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Bla Yami and Yugi

Warnings: yaoi, puzzleshipping, character death


A sunny day, the sun illuminated the day with its bright golden light, irradiating warmth to anyone that was beneath it. A young boy with tri colored hair and amethyst eyes, around 15, was walking around like he used to everyday; it was almost part of his routine now, to leave the hospital without anyone knowing of his absence then walk in circles for a while and then head back. Anything to get out of that concealed room and get some fresh air.

Yugi, the name of the boy; he loved to walk on the meadow, there were flowers everywhere, the wind always blew, the sun was always shining bright, birds sang, and the blue sky could let him imagine that he was flying above those clouds. It was all so beautiful.

He used to keep walking until he reached the outside of the camp his father worked at, he knew exactly where it was for it had a tall wire fence that surrounded it.

But as much as Yugi loved to take those walks, there was reason of why he was forbidden to leave his room in the hospital. He had a terminal disease. And even if his father didn't admit that someday he'd leave this world, Yugi was happy, he enjoyed every single day of his life, but he couldn't enjoy his days trapped in a cold hospital room. And so, that's why he always sneaked out.

That day that Yugi had left his room with a paper and pencil to draw something he'd find interesting outside, and was walking by the camp, close to the fence; he was wearing a simple loose white shirt with white pants that blew to the direction the wind wanted. He was just looking at the green grass, hoping to find any butterflies or lady bugs that he could draw. He stopped walking and smiled widely, inhaling deeply the sweet scent of fresh air. He opened his eyes again and glanced to his side only to see a boy at the other side of the fence, almost like him, staring with amazement.

Amused, Yugi couldn't help to smile wider and wave at him. He felt even happier at seeing the boy wave back with a cheerful laugh.

This feeling, it was nice...

It had been years since Yugi last made a friend, since he was sick, he was treated differently and wasn't allowed to play with other kids. It had been almost 9 years since he last met someone else.

Although he had to admit, that the boy, was kind of, handsome. He had gorgeous crimson eyes, that shined with happiness for some unknown reason; his skin may have been covered with dirt, but still remained with a pale color; he had a smile that gave the feeling of secure and protectiveness, it was so gentle.

The boy signaled him to not leave, and Yugi replied with a nod, still smiling, then watched as the boy dashed away.

Soon, he returned with a paper with something written all over it; he folded into a paper plane and threw over the fence. Yugi widened his eyes and smiled as he saw the message fly right towards him; he extended his arms to catch it, then brought it down to him and opened the plane.

His chest warmed in the inside after reading the whole letter. Why not answer back?

Yugi took the letter and pencil he was going to use, and wrote a quick reply. Carefully, he folded it into a plane and then gently threw it away. In expectation, Yugi watched as the boy read his letter and held his heart in happiness at seeing the gleam of joy that now covered those crimson eyes...

°°Paper Plane°°

Yugi's POV

I know it's wrong, but since then I've escaped the hospital and go to see you, every single day. I have no one else to accompany me in the hospital, and been on your own gets kind of lonely, so now, seeing you, means the world to me.

Reading your letters, one after another, again and again, warmed the depths of my heart; I could feel the gentleness of the words, the softness and kindness they emitted. It made me blush. So this is what people call love.

I was in my room lying on the bed, holding your most recent letter in my hands as I re-read it. I chuckled when I finished reading it; I don't know why, but I feel so happy, like, not just happy but, like I want to see you again, tomorrow, and the day after that. I want to see you every day.

The door to my room was opened and my dad stepped inside, his name is Kaoru; now that my mom died when I was young, my dad was the only that visited me. He wore glasses over his amethyst eyes just like mine, and had blond hair; that is where my locks of blond hair came from.

"How are you feeling today?" He asked me as he always did coming closer to me, and checking some things on the monitor that was connected to me.

I looked away, tired of the constant question. "I am fine." I answered with a sigh.

I could sense he turned at me, and then I heard him chuckle. "You don't sound really fine to me."

"Seriously, I'm fine." I insisted and turned to look at him with dull eyes. "Must you always ask me the same? You know I'll tell you when I feel bad."

He was about to reply, but his gaze turned to the letter now resting on my lap. "What is this?" He asked and took it before I could stop him.

"Give it back!" I exclaimed, but he just read the letter quietly with a stern look.

I have a bad feeling.

