The Goonies

What We Didn't Get To See

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Goonies! I just rewrote the ending to the way I wished it had ended.

Summary: I've changed my story a little bit, I didn't really like the way I'd written the older version of this storynow that I look back on it. So I've changed it a tiny bit, but DON'T PANIC! It's still Mouth&Stef cuteness :D

"I just wanted to say thank you, for offering to save my life."

Stef smiled "What, what whaaaat?" she asked playfully, completely hearing what he said but asking anyway, just to make him say it again.

Mouth looked uncomfortable but smiled "Well, I just wanted to say thank you."

"Wow, 'thank you' a real moment. You know your voice is kinda nice when your mouth isn't screwing it up."

"Yeah well thanks, and you know, your looks are kinda pretty... when your face doesn't screw it up."

She rolled her eyes but smiled

Mouth rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "So why did you?"

Stef furrowed her eyebrows "Why did I what?"

"Offer to save me, you know, if we had drowned back there, you didn't have to."

"Yeah well I knew at some point I'd miss your constant blabbering."

He grinned "Liar. You know you'd miss all of me."

"Pff!" she scoffed unconvincingly "I'm sure."

"Mouth! Hey Mouth!" Mouth looked over and saw Mikey and Data were the ones calling to him.


Mikey grinned mischievously knowing full well Stephanie was listening "Gonna slip her the tongue?"

His eyes widened and his ears started flushing red "I'll kill you." he stated simply. then turned to Stef. "Excuse me a sec while I commit a murder."

Stef pulled him back "Oh leave it alone Mouth, they're just trying to get to you, just stay here K?"

"Well, I guess I could, my schedule isn't too full." he said checking an invisible watch.

"Yeah well thank you for fitting me in, I appreciate this time we have together." she smiled teasingly, almost... flirting?

He grinned slyly "R-hi-hilly? I dunno, now that I think about it I'm pretty busy, you might have to come back later or leave a message."

Stephanie grimaced "Mouth, shut up."

Mouth smirked "Okay and what exactly are you gonna do to make me? Cause there's nothing I can possibly think of that you can do to make me shut-"

Stef leaned in and pressed her lips to his, hard, in a chaste kiss.

When she pulled away Mouth's eyes were wide in shock "-up." he finished his sentence.

Stef smiled smugly at him and simply took his hand and they walked down the beach together, the sun setting in the background.

Stef looked out over the sea at the golden, orange and red sky illuminating the water. "Wow, this is so cliché." She stated

"Oh of course, just blame the sunset, Ya here that sunset! It's all your fault for-!"


he chuckled softly "Yes, dear."

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