Awkward Moments

The kiss… it kept running through Minako's head as she waited in the den of her home, waiting for Jushiro to return. She had to make sure it was real… that she wasn't dreaming. It helped a little proving it wasn't a dream since she was still wearing the red sequined dress Tokinei let her borrow. She stood, going into the hallway to look in the mirror. She looked at her reflection, then down to her belly, wrapping her arms about it, "I can't believe he kissed me…" she whispered, one question still lingering in her mind, "Does he not care that I'm pregnant with Sosuke Aizen's child…? And I'm his lieutenant…" the clock chimed eleven, startling her out of her thoughts for a moment, "Where is he…? He said he just needed to check and see if Kiyone had locked the doors… Squad Thirteen isn't too far away…" she went to the front door and looked out her window, hoping to at least see him walking down the path to her home. Minako yawned softly, going to sit on the couch, resting her head on her arms as she kept her gaze outside the part in the curtains in case she did see him. Her eyes soon grew heavy, and she fell into a light slumber.

"This isn't a laughing matter Shunsui!" came the nervous shout from said man's best friend, "I don't know what's been happening to me! Retsu tells me I'm getting a new lieutenant, I think that's just fine. I meet her and she's drop dead gorgeous, I find out she has a lover, then find out that her lover is Sosuke Aizen and she's pregnant by him, then when the head captain confronts her I claim the baby as mine, I'm ordered to move in with her, and now just a month later I'm kissing her like she's my wife or something!" Captain Kyouraku raised an eyebrow.

"How would you know you're kissing her like a wife? You've never been married." Jushiro glared at his best friend.

"You know what I mean Shunsui!" the man chuckled, leaning back in his chair as his white haired friend continued, "It's bad enough that the head captain thinks I'm a man who can't keep it in my pants, I don't need to be having feelings towards my own lieutenant!" he ran his fingers through his white hair, falling back to a chair to sigh, "You'd think after a thousand years of living I'd figured how life was supposed to go… But then this woman walks into my life and suddenly everything I thought is turned upside down!" the Squad Eight captain smirked, taking a small swig of sake.

"I think you have a case of the love bug Jushiro." he said simply, taking another sip. Jushiro shook his head, "These things happen." his mouth fell open.

"These thing do not happen Shunsui! Falling in love with your lieutenant who happens to be carrying the child of a captain who betrayed all of Soul Society doesn't just happen! And could you stop drinking? I'd like to talk to my friend when he's sober and not drunk as always." Captain Kyouraku raised an eyebrow, setting the sake bottle on the desk.

"My goodness. Who got your panties in a wad today?" Jushiro brought his index and thumb finger to his temples, trying to suppress a headache that was threatening to rise.

"This whole situation has Shunsui. I'm to the point where I don't know what to do anymore… I may sound harsh, but this whole situation has turned me around ever which way!" Captain Kyouraku stood and walked to the chair where Jushiro was sitting, kneeling down to poke him in the forehead.

"Let me ask you something." Jushiro blinked, his cocoa brown eyes looking into slate grey, "Would you do anything to protect her Jushiro? I mean, you did say the baby was yours to keep her out of trouble. Would you do it again?" Jushiro bit his bottom lip, waiting a few seconds before sighing and nodding, casting his eyes away.


"Did you want to kiss her tonight? You are the one who kissed her, did you not?" Jushiro shrugged.

"Well, she was crying and we were slow dancing and I just-"

"Answer Jushiro."

"Yes! Alright? Yes I wanted to kiss her and when she kissed me before I came here I enjoyed it just as much as the first time! Happy?" his eyes widened after he realized what he said, a sly grin appearing on his friend's face. Captain Kyouraku chuckled, crossing his arms.

"My my, I think our little Jushiro is in love with his lieutenant." the man cast a glance at the other captain, resting his cheek on a hand.

"Could I really love her Shun? I mean, I do care about her and of course I care for the child, as well as their safety, but I don't know if I can be a dad to this child who isn't even mine…" Captain Kyouraku frowned.

