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For a week now, in Berk, the Isle of the Bog-Burglars, and throughout the Barbaric Archipelago, he was known as Hiccup the Hero. The name "Useless" had grown out of style after he'd won the fight with the huge dragon, losing only a leg.

The Vikings from Berk had seen all the dragons flee from the nest and had forced one of them to lead them there. They would have tried to defeat the huge dragon under normal circumstances, but they were so confused as to why Hiccup was with the Bog-Burglars, all of them on dragons, trying to defeat a dragon himself.

Astrid had taught Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Snotlout, and Fishlegs to work with dragons before she headed off to the nest. She fought alongside Hiccup, doing her part to save the Inner Isles from further dragon raids. She had been so worried when he had lost his leg, feeling guilty that he had to learn to walk all over again. Camicazi had struggled considerably with helping him so instead she had asked Gobber to forge him a new leg.

Speaking of Camicazi, in that week, as Astrid suggested to Stoick, the Vikings of Berk sat down and talked with the Bertha. Stoick made the decision to "un-banish" the Bog-Burglars. He told them that they were free to come and go to the Isle of Berk whenever they pleased. But more importantly, Astrid and the Bog-Burglars taught the village how to train their dragons.

When Hiccup finally woke and stepped out into the village with his father, looking amazed at the sea of dragons about the village, Astrid's heart flooded with relief. He was alive! She rushed up through the crowd of Vikings surrounding him and punched him on the arm. "That's for not letting me go into battle."

Hiccup blushed. "But you came anyway! I'm really sorry. I was really stupid. But I thought that you'd be over it by n-"

She smiled and shut him up with a kiss. Oh, the sweet taste of Hiccup. She decided that she really didn't mind him that much. He had saved her and everyone else. She liked the way he thought. He was the only one who ever loved her.

Hiccup smiled. "I could get used to it."

"You'd better," said Astrid, "You still have marriage on your mind?"

The Vikings of Berk and of the Bog-Burglar Isles alike laughed gleefully and left the two teens to themselves. Hiccup raised his eyebrows in surprise. He stood there awkwardly, blushing until everyone drunkenly stumbled out. (Many a celebration had taken place and were still occurring in that week due to Hiccup's success.)

"Is this a… uhm… a… well, uh…" Hiccup tripped over the words.

Astrid had almost grown to enjoy the way Hiccup stuttered when he spoke to her. She, of all people, made him nervous. And for some strange reason, whether ordinary or special, he, in turn, made a pink blush creep up to her cheeks.

"Oh for Thor's sake, just spit it out, Hiccup." she said as she beamed and punched him on the arm again.

"Sorry," he apologized and cleared his throat, "Astrid, was that a proposal?"

Her smile widened. "What if it is?"

Hiccup's eyes filled with fireworks. "Oh, Astrid!" he cried with joy. She took that as a 'yes'. He held her around the waist in a hug. How strange that merely a few weeks ago she would not have let him hold on.

(Author's Note: YES! Another split POV chapter! I haven't one of these in FOREVER! Hope you enjoy the Hiccup. I just love him so much and I had to end the story from his perspective.)

Now it was really the wedding day. It had taken some time, but Hiccup figured that it was for the better that it happened now instead of earlier when he'd had the fear in the back of his mind of waking to find his head separated from the rest of his body due to Astrid's fine axe work. Now things were different. Yesterday, Hiccup overheard Astrid saying to Ruffnut that she actually enjoyed his company.

He could barely believe that this was real as he saw a vision in white walking gracefully down the aisle while at the altar his knees shook. He never would have dreamed that she would be smiling. It was lucky that he was the Hero, otherwise he would have gotten laughed at for the stupid expression he was wearing. Onlookers merely sat in venerated silence. On the other hand, when Astrid saw him so dazed, she stifled a giggle.

They took hands, Hiccup blushing slightly. As the ceremony commenced and the Viking addressed the pack before them, Hiccup whispered to Astrid out of the corner of his mouth "Did I really look that stupid?"

"Sorry," she replied, a corner of her mouth twitching, "It wasn't that. You looked kind of…cute."

Hiccup grew lightheaded with delight. If he didn't feel the warmness of his cheeks, he would have thought this all a dream. But it wasn't. Astrid truly was standing there beside him and they were actually holding hands, about to be wedded.

"And so, by the power vested in me by-"

The ceremony was interrupted by Big Boobied Bertha screeching over the heads of the Vikings in the crowd. "GET ON WITH IT YOU OVERGROWN PUSSYCAT!"

He broke character completely and shouted at the Bog-Burglar chief, "SAY THAT TO MY FACE, YOU BIG BOSOMED BILGERAT!"

Since they were Vikings, chaos followed, the Viking diving off the platform, attempting to land on Bertha, instead falling short and landing on Gobber. In the midst of the scuffle, he called to Hiccup and Astrid, "ALRIGHT, YOU'RE MARRIED!"

The two smiled at each other. Hiccup looked over at Astrid's mother and his father, both of whom were staying out of a fight for the first time in their lives. Stoick gave Hiccup a thumbs-up.

"Thanks for putting this idea into my head," Astrid said to Hiccup.

"You were the one who proposed." Hiccup corrected.

"Whaddayou mean Hiccup's idea?" Stoick boomed, most likely itching to start a grander fight, "This was my idea!"

Astrid's mother joined into the argument, almost as enraged as Hiccup's father. "What are you talking about? This was my idea!"




"MINE!" etc.

Another scuffle followed. Hiccup sighed. It was certainly lucky that Astrid wasn't like the others. She could change and boy did she ever! The Vikings of Berk weren't as bad as they seemed when they were all on Hiccup's side but ever since his visit to the Isle of the Bog-Burglars he'd concocted a getaway for himself and Astrid to take place after the wedding. Just the two of them… and of course, Toothless.

"Not really what you expected, eh, Hiccup?" Astrid sighed, looking down at the brawls with almost a pitying expression on her face.

"Not at all romantic." He admitted, "But I think I can help with that."

"What have you been up to?" Astrid asked.

All Hiccup needed to do was whistle to know she understood. From behind the crowd of tussling Vikings, Toothless bounded towards his best friends. Hiccup swept Astrid off her feet and hopped on back of Toothless, clipping himself to the harness and expanding Toothless' new tailfin with a skull and crossbones on it had something extra written on it, obviously by Stoick. "Just married. My idea."

With a shriek of excitement from Astrid, Toothless leapt into the air. They soared away from the Isle of Berk, on to who knew where. "Hiccup, where in Valhalla are we going?" She called over the wind whistling in their faces.

"Just wanted to get away from Berk for a little while. To see what's out there. What if the world isn't flat? What if there's more beyond there? Do you remember the name of that imaginary place the Bog-Burglars talked about?" Hiccup asked.

"You mean, Hysteria? But they couldn't possibly be real if they sailed to America! That place is as imaginary as the unicorn!" Astrid laughed.

"Even if it is, I'd like to confirm it myself. Nothing's for certain, remember? And I thought this might be kind of romantic." He blushed again.

The two kissed. She tasted like something indescribable. Maybe that was what the exotic vegetables in Hysteria tasted like. He was so relieved that he had found more than just a best friend. He had found someone who would follow him to the ends of the Earth and back again, to discover if Valhalla and America were as real as what they had. After an eternity, they drew apart.

Astrid beamed like a shooting star. She said to Hiccup "This is my idea of love."