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Ed was muddling around the kitchen while Vin and Rosalie were at school… Nina and Orsino were taking their nap. It was three years ago when Edward gave birth to twins; Nina Romi Stilla and Orsino Hiro Nicholas. If he ever gets married to a girl named Viola I'm going to laugh my ass off. Ed thought with a chuckle. Roy and Ed couldn't have been happier… of course Rosalie and Vinzent were more excited about the expected child and when it turned out to be twins that made them even more animated. While Nina was like Ed with her gilded eyes and hair, Orsino on the other hand was a little like Roy's grandfather, auburn hair and midnight blue eyes. Out of all three of her kids it had to be Rosalie with a personality more like Ed's… she wondered if her eldest daughter was going to be on the tall side or not. She already knew Vin was going to be taller than Roy -Veril as Ed recalled was exceptionally tall; she guessed around six foot four or so- hell he was already taller than most of his classmates. Smart to boot too, it won't be long now before he tries to do alchemy like me. She knew that he knew that he was different than all the other children… in more ways than just his eyes, ability to feel another's pain and seeing ghost. Speaking of spirits; they still came by from time to time, Vin always seemed to know when his mother popped in. She was sure the boy would recognize his own father if the saw him… but she wasn't sure if Veril had at least visited Vinzent once during the near six years they had raised the lad. Said lad also wore his hair long and tied back… while Rosalie preferred a bob cut. Ed laughed remembering just how many of their classmates over the past two years came over because no one believed them when they said the Fullmetal alchemist was their mom/aunt and the Flame alchemist was their dad/uncle. They did indeed have to move into a larger home when the twins were born, no one minded. Riza helped Roy find a house since Ed wouldn't really care; she'd like it if her husband did. Everyone involved was pretty happy with the choice, the kids loved it for the front and backyard, the adults were happy because it was big enough for all the kids. Riza had picked it because it was reasonably close to HQ. Ed sighed a little bit because she knew it would be soon that Vin would discover his talent with no circle alchemy. He was smart, smatter than kids his age… but she was sure that no one other than her, Roy and Rosalie noticed. Nina and Orsino weren't stupid they just didn't pay attention to stuff like that…not to mention that he was strong than the average seven year old. The blonde only shook her head; she still played those 'kinds' of games with her kids, making them nearly as flexible and agile as herself while having fun at the same time.

Min also visited often -she had moved to Central- so she could see the little rascals… and when Roy and Ed needed some time to themselves. Of course Roy's other relatives came to visit as often as they could. Even the ones from Xing, Lin and Lan-Fan were the ones who escorted them to their home… Mei had married Akihiko a couple of years back and no kids quite yet. Ed chuckled at the fact that everyone but their little household called Orsino, Nicholas; also he didn't like anyone but his parents, siblings, and cousin calling him by his first name. It wasn't long after she thought that when the twins were up and about with Hamlet, Ophelia and Jade. Ophelia had a litter not too long ago, a total of 6 kittens were born and Rosalie had wanted he runt of said litter. So while they kept the Jade, Al and Winry -who had two kids of their own- had gotten one and named it Drake. The rest were given to anyone who wanted one… mostly to people who were close to them. The twins cuddled her legs as they watched her bake, she handed them each a plate of banana bread and set a glass of apple juice for each of them on the table. When she was pregnant with these two she craved apples and caramel. They sat down and started munching happily. Soon Rosalie and Vinzent would be home from school all of their teachers were impressed with both of them, so much so they actually put Rosalie in the same grade as Vin; although he didn't move head a grade he stayed with kids his own age. Ed set two more plates and glasses out for the two eldest. "Momma, we're home!" Rosalie called as they came into the dining room. Ed's gilded eyes saw that Vin was sporting a black bruise over his green eye.

"Vin where and how did you get a black eye?"

"You should see the other guy, Aunt Ed." The boy was stoic as he said that.

"That isn't what I asked, Vinzent." He sighed as he shuffled his feet.

"I was trying to protect Rosalie…" the dark haired girl's cheeks puffed out, slightly annoyed. She was too much like her mother in that respect. She'd rather defend herself than let somebody else kick ass for her. "And he hit me in the eye first, so I hit him back. Once and he ran off with his tail between his legs." Ed rubbed her nose as her lips quirked up on one side and patted his head.