"This doesn't sound like the Jushiro I know." he said, sitting Indian style on the floor, "The Jushiro I know would jump at the challenge." Jushiro rolled his eyes.

"This is a woman and a baby Shun. Not a sparring match. Don't think of them as a challenge." his friend grinned.

"See Jushiro? You do love her. You're standing up for her." the white haired captain narrowed his eyes.

"You meant to do that didn't you?" Captain Kyouraku gave his signature grin, making Jushiro sigh with a shake of his head, "You and your tricks will be the death of me."

"But I got you to admit you have feelings for your lieutenant." he tilted his head towards the door, "I'm sure she's wondering where you are. Probably even waiting at the front door." with a chuckle he returned to his desk, placing the paperwork from that day into a neat stack. Jushiro stayed put, a small hint of a blush appearing on his cheeks.

"There's… one more thing." Captain Kyouraku looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "This morning, when I passed by her room, I peeked to make sure she was alright, and as I was closing the door, she said my name. Well, Captain Ukitake, not Jushiro. I thought she woke up and saw me, but when I looked back in, she was still asleep. She said my name again, and twice more I think. Her cheeks were flushing pink and she sounded like she was whimpering or something." the other man blinked once, twice, before that sly grin appeared one his features.

"My my, sounds like the lieutenant was having a little wet dream about her captain~" the blush darkened on Jushiro's face.

"I… I highly doubt that Shunsui… She told me she was killing a hollow that was kicking my ass." the man barked out a laugh.

"Killing a hollow my ass. She was dreaming you two were going at it Jushiro." you know, sometimes Jushiro hated talking about his love problems with this man. He always turned it perverted instead of taking it seriously, "Trust me on this Jushiro." said man rolled his eyes, standing and dusting off his shihakusho.

"Oh yes, I'm going to trust my perverted best friend about my lieutenant possibly having a… one of those dreams… about me." he turned, raising a hand to wave, "I'll see you soon Shun." with a flash step he disappeared from the man's office. Captain Kyouraku smirked, shaking his head.

"It might have never happened before… but there's a first for everything~"

Jushiro quietly opened the door, walking inside Minako's home. He yawned, shrugging off his haori and hanging it on the hook by the door. His hand strayed from the haori to the next hook, a finger trailing down a strip of fabric until running over the lieutenant badge. He smiled faintly as he traced the snowdrop, the symbol of hope, on the badge. He suddenly turned when he heard a small movement, but his gaze softened. Minako was sitting on the couch, her head resting on her folded arms as she leaned against the back, breathing softly. Her bangs were hanging in her face, half covering her closed eyes. With a small chuckle, he went over to her, carefully scooping her into his arms. She instantly curled to him, resting her head on his shoulder. He could feel her warm breath trickling over his neck as he carried her up the stairs and into her room. He kept the light off and laid her down on her bed and lifted the covers over her. She gave a small mew and rolled to the side, hugging her pillow to her. He smirked. She looked so… innocent. Jushiro couldn't fathom how this sweet woman had fallen victim to Sosuke Aizen. Well, they all became victims in his schemes, but how Minako could get so close, so personal, so intimate with the man and not know what his plans were for Soul Society. He felt sorry for her. Maybe if she knew she wouldn't have been with him, maybe she wouldn't be pregnant.

