Chapter 1: The Job

There I lay listening to the sound of my alarm clock laying next to my squishy, fluffy, snail Gary. This was also the day I realized my life is all crap so Ill look for a job. I start to walk down town for a job and i see a help wanted sign in the window of the Krusty Krab. Sounds like a friendly place, I thought anyway. So I proceeded to walk, I look up to a man with a HUGE nose. His name tag says "Squidward". " May I speak to the manager?" I asked. Squidward nodded and took me to the manager's office. I saw a man with a beautiful girl by his side. I asked

"Are you the manager of this joint?"

"Yes I am, now tell me who you are?" asked Mr. Krabs

"My name is Spongebob Squarepants. I heard you wanted A job to be done."

" Yes but there is a condition when you get a job you do it or the boss is gonna get you."

"A'ight. So whats the job?"

" I need you to kill Big Louie. He is our compettiter if he dies were in the clear."

" what is the competition about?"

" Ahh my boy its Krabby Patties to them its a drug an illegal habbit nobody can stop. are you up for the chalenge?"

"Yes, I am."

I grasp the gun given to me from . I put it in my coat pocket. What am I doing I cant kill a man what if he has kids? Or mabey he is a loser and its ok. Dear Neptune what do I do? If i dont do it ill die. If I do it ill go to jail, mabey. Hell, ill do it death is worse than prison. As I walk into the Chum Bucket. I realized it was so gross, but who cares? Then I see a guy go into the mens room with a case. So I follow him. Then I ask,

"Are you Big Louie?"

He says "Yeah what of it?"

"Pasta lavista Baby"

BOOOM BOOM BOOM! I shot him multipule times. I now stand over the bloody, gorey, dead corpse of what was Big Louie. The image will haunt me for ever.