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Note: Contains some spoilers for certain plot points in the series, maybe. Slightly AU, since I have Tenaya on the team as Ranger Purple.

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Dillon had to drive around for a while, clearing his head and trying to push down the feelings of hurt that had built in his chest. Sure he was pissed at having been stuck with Dr. K but what he really felt and was trying very hard to deny, was kind of hurt. But admitting it hurt meant admitting he cared, and admitting he cared wasn't something the man was completely ready for. He and Ziggy had been dancing around each other for months but had previously not had any issues like this.

Really, the main worry about being with Dr. K while he was sick was the exposure. Dillon didn't know about the delirium or wild spasms, but he knew about the aching weak pain it left him in and being essentially left where anyone could see him while he was weak like that wasn't something the man was comfortable with. His relationships with the other rangers were awkward and tenuous at best. He trusted them with his life, but wasn't really cool with letting them be around when he was like that. Ziggy was the only one he was really close enough for this, and the younger man had apparently betrayed his trust.

When driving around didn't help his muddled head, the man drove back to the Garage, fully intent on making a mess of the training room till he felt better. His plans were changed when he pulled in and stepped out of the Fury, however. Tenaya was waiting for him and the second he was standing up, she socked him in the teeth, her metal fist connecting with his jaw and sending him flying into the floor of the garage.

"Huh, looks like I did decide to deck you first." she mumbled, though he wasn't quite sure why she said it, particularly as his sister walked over and helped him up next before speaking very sternly, "You are a jerk."

Dillon stared at her in awe and bewilderment for a moment, before noticing her starting to walk of and grabbing her wrist. "The hell are you talking about?" he demanded, wondering vaguely if there was a rule that if a female was a member of the team and not Summer, they were required to be crazy.

Tenaya gave him an icy glare, the tone of her reply very reminiscent of her old taunting back when she was evil, "What, going to break my wrist too? Was breaking Ziggy's not enough for you?"

The man was getting really sick of this game, but he still let go of her – she was still his sister after all, even if she was being weird, "I did NOT push him that hard. If he landed on it funny, that is not my fault."

The eyeroll his sibling gave in response was the sort that had more than proved to the rest of the team that the pair was related back when she'd first joined, "That wasn't what I meant. You broke his wrist while you were sick – you probably don't even remember do you?"

"What?" this was said a little more urgently, worry starting to show in the man's features. What the hell was she talking about? All he really could remember from being sick was waking up unable to see through the hazy cloud of pain starting to overtake him and then waking up clear of that cloud in Dr. K's lab.

He wasn't even gifted with an answer to that one, Tenaya just pointing to the stairs and walking off. They were really going to have to find a moment to discuss who was the elder sibling in this family, but for now he needed to check on his best friend. If what she was implying was correct, he had a lot of apologizing to do. Though Ziggy might have to apologize for not telling him after the last few times he was sick what happened.

Dillon found their room seemingly empty, but he could hear the water running in their shower. He knocked lightly, checking to see if Ziggy was close to done so they could talk. After a short amount of shuffling, the younger man opened the door, towel around his slim waist, his hair flopping in his face and his cheeks looking rather flushed. But what was more noticeable, from what little he could see of Ziggy's pale skin at the edge of the door, was that the younger man had quite a few bruises forming in odd spots.

"Oh, um...hi. Welcome back." the way he spoke, it was half sad half...weak. Like the younger man was having a hard time speaking, as well as being awkward around the older ranger, "I was about to take a quick shower – did you need me for something, or do you just want me to hurry?" There was generally a rule among the team that no one interrupted showers, unless you were asking a roommate to save some hot water for you, or specifically had to talk to that person.

Dillon was about to comment that he wanted to see the younger man when he was done, but something interrupted him. That something being Ziggy's slightly shaking legs finally giving out and sending the younger male towards the floor pretty fast. Had his companion not been upgraded to have super reflexes, he'd probably had hit pretty hard, the door not held tight enough to keep him from falling.

Having a mostly naked Ziggy against his chest was something the older man might have joked about any other day. Right now, however, he just carefully helped his friend up, noticing quite a few more bruises and welts as the younger man tried to stand. "Why didn't you tell me?"

As the green ranger tried to steady himself, Dillon kept an arm around his friend. It was obvious that whatever sickness he had had was hitting the younger man now and pretty badly. Eventually, Ziggy was able to lean against the door frame and get his breath enough to answer the question, "Tell you what?" he asked, eyes slightly glazed, both from the fever and from how he'd just been pressed to the older man.

Dillon gave his friend a dirty look, his free hand moving to lightly lift his friend's sprained wrist to look at the bruising on it. "That I hurt you when I'm sick, that you didn't just abandon me to Dr. K for no reason,"

Ziggy shuddered a bit, never really wanting to have this discussion with his friend, particularly not right now. What he did manage to get out after a bit was, "I didn't leave you with Dr. K because you hurt me – I left you with her because I didn't want you hurting yourself during spasms when I had to go help the others with an Attackbot."

That had not been the answer he was expecting. Dillon had been willing to understand Ziggy not wanting to get completely beaten up by his friend but that the younger man hadn't even had him restrained because of something like that was actually really painful to him. Before he'd realized he was doing it, the Black Ranger had reached out, pulling the smaller male to his chest and holding him gently. "You are an idiot." he growled, though it wasn't with much anger.

Ziggy couldn't fight the need to just let himself collapse into those powerful arms and just hug his friend back. It was a nice moment but after a short while, he had to pull back a bit. "I need to stop wasting water." he mumbled, not quite willing to look up at Dillon right then, a blush joining the fever flush on his cheek.

The older ranger didn't let go, despite Ziggy's words, instead moving closer to his friend and grinning a little, "You can barely stand on your own and you're really expecting me to just let you go?" Dillon said softly, leaning down to press a light kiss to his friend's lips before the younger man could protest much. Well, Summer had been hinting at them to just stop playing cat and mouse with each other for a while – why not start now?

The kiss was enough to cut off all protests the younger male had thought up for why he shouldn't be close to Dillon right now. After all, Dillon already knew about the bruises, already knew he was a sad fevered, and well, the way his hands and lips felt, Ziggy was pretty sure he was pretty cool with the whole sexual attraction thing too. So really, who was he to complain if the older man joined him for a while? He so totally owed the Green Ranger anyway, after how often Ziggy had to stand in the cold water just to cool off Dillon's circuits anyway.