we are just friends and nothing more. Besides, he's been sitting next to Lauren all night. I think he likes her. Not me," I whisper the last two words as they stab my heart.

"But, Bella, that's only because you have been sitting with me and Jessica. I really think he wanted to sit with you, but there weren't any spots left." She really is a great girlfriend. Right now, I want to believe her when she says Edward likes me too. It's what I've always dreamed of so why can't I believe it?

"Anyway, let's bring these drinks back downstairs. I bet everyone is waiting for us. I bet Edward is waiting for you," Alice chirps excitedly as she grabs half of the pop cans from the fridge.

"Whatever you say, Alice," I mutter, because really, you never bet against Alice. I gather the remaining cans of pop, kick the door shut, and follow Alice down the stairs. I somehow manage to trip down the last stair, sending the cans flying to the floor. I catch myself on the railing before I join the cans on the floor. Immediately I feel my face hot as fire, flames licking my cheeks. I right myself and take a quick peek around the room to assess who saw my embarrassing tumble.

Eric, Tyler and Mike are not even attempting to reign in their laughter. Stupid boys! Jessica, Ben and Angela look at me with pity. Well, at least they're not laughing at me. It's then that I notice Edward and Lauren are missing from the room. Both of them. At the same time. Where are they? My heart skips a beat as an image of them together passes through my mind. They couldn't be, could they?

Just then, Edward exits the bathroom across the room. Immediately his eyes find mine and he gives me a small smile. His smile falters; it might be from my pitiful expression. Whether it's from tripping or thinking he is with Lauren, I'm not sure. Edward surveys the floor, taking in the pop cans before me.

I can literally see the moment he figures out what happened because he's at my side quicker than I can blink. "Are you alright, Bella?" his voice is laced with concern while he rubs my back. It feels really nice.

"Yes. I'm fine, just a little klutzy. What's new, right?" I joke. I wish I could crawl under a rock and hide my embarrassment from this beautiful boy.

Edward leads me over to my spot on the floor and sits down next to me, taking Alice's spot. Only, it's no longer Alice's spot, as she has taken up residence in Edward's old place. He didn't even make a move to reclaim his seat from before. The thought sends a thrill through me. Does Edward really want to sit next to me? Maybe Alice was right.

Everyone chats quietly for a few minutes while we wait for Lauren. Where is she?

"Are you sure you're ok?" Edward asks again. His concern for me is sweet.

"Yes, I'm sure. Thank you for not laughing at me," I state truthfully. One of the things I love about Edward is his compassionate nature, always putting others before himself.

"I wouldn't laugh at you. Well, maybe I would. I'm glad you're ok, though," he says sincerely. Did I mention how much I love this boy? He smiles again and it warms my heart.

Finally, Lauren stomps down the stairs, shooting daggers at Edward. What the heck is her problem?

"I can't believe I had to use the bathroom all the way upstairs," she huffs exaggeratedly. Lauren seems bothered by Edward's proximity to me but he is oblivious and focused solely on me. Bella - 1, Lauren - 0. When did this become a game?

The next minute goes by in a blur. Lauren reaches down to the ground for Diet Coke, unknowingly picking up one of the shaken cans. She proceeds to saunter over to her seat on the floor, next to Alice now, and plops down.

I quickly glance at Alice and see the wicked gleam in her eye. Alice always seems to know what is going to happen in every situation before anyone else. For once, I am on the same page as she is. Fortunately, Lauren isn't even in the same book. Lauren pops the can open before anyone can stop her, only to be met with a big surprise: a shower of soda all over her. Bella - 2, Lauren - 0.

"Oh my god!" she shrieks as she jumps up. "Who did this?" She is pissed.

"It was an accident, Lauren," Alice pipes in. "You know how clumsy Bella can be." Alice, I hiss at her in my head. Thanks for throwing me under the bus! She already doesn't like me much, let's give her another reason!

"You!" Lauren exclaims while pointing her finger at me. "You did this on purpose!"

"No, I didn't, Lauren. It was an accident," I say, trying to stifle my laughter. Laughing at this point will get me nowhere.

