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The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt #: 2
Pen name: twink423
Pairing: Edward & Bella
Rating: M

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"Three, two, one. Happy Birthday, Bella!" my girlfriends holler loudly.

We are outside Earl's on the Ave, a college bar near campus. It's the place to be for any UW student and now I can legally go in. They pride themselves on being the best place and even have a sign outside their establishment that says "Cheap Booze."

"I can't believe our little girl is all grown up," Rose says wistfully. She came off cold when I first met her, but now she is like the mother hen in our group. Always taking care of us.

"Thanks, you whores! I'm so glad you could all be here to celebrate with me! I couldn't imagine being here without my girls. Ok, now it's time for my Power Hour!" I squeal excitedly.

I can't believe how long I have waited for my twenty-first birthday. I'm glad it's finally here. My friends have been able to go to bars for about a year since they are all older than me.

"I.D," the bouncer says coldly. Asshole. He could at least say please. He sounds tough and, also, really bored. I guess it would be a boring job to stand outside, away from all the fun and excitement.

I hand him my driver's license and he does a double take. I assume he's running the date through his head and counting the years, making sure I am legal.

"Have fun Miss Swan. Oh, and Happy Birthday." He smiles warmly at me now. "Thank you." I smile brightly back at him as we make our way into the bar. I feel bad for thinking he was an asshole.

"First shots are on me!" Alice announces to everyone. "What'll it be, Belly?" Alice asks using her longtime nickname for me. We have been friends since the sixth grade when I moved to Forks to live with my dad. We ended up going to the same college and met the rest of these girls in our dorm freshman year.

"I don't know Alice. I've never really done shots before; you know this. I usually drink whatever they have at the parties we've been to. What do you suggest?" I have no clue what is in all the fancy shots I've heard about.

"I think we should start off with the sweet stuff. We can work our way up to the stronger ones." Alice finished thoughtfully. She proceeds to the bar to order us a round of Kamikazes while the rest of find a table.

While searching for an open table to fit our larger group, I see him. This beautiful man is staring right at me. He has a wild mop of reddish-brown hair that is begging to be pulled and bright, green eyes. I feel like he can see my soul.

I feel like I already know him, but I would remember meeting this beautiful specimen of man. We are both openly staring at each other and neither of us seems to care. There is definitely something between us. How can I feel this connection to someone I've never met?

Alice returns to the table with shots. "To the birthday girl!" she exclaims.

We each grab a shot, clink our glasses and down it quickly. Yummy! I can't wait for more fruity goodness. I turn back to my eye candy and he sneaks quick peeks at me. Why is he so shy all of a sudden? I smile in his direction and he grins back, a full, genuine smile. "Hi," he mouths at me. I wiggle my fingers and a small giggle escapes my lips.

My friend, Angela, flags down a waitress. "Bring us a round of Girl Scout Cookie shooters, please," she says quietly. Angela is always so sweet and innocent. It's weird to watch her order us drinks, even if they will taste like a Girl Scout Cookie.

Rose breaks my silent exchange with Mr. Fuck-Me-Hair. "Look at that woof-tastic guy over there. Come to mama!" She is pointing to his table, but not at my manmeat. Thank god! Rose is eye-fucking his large, muscly friend. My eyes wander back over my much smaller and undeniably more attractive guy. I've never been into the meathead type and this guy is just my size. Mr. Fuck-Me-Hair winks at me and draws a long pull off his beer.

Rosalie notices him winking and declares she has the perfect shot for me. She whispers something to the waitress passing by.

"Isabella Marie!" Rose scolds. "How many times have I told you chicks before dicks?" She really does say this to me all the time but it's ridiculous. She knows I always put my girls first. I haven't had a guy to call my own for the last year.

The waitress returns to our table with another round of shots. "I ordered us all Redheaded Sluts," Rosalie says looking at me pointedly. Oh, no, she didn't! That bitch! She has been with many more guys than I have and she knows this.

"Whatever, Rose, that was a cheap shot. Just give me the damn drink." I slam the shot and start to feel the effects of the alcohol. I glance to my new favorite table but Mr. Fuck-Me-Hair isn't there. Did he leave already? Before I even got to speak to him? You snooze, you lose, Bella.

It figures the first time I come to a bar and see some hottie across the room, he is gone before I can introduce myself. Maybe this is a good thing. I don't know if meeting guys in bars is how I want to find Mr. Right. He sure was cute though.

