A/N: This is a variation of a fic from a different fandom with author's permission.

Title: The Color of Absence
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: None, or S/J if you squint
Warning: Character death, angst
Disclaimer: Not mine

Colonel O'Neill was the one who found her. He came back later with bloody knuckles and an empty round.

General Hammond threw away a corroded 12-step recovery medallion and drank for the first time in 15 years. One glass was all he needed to fill the permeating absence.

Daniel was slow to anger. Even slower to grief. It was a year later that he was relieved from the SGC, after smashing each alien artifact into oblivion.

Cassie thought seriously about taking that Indian up to the badlands with nothing but cash for fuel and a handful of ashes. Instead she locked the garage and lost her mind.

Jack dropped the title and decided Earth wasn't worth it, never was, and he spent the rest of his days on a houseboat drinking away his two regrets.

Teal'c stood by and watched his friends dissolve away. He crossed the event horizon and never looked back.

And if you look in a little cell on a little planet, you'll find a dried red streak in a corner of a granite floor.

But you won't find Major Carter.