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Ok so we all know what at the end of The Goonies Mouth is talking to Stef and thanking her for offering to save his life back on one eyed Willy's ship. That scene was cut but I read about it and she was supposed to have offered to share her air with him or something if he drowned because he couldn't swim and they were about to walk the plank. So anyway I really didn't like that all they did was hug. I mean seriously they'd be so cute together so I decided to rewrite that scene they had together at the end. Hope you like it.

"I just wanted to say thank you for offering to save my life." Mouth said

"What? What? What?" Stef said teasingly

"Well I wanted to say thank you."

"Wow, thank you, a real moment. You know, your voice is kinda nice when your mouth isn't screwing it up." She said with a smile

"Ya well thanks, and you know your looks are kinda pretty… when your face doesn't screw it up."

"Oh ya thanks" she said sarcastically

"Ya well I never thought you of all people would offer to save me when I know you don't like me very much and I just thought that-"

Mouth's rambling was cut off when Stef surprised him by pressing her lips to his. He was frozen in shock for a few seconds before he responded by kissing her back. After a few more seconds Mouth deepened the kiss and put his arms around her waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Ya Mouth slip her the tongue!" shouted Mikey

Mouth reluctantly pulled away to yell at Mikey "Shut up Mikey! I'm gonna kill you!"

He turned to Stef "Pardon me while I get a knife." He said and made to walk away when she grabbed his arm and pulled his lips back to hers, then pulled away a little too soon for Mouth.

"Or I suppose I could stay here." He smiled and wrapped his arms around her.

"I would prefer that." Stef said

"Would ya now?" He teased "Well I dunno I'm pretty busy…"

"You really need to learn to shut up, Mouth."

"Ya but then you wouldn't like me would you? I wouldn't be Mouth would I now?" he said and pulled her back into a kiss.