He shook his head. I shouldn't be thinking like that… this baby isn't a mistake… It's a blessing for Minako. If he does end up dead, she'll have this baby girl. He sat on the bed, reaching out to place his hand on her belly, searching for a small kick. After a few minutes he smiled, feeling a tiny movement. There you are… saying hello are we? His eyes softened as he continued to rub her belly. I'll take care of you little one. I'll take care of both you and your mother. You won't have to worry about anything. I just have one favor to ask… look like your mother. It would be very hard to explain to the head captain if you came out with brown hair and brown eyes. His smile grew. But even if you did look like him, Your mother and I will always love and take care of you. He blinked, looking at Minako when she stirred, his eyes widening when she replaced her pillow with him. Her arms wrapped around his waist as she nuzzled her face to his side, mumbling incoherent words as she stilled once more. No matter how many times he tried, Jushiro found he couldn't get free of her grasp without almost waking her. He didn't want to wake her… But I don't want another incident after the hammock… Well… Minako probably wouldn't mind would she? I mean, she did kiss him thrice tonight… Twice she wanted him to kiss her and he eagerly complied. Would she mind? He would tell her in the morning after she awakened that she sort of… held onto him and wouldn't let him go. A yawn escaped his lips, and with another glance at Minako, he laid back against the pillows, staring at the ceiling until he finally fell asleep.

The captain and lieutenant were both silent as they worked on their paperwork. By the sixth time Kiyone came by to get paperwork and noticed the silence every time instead of the usually happy and bubbly scene Jushiro and Minako usually gave, she finally snapped, "What is wrong with you two today?" Minako jumped in her seat, blinking as she looked at the third seat with wide platinum eyes, "You are so quiet! That isn't normal for either of you! What happened in the past day that has you two quiet as mice?" Minako was quiet, looking away from the girl as if she were a child who had broken a vase. Jushiro cleared his throat.

"We're just tired is all. Tokinei took the both of us to the World of the Living yesterday and we were out pretty late. That's why we're quiet." Minako's eyes slightly widened. She never knew how well that man could lie through his teeth. Kiyone was silent until shrugging, her big smile returning to her face.

"Alrighty! Just making sure." with that she scampered off with the next load of paperwork. Jushiro and Minako glanced at each other before quickly looking back to their work. But Minako couldn't help but sneak glances at her captain, who was now signing one of the documents.

Jushiro sighed silently. This has become awkward… But he had explained why he was there when Minako woke up. She seemed to take it well and understand that he didn't want to wake her. Though she did seem kind of… distant as they made their way to the division. He cast another glance at her, only to see her looking at him as well. Her eyes widened and she went back to her work, quickly scribbling down her name, "Minako-"

"I'm going to take these to Kiyone to deliver when she makes her rounds." the woman said quickly, jumping from her seat to almost run from the office. When she was outside, she leaned against the wall, sighing and closing her eyes. Why am I suddenly acting so weird around him… He explained to me what happened… It shouldn't be this awkward to be around him… She shook her head, continuing down the hallway until she went into Kiyone and Sentarou's shared office, smiling at the girl, "Kiyone, I have some more papers for you to deliver when you make your rounds." the blonde nodded, smiling as she accepted the paperwork, placing it in a tray.

Jushiro was still signing away at the papers until a small shot of pain echoed through his chest. His hand went to his chest as they pain worsened. No… not now. A small line of blood fell from the corner of his lips, the copper tasting fluid filling Jushiro's mouth. He began to violently cough, feeling his energy being drained from his body. He tried to stand and get to the bed that was in the back room, but collapsed to his knees. He put a hand over his mouth, coughing up blood still, staining his palm red. Minako…

Minako was walking down the hall when she heard the faint sound of a cough. Her eyes widened. Jushiro… She began to jog down the hallway, her heart pounding with fear the closer she got to his office. She burst in, her gaze setting to Jushiro who was on his knees in the floor, "Jushiro!" she ran to him, kneeling down, "Jushiro!" he continued to cough, not answering her as blood dripped from his hand to the floor. She quickly stood, going to the bathroom and getting a rag, then went to his bedside drawer, pulling out a syringe and scissors. She pulled the cap off with her teeth, going back to her captain. She knelt down once more, replacing his hands with the rag. Seeing no time to remove the shirt, Minako took the scissors, using them to rip his sleeve open to expose his arm. She quickly plunged the needle into his arm administrating the medication. Jushiro winced when he needle pierced his skin, but it was soon over. A few seconds passed until his coughs ceased, the blood draining from his lungs to allow him to breath steadily once more. She gently eased him to his feet, taking him to the bed in the back room. He laid down on the bed, gasping for breath. She sat beside him, reaching up to brush his bangs from his pale features, "Shh… you're alright now." she said in a soothing voice, taking the rage to wipe the blood from his lips then from his hand. She momentarily got up to get him a glass of water, taking it to him. She placed her hand behind his head, propping it up while she raised the glass to his lips, "Drink." he nodded and took a few sips, cleansing his mouth of the copperish taste of the blood. Once he finished some of the water, she put the glass on the table, leaning him back against the pillows. She placed her free hand on his chest, a soft green glow surrounding it. Jushiro sighed, the rest of the aching pain going away, "There. Do you feel better?" he nodded, smiling at her.

