I absolutely love Hatenkou Yuugi… And so if you have seen/read it too, you shall notice the similarity… XD Fine, not similarity. This is all the idea of the author of Hatenkou Yuugi, with only slight discrepancies. (The Prologue) I have modified it some though.

I am completely aware. No flames on that please. XDXDXD I'll try to be more creative in the future, but I love this scene, no matter how sad it is.

Also, it may not seem relevant now, but it will be. Eventually! I just want to build a base. :)

Chapter 1 will be added tomorrow around noon or something, just so you can wait a little. ;) Don't hate me too much for this, kay?

Disclaimer: I don't own the HunterXHunter world. That all goes to Yoshihiro Togashi. End of this story, onto the next!

Hide and Seek


"Let's play hide-and-go-seek, Rosaria." A man's voice said.

The little girl nodded, and put on a smile that she did not feel.

"Now, I'm going to give you this rope, and I want you to hold onto it as I tie it to this branch. You can't leave it until I say so, okay?"
Once again, the girl nodded. "Okay, Papa. I'll be waiting!" She said. But she knew. She knew that she was being abandoned. He would not come back.

The girl's father turned to leave, and the girl reached out her unoccupied hand,-Don't leave me-only to let it drop a second before contact. Silently, she stood, watching that broad back disappear into the night.

And so she stood, for hours. Silently, staring off into space with an intense look in her eyes.

"Whom are you waiting for?" A voice snapped her out of her trance, and she looked up. "Your parents? Your friends?"

"No." Was her reply. Forever, she had been waiting. Waiting for something-what, she did not know, but now, today, under the darkness of the new moon, she knew the truth.

"Then what are you waiting for?"

There was silence, and the man who had arrived came closer. With a defiant look in her eyes, she stared into the man's dark eyes. "I am waiting to die."