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AN: Originally written for sevarem and her prompt: "Jean makes a choice."


She says, "Yes."

Because life is a choice, isn't it? And Jean knows all about choices, and the living and dying thereafter. She chose life once, then slept through the dying of an entire race. She chose life once, then woke up to the aftermath of two Jeans having lived her happiness. She knows.

She says, "Yes."

Because she also knows about love (and the living and dying thereafter). She gave it a choice once—twice. Me or her she said, and twice he said I don't know and ran. Both times, she felt like dying. The second time—the last time—she did.

But life is a choice, isn't it? And since she knows all about it, this time she chooses love. This time, a different man.

She says, "Yes. Logan, you," and plans this time to live.