"Let's go play pool," Alice suggests. She grabs my hand before I can protest and drags me over to the pool tables. We have to wait a few minutes for a table to open up. While we wait my eyes wander to his table. I don't see him, but his friends are still there, including Mr. Muscles. Maybe he's still here. A girl can dream.

A group of guys finish up their game and offer to let us use their table. They seem nice enough, but I don't like the way one of them is looking at me. He has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and looks menacing. It feels like he wants to possess me. He freaks me out a bit. Ok, a lot.

Alice and I grab pool sticks. Alice decides to let me break since it's my birthday. She racks up the balls and I place the cue ball on the other end of the table. I line up my first shot and pull back my stick. That's when I feel someone standing behind me. It's unsettling. They are very close and whisper in my ear.

"Hey baby, I'd like to use your thighs as earmuffs." Oh my god! Who the fuck says that? Apparently the asshat invading my personal bubble. I whip around to see the creepy blonde guy just inches from me. I eye him with disgust and he sneers back at me.

"Go away. You're repulsive," I retort.

This man is Exhibit A on why it's a bad idea to meet men in bars. He's not backing away and it makes me more uncomfortable. I angle my pool stick between his legs and hit him where it counts. He falls to his knees grabbing his junk.

"You'd better leave now, man. We don't want any trouble." A cold, stern voice comes from behind me.

I turn slightly and see him standing close by. He looks concerned for me and whispers, "Are you ok?" I nod my head infinitesimally. I feel much safer now that Mr. Fuck-Me-Hair is to the rescue.

"What's it to you, buddy?" The blonde guy stands up, wincing as he palms himself through his jeans.

I step away from him and move next to the hottie. He pulls me in close to his side, his hand resting on my hip. I feel a shock pulse through me where we touch.

"He's my boyfriend," I rapidly answer. Oh, shit! Did I just say that? Sure I've been fantasizing about him, but geez, where is my brain filter? My eyes dart up to Mr. Fuck-Me-Hair in horror, sure he's going to take his hands off of me and run screaming for the hills. He doesn't let me go but pulls me in closer still.

"Yeah, man. I suggest you leave now. Come on honey, let's get you a drink." I blink at Mr. Fuck-Me-Hair in disbelief. He must not think I'm too crazy if he's going along with this plan to get the pervert to leave me alone. He guides us away from the pool table and over toward the bar, all while keeping me close to his side.

He motions to the bartender and he makes his way over to us. I don't hear what he orders because I'm still in a daze due to the last few minutes. The bartender returns with a beer for my hero and a shot for me. I look up at him questioningly and it dawns on him what I am asking.

He leans down close to whisper in my ear. "I know I'm being presumptuous but I couldn't resist getting you a Screaming Orgasm." The way he says that is laced with innuendo and incredibly hot. His lips ghost my cheek when he pulls away and my heart skips a beat. I want him.

"Thank you... umm, I don't even know your name," I half-state, half-ask.

"I'm Edward," he says with a big smile.

"Thanks, Edward. I'm Bella. Oh, and I would love the real deal later, if I'm not being too presumptuous," I murmur coquettishly and then down my shot. His eyes are wide and I can't believe I just said that. Way to grow some lady-balls, Bella! I'm getting what I want tonight!

"Do you want to get out of here?" he asks hopefully.

I nod at him quickly. Edward grabs his beer and pulls me toward his table of friends. He puts his beer down in front of Mr. Muscles and tells him, "it's on me." I see Rose and Alice nearing us out of the corner of my eye.

"You all right, Belly?" Alice asks worriedly. Rose looks on impatiently and glares at Edward.

"Yes, I'm just fine. Thanks to Edward here. He saved me from that skeevy guy by the pool table." My girlfriends look relieved and thank Edward for helping me.

"So... yeah, we're gonna get out of here," Edward stammers nervously. I'm sure our friends are thinking we're both sluts for leaving with someone we just officially met ten minutes ago. I don't care.

"Dude, bros before hos!" Mr. Muscles shouts and shoots daggers at Edward.

I giggle and eye Rose. She looks like she wants to jump him right now. "My thoughts exactly!" she shrieks.

I grab Edward's hand and tow him to the door. We wave to our friends and laugh as we exit out onto the sidewalk.

"My place or yours?" I purr into his ear. This is going to be the best birthday ever!