"I don't believe you, Bella," she accuses.

"She said it was an accident, Lauren. Just drop it," Edward interjects. Bella - 3, Lauren - still 0.

Lauren shuffles to the bathroom to clean herself up.

"At least she doesn't have to go upstairs again," Tyler mutters under his breath. The rest of us break out in laughter from his remark.

"Let's pick a new game," Alice suggests.

We vote on it and Boggle wins. I am super excited. I love to read and have always had a knack for words. I am also excited to be sitting so close to Edward. He tries to peek at my answers during the first round but I call him out on it.

"Cheaters never win!" I squeal while Edward starts tickling me. I try squirming out of his grasp but it's no use. I laugh uncontrollably until I am in tears. "Stop.. please, Edward," I beg breathlessly to get him to finally stop.

"Ok, that's enough!" Jessica declares. "Let's play a new game." She is up to something by the mischievous look she gives me. Jessica picks up the sand timer for the game and points to me and Edward. "You two. Follow me," she commands.

Edward and I stand up, both looking confused, and follow closely behind Jessica. She stops in front of the closet and opens the door. "In you go and don't come out until I've said your time is up!" Before I know it, we're being pushed inside the closet and the door slams shut. Our friends are counting the minutes for our Seven Minutes in Heaven.

I'm frozen. I am staring at Edward and he's staring back at me. Neither of us talks for like what seems like years, but really is only mere seconds.

Each of us is afraid to make the first move. I don't know why; I guess we're both a little shy. I know I like him. A lot. Ok, that's a lie. I love him. I think he likes me back and maybe even loves me too. I mean, he wouldn't come in here with me if he didn't want to. Right? Keep telling yourself that, Bella. You have known this boy your whole life and know he wouldn't just do something because of peer pressure.

"B-B-Bella?" Edward asks with uncertainty. I know he is nervous by his sporadic stutter that only emerges during more stressful situations. What exactly is he nervous about? Oh right, the same reason I am nervous. Our first real kiss. Or potential first kiss. I don't count the peck we shared when we were married at 5. Maybe he doesn't really like me and is repulsed by thoughts of putting his lips on mine.

"Yes, Edward?" I answer back to him with just as much hesitancy. Edward takes a step toward me. I mirror his action. We are inches apart as I stare into his beautiful, green eyes.

"Bella," he sighs as his hand reaches for mine. I notice that he didn't stutter that time. What changed in the last ten seconds to calm him down? Surely our close proximity has nothing to do with it.

"We don't have to do anything, Edward," I manage to squeak out while I look down at my shoes. Why is he still standing so close to me? And still holding my hand? My mind screams at me to look at him so I do.

"You don't want to?" Edward asks with a disappointed look on his face. "I'm so-sorry, B-Bella. I wo-would nev-never make yo-you." He sounds so dejected. It breaks my heart because I love him. Hearing and seeing him look so sad is all I need to make up my mind. We're going to do this. I want it. He wants it.

I take another step forward, closing the gap between us. Our torsos are just barely touching and I can feel the heat coming off of him. We lock eyes once again and a small smile forms on Edward's lips. He understands what I'm doing now and wraps both of his arms around my lower back. He hugs me closer to him while leaning his head down toward me.

We're both leaning in ever so slowly. So close. "Wait," Edward murmurs. "I have to say something first, Bella." I look up at him again and the look in his eyes is almost too overwhelming. "Bella... I've been meaning to… what I want is to say is… crap, this isn't how this was supposed to happen."

My face immediately falls at the realization of his words. He doesn't want this. I was wrong to think that he wanted this. "You don't want this. It's ok," I choke out. I hold back my tears for now. I can cry at home where Edward can't see me.

"Crap, I'm really screwing this up, aren't I?" he asks. "Bella, I want this. So much. I meant me fumbling on my words wasn't supposed to happen. What I'm trying to tell you is important and I can't seem to get it right."

Now I'm worried. What does he need to say? "Just tell me, Edward," I whisper to him, hoping he gets out whatever is bothering him.