"Alright, I'll let you off the hook this time, since it was self defense and only one hit… I'm not going to get a call from your teachers am I?" He shook his head. "Good. Now eat your snack and we'll go skating just outside of the General's office." Ed nicknamed Roy 'the General' to tease the man one day and it just stuck with the kids on when he was getting off -and getting home from- work.

Roy wasn't really surprised to see his family skating as he walked out and towards his car. He watched as Ed skated slowly with Nina while Vinzent and Rosalie were with Orsino. The elder two were slowly gliding along on each side of the youngest child. Their little Nina skating proudly beside Ed and her hair in braided pig-tails. He chuckled Rosalie was a bit of tomboy where as Nina was a girlie girl. As Roy walked closer to his family and thought it odd -once he was close enough- that Vin was sporting a black eye. "Hi Uncle Roy." Of course Vinzent would be the first to spot him. The tanned boy skated over and his hair was ruffled by the larger hand hand.

"Daddy!" His kids hollered and followed their elder cousin. He knelt down hugging all four of them. When he asked the eldest boy about his blackened eye, he got the same story that he told Ed. He shook his head fondly. I should have known… Vin has always been protective of his cousins. Vinzent may be not his own child technically but in his and Ed's minds he was and they loved him as much as they loved their own. Glancing upwards he spotted a man in black with dark tan skin, long raven hair and a visible jade eye. He was watching them… approvingly? Jade and Midnight blues met, Roy saw the man chuckle and tips his hat. Mustang had a feeling he did it out of gratitude. Roy blinked and he was gone. What the he-… He thought for a brief moment and looked at Vin. Then looked at Ed who cracked a grin, apparently she saw him too.

"How was work daddy?" Rosalie asked.

"Boring as usual." They giggled as he thought. Was that Vin's… father? Vin tugged on his sleeve.

"Aunt Ed says it's time to go home. So lets go home Uncle Roy."

"Alright scamps, let's follow Fullmetal to the car so we can get home, warm up and have supper." Vin took Ed's metal hand and Nina took the other while Rosalie and Orsino took their father's.

Their four children shrieked with laughter when Roy latched onto his wife's waist and yanked her into his lap; after they had eaten supper of course. What they were laughing about was the look of utter shock and chagrin on her face. He kissed her neck as she was about to yell at him, they laughed even harder. "You think that's funny you little pipsqueaks?" Edward's aureate eyes narrowed. As did three of the four children; Vin chuckled silently that his cousins got as worked up as their mother did about being called short… or any form of a phrase that could be construed that way.

"Yes Aunt Ed, because you'll be knocking Uncle Roy flat." Ed cheekily grinned at the eldest. Roy saw this and gulped quietly.

"He'll get his come-uppins soon enough… after you four go to bed." They pouted Vinzent merely chortled again. Aunt Ed is really funny when she mad like that. That's when the blonde woman decided to play a board game with them before dessert which happened to be the cake that Ed craved when she first realized she was with Rosalie; Christmas piernik. Even Roy played with his family although he got bumped out quickly; they had fun so it didn't matter.

"Goodnight momma." Little Nina yawned as Ed put her to bed; She had already put the other three -and Jade who insisted on sleeping with Rosalie… like Hamlet and Ophelia to Ed and Roy's bed- to bed; Nina was a bit stubborn in regards to bedtime so Edward always put her to bed last.

"Gute Nacht." She whispered as she kissed her forehead; the same she did to all of the kids. Roy had already said his goodnights to the kids; they would take turns putting them to bed. As soon she closed the munchkin's door a small devious grin appeared. She made her way into their room, she had a surprise for him; that would make his mouth dry and… hot under the collar.

When Ed came back into the living room in a robe Roy asked what he had been dying to all evening. "That was Vin's father wasn't it?" Ed sweetly kissed him.

"Ja, I guess he does pop in every once in awhile to check up on him. I'm glad he can make some time to do that. He is a very busy man after all." He blinked as he pulled her against him, now he certainly knew there were things she wasn't telling him but though it best not to ask… for now.