"Very… thank you." his voice was slightly raspy, so she gave him some more water to drink. She chuckled, smiling softly at him.

"I leave you for five minutes and come back to see you on the floor." he smirked, giving a laugh himself.

"I can't tell my attacks when to come. If I could I'd tell them to go bug someone else." she nodded, threading her fingers through his hair.

"Are you sure you're alright now?" he nodded, giving her a reassuring smile.

"I'm fine Minako. Really. The injection worked fine." he reached up to cup her cheek, his thumb softly caressing her cheekbone. She sighed, leaning to his touch.

"I'm sorry I had to use that again… but you hadn't had your medicine yet since it wasn't dinner so that was the only way I could give you the medication." he shook his head.

"It's fine. I'm used to needles. They don't hurt as bad as they used to." his smile turned into a slight frown as he looked away, "Look, about what had happened last night, I'm sorry. I just didn't want to wake you because you had worn yourself out, so I thought it would just be easier to stay there… I didn't mean to make the situation so… awkward in the office. And-"

"Shhh. It's alright… I over-reacted. Stupid hormones do that to a pregnant woman." she chuckled, shaking her head, "I'll let you rest now." his other hand took hers, pulling her down to where their noses almost touched as they looked at each other in the eyes.

"I'm beginning to like these hormones." with that he gently pulled her lips to his in a soft, tender kiss. A kiss of exploration. She lightly gasped before her eyes fluttered closed, a hand coming to cup his cheek. She could still taste the remnants of the blood on his lips as he kissed her. Those emotions of warmth and the butterflies returned to her, sending her in an emotional frenzy. She responded beautifully to him, her lips beginning to caress his. He raised himself to an elbow, his tongue gently prying her lips open to finally taste her. She lightly moaned, allowing him to deepen the kiss. It ended slowly, his lips pulling back from hers, slightly parted and still hungry for more of his lips. She looked at him, his eyes partially closed as he smiled at her, seeing her cheeks holding a faint blush, "I'm beginning to like them very much."

Neither of them noticed they had an audience of one, who's gloved hands were curled into fists, purple eyes narrowed as the girl bit her lower lip. She turned swiftly on her heels and stormed from the division, past Sentarou, who smirked and crossed his arms after glancing into his captain's office to catch a glimpse of the show. He followed Kiyone into the courtyard, "Is someone jealous~?" the girl turned, giving him daggers.

"Shut up booger-head!" he growled.

"Why don't you make me shorty!" Kiyone turned back around, crossing her arms, "I think someone is jealous~" he said again.

"It's not fair! He keeps paying more attention to her than us Sentarou!" he shrugged.

"So? She's the lieutenant and apparently his girlfriend. I mean, he is her baby's father after all." she scoffed and barked out a laugh.

"It's a lie. They told me themselves." she glanced at Sentarou, "It's Sosuke Aizen's baby. And now Minako has him trapped in her web! We have to help him!" Sentarou rolled his eyes.

"Kiyone, just because it's another man's baby doesn't mean Minako is the bad guy. Just face it, you need to get over this crush you have on him. It's not getting you anywhere." Kiyone blinked. Since when was he serious about things? She turned, walking away.

"Whatever…" Sentarou sighed silently, grinning as he watched her leave.

"Captain Ukitake, I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into…"

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