Edward brushes his palm over my cheek and lifts my face. Our eyes connect again and it's too much. "I love you, Bella" he declares. No hesitation. No stuttering. "I always have." Oh, my god! That is what he's been trying to get out?

"Oh, Edward, I love you too. All my life," I murmur. His face lights up like a Christmas tree. He leans down toward me again while still cupping my cheek. His fingers brush along my jaw. His lips meet mine. Soft and gentle. Perfect.

Oh, my god! We're kissing. Lips touching, soft breathing and sighs. I can't believe it. I'm finally kissing Edward Cullen. I've dreamed of this day forever and now it's happening. Edward grips my chin lightly, coaxing my lips apart. He delicately sucks my lower lip and his top lip is now between mine. I nibble his lightly and tentatively touch his lip with my tongue.

Something switches on in Edward because, all of a sudden, his tongue touches mine. He doesn't hesitate at all as he plunges his tongue into my mouth and caresses my own. This is awesome. I had no idea what I was missing out on by not kissing Edward Cullen. Who knows, maybe we're both horrible kissers, but I don't care because this is fantastic. Edward tastes wonderful. Like spearmint. I need to buy his brand of gum later so I can remember how he tastes.

"Three and a half minutes left," Jessica hollers through the door. I cannot believe half our time is already up. Either we have been kissing for longer than I thought or we really were staring at each other for way too long. I wish I could take back that time because we would have been kissing the entire time if I knew it would be this great. I never want to stop. Ever.

Edward pulls away, panting, and our eyes meet again - bright green meeting chocolate - and we're both smiling with huge goofy grins on our faces.

"That was... amazing," I whisper breathlessly.

"Bella, if you don't mind, I'm not done yet. I just thought we needed a quick breather," he says playfully. Edward leans in again with a determined look in his eye. I am barely able to take that quick breather before he makes my knees go weak. I grab onto his sides with both hands to stay as close to him as possible. Edward hugs me tighter to him.

There is no doubt in my mind that I want to kiss this boy for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine anyone else making me feel this good. Can we just get married tomorrow? For real, this time?

Bella Cullen. I like it. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cullen. I like that even better. While I'm picking out our children's names in my head, I faintly hear a noise in the background. I realize the closet door has been opened and our friends are watching the scene in front of them.

I quickly push away from Edward while my cheeks turn the color of a tomato. This time, I'm not sure if it's from embarrassment or all the kissing we've been doing. I realize I don't really give a crap. I can't believe we were just caught making out by our friends but, then again, we knew our time was limited. We got carried away and I didn't even hear them knock before they opened the closet door.

Alice is grinning from ear to ear and, surprisingly, so is Jessica. "It's about time!" Jessica squeals as she grabs my hand, pulling me out of the closet and to the other side of the room. I am reluctant to let go of Edward or leave his side. I never want to leave him again.

"Oh my god, Bella! You kissed Edward! How was it? It looked pretty terrific from my point of view!" Jessica manages all in one breath. Alice rolls her eyes. "I'm so glad I set you guys up to go in there. We've been waiting for you two to finally get together," she continues in a scolding tone.

She set us up? I don't know how to respond to that. How did she know we would actually kiss once we got in there? "What do you mean you set us up?" I give Jessica the stink-eye.

"Well, not really. I mean, come on. You guys have been in love with each other forever. Everyone can see it written all over your faces. Like all the time," she carries on. "All I did was nudge you along a bit. It worked, didn't it?"

"It sure did," I answer automatically. "I mean... crap, I don't know. He's such a great kisser or at least I think he is. I'm on cloud nine right now. It was perfect." I realize how absolutely ecstatic I am. I don't care what our friends think or that they set us up.

Edward comes to stand by my side and grabs my hand. I look over at the little timer Jessica is still holding. I glance up to Edward who is also looking at the timer. He looks down at me and we both break out in goofy grins all over again.

I notice that Lauren is glaring at me. I'm guessing she is jealous by all the attention I am getting, especially from Edward. Oh, and because we were just making out in the closet for seven minutes.

Who knew a harmless game of Boggle would come to this. Bella - 4 going on 4,000,000. Lauren – forever 0.

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