"Wasn't I supposed to get my come-uppins?" A very wicked smirk made its way onto her face, as she undid the 2 frog buttons holding the robe close and gently rolled her hips into his making him groan. Roy did indeed get hot under the collar when he saw she was wearing a deliciously -at least in his opinion- erotic crimson négligé. It was made from semi-sheer fabric and went to her thighs; it was simple with no frills only a tad of lace hemming the bottom. Her hair was down and that made a more erotic vision for the brunette. Ed rolled her hips once more feeling the hard erection and got him to moan wantonly. She slinked away -while dropping the robe behind her- with a sway of her hips to entice him into following her into their bedroom. Grateful that her innards were tied up so she couldn't get pregnant again; having three was enough for her. Ed half smirked as she heard Roy following her; she was going to tease him all night long, until he begged.

Edward woke up with her husband nuzzling her breast in his sleep. She couldn't help but guffaw; ever since Rosalie had been born he had a milk/breast fixation. The blonde didn't make milk anymore but that didn't prevent Roy from suckling when he wanted to. Her automail hand gently ran through his hair as she leaned to kiss his forehead. She carefully extracted herself from his embrace to get dressed then get breakfast ready for everyone. As she slipped on a long shirt and robe Ed felt content and happy. She looked at Roy one more time before making her way to the kitchen. He better remember that today is our anniversary. While she was getting everything ready there was a little tug on the elbow of her sleeve. Gold met near black and light jade; Vin was usually the first up after her. "What is it, Vin?" The boy shuffled his feet a little then held out a rose. The blonde knew that it was for her and Roy's anniversary and that it wasn't a real flower. It had been carefully crafted out of clay… and he had some how gotten colored glaze on it. "It's lovely Vinzent, thank you." She hugged him. "I'm sure Uncle Roy will love it as much as I do. But tell me how did you make this?" a little flush came to his cheeks.

"I went through your alchemy books, a while ago knowing what I wanted to make." Ed chuckled, that sounded like her and Al when they were kids; rifling through their father's books in his study.

"Did you use a matrix?" The boy stilled. Oh boy… looks like that alchemy lessons are going to be earlier than I expected. "It's alright Vin. I'm not mad." Vinzent shuttered with relief. The brunette watched as his aunt placed the faux rose into a tiny vase on the counter top. "Actually I'm proud of you. We're one of the few that can do alchemy without circles." Although no one could do it from birth… and he shouldn't do it in front of others until his older. His smaller body latched onto her leg hugging the limb. She patted his head and continued making breakfast for her brood.

That's when Roy wandered in and hugged her from behind nuzzling the top of her head while do so. "Guten Morgen Liebchen." He smiled.
"Morning, beloved." Midnight blues soon spotted the rose. "Where did that come from?"

"Vinzent made it. Has talent doesn't he? Reminds me of myself." Roy gave her a look asking if he made it with alchemy without circles. She nodded yes that he didn't use circles.

"I'd say he's talented. I'm very proud of you Vin. Now is this only for your Aunt or the both of us?"

"Both, anniversary present."He chirped, the elder man smiled and pulled the boy into a hug.

"Thank you, it's lovely." Vin hugged back and muttered a 'you're welcome'. Vin went to wake up the others and Roy held her the whole time while she made breakfast.

Roy was already off at work while Ed was getting Rosalie and Vinzent ready for school and fixing their lunches. The brunette girl was the first to get hers. Vin again shuffled his feet while standing next to her. "Is there something you want to ask Vin?"

"Could you… maybe after I get home from school… could you give me an alchemy lesson?" The blonde grinned while handing the boy his lunch.

"I can't think of a more perfect way to spend part of the afternoon but I can tell you now, I won't stop at one lesson." At least before your Nana comes to babysit so Roy can take me out to supper. Vin hugged her and thanked her profusely, smiling she shooed him out of the kitchen towards the front door. They waved at her as they left. She waved back while saying goodbye to the two eldest kids. The cats were playing with the twins as she thought. My life now might not be as exciting as it was when I was young but I can't say that I'm bored… these for munchkins take care of that for me. The only way she could sum it up to this point and time was… perfectly content with everything.

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