Disclaimer: Marvel owns these characters. I only own a long box of X-Men.

AN: Originally written for dansemacabre and her prompt: "Jean Grey/Logan, ghosts from the past."


When she comes back (and there's a good chance she will), he wonders if she'll wear her old uniform and which one. He wonders if her hair will be different, if it'll be long or short, and if it still smells the same. He wonders if she'll stay and for how long, or if she'll be another woman who leaves.

When she comes back (and he thinks she will), he wonders if she'll come back as someone's wife. He wonders if there will be a talk; if someone will promise to never again and she'll promise to try harder. After all the bridges have been burned, he wonders if Mrs. Summers is what will rise from the ashes.

When she comes back (and he's positive she will), he wonders if she'll see how nervous he is, how having her back makes him shake and sweat. He wonders if she'll remember his dreams were always of her, that he loves her, and not all gentlemen prefer blondes.

But he's not a gentleman. He's just a man who wonders at every chance he gets; who hopes that when she comes back from wherever she is (she will), she's been wondering about him.