His eyes turned furious, he ragged the paper in a ball and threw it away right in front of me, like it was meaningless rubbish. I widened my eyes in horror and my breath escaped for a moment.

"NO!" I cried, extending my hand trying to retrieve it.

"Did you leave the hospital?" He asked me outraged, now his voice filled with anger.

I of course didn't reply, I kept staring at my valuable letter that was now on the floor; I could feel my eyes watery...

"Did you?" He asked me again.

I finally looked up at him, tears in my eyes. He was now knowing what I go through in this damn hospital. "Yes! I'm tired of staying in this room all day with no one! It's been years since I last had a friend just because of my sickness! I like to go out! I want to meet new people! And I did! I made a friend! He is the only one that I look forward to seeing everyday!" I gripped my fists and the tears slid down my cheeks like raindrops on a window. "Mother wouldn't want this for me!"

I knew mom was his weak spot, and if I had to use it to make him understand, so be it.

He stood there quiet, but the look in his eyes showed me that he was still really pissed. He took deep breath and closed his eyes, his shoulders un-tensed as he did. "I forbid you to see that boy ever again." He murmured me coldly, then closed the drapes of my window, stopping the sun rays from coming inside, and then left the room with a slam of the door.

I must not see you? But why...? I-I don't understand!

I stood up from the bed and with shaky steps went where the letter was, I knelt down and held it against my heart.

Your existence was meaningful enough for me to live, even though I knew that my death was inevitable, I don't care, as long as I spend my last days and moments with you.

I unfolded the now ragged letter and was relieved at seeing it wasn't torn, but the image of you laughing came flashing to my mind, and my heart ached. In that letter, I could see my future brightening, just a little more.

I bit my lower lip, trying to hold the sobs, otherwise I'd be listened. I went back to my bed and curled on a ball, and kept your letter close to my chest.

My disease is moving on, and fast. The number of tubes in my body increase day by day, and I have to take more medicine than before; it's hard to hear sounds clearly, and I can't walk like I used to, my legs are losing strength.

I know I won't get out of here alive, my body will not take it much longer... so I have to see you one more time, so you don't worry about me.

I took a paper and began writing what would be my last plane, a plane that was nothing but a lie, just so you didn't worry about me; I changed my clothes to the ones I wore the first day we met, and then, I left.

Walking now wasn't so easy, and it took me a lot to reach the exit quickly without been noticed; thankfully, father is at work now, in the camp, where you are...

I made it to the fence, with a lot of difficulty, I feel tired and exhausted. I pant with uneasyness and hold softly my chest. This cursed sickness... why was I born with it?

I looked down at the plane in my hands; I knew it'd hurt you, but I know I have to. I stood upright at spotting you in the distance; you looked so happy and cheerful. I closed my eyes, to think that I'll take that happiness away...

I wouldn't bare the look in your eyes...

I hid my eyes in my golden locks and I faked a smile, although the tears gathered in my eyes.

Again, you laughed and waved at me so sweetly; to not worry you, I waved back, but so... un-securely. In a second, I felt a wind current blowing; it was now or never. I threw the plane and let the wind carry it to the other side. I watched silently as you caught the plane, but I moved my gaze to the floor, not wanting to see your heartbroken look.

I sensed your eyes on me, and when I turned at your face, I saw nothing but utter sadness. No, don't be sad please, don't... All I can do is smile, hoping that will lift the grief just a bit from your heart.

So, I guess this is goodbye.

I mouthed a goodbye and turned to leave, not wanting you to see me cry. I don't want you to remember me crying, I want you to remember me with a smile.

"I'll be waiting for you!" You suddenly exclaimed. Your voice, is even more beautiful than I thought, but it broke my spirit at hearing it with such sorrow. I stood where I was, knowing there was more.

"Until you come back!" I widened my eyes in agony, as those words struck me hard. I was in the merge of crying but I just can't allow it... "I'll keep and treasure your letters," I was about to say something but... maybe, it's better if I not. 'I'll treasure your letters too.' I thought inwardly and finally the tears made their way down. "so one day we can meet again! It's a promise!"

Yes, it is a promise.

I couldn't help it anymore, if I didn't leave, I'd lose control right in front of you; so I ran, as fast as my weakened legs could take me, not looking back once.

"Quick! We need a doctor here!"

-Beep beep beep-

"Don't worry sweetie everything will be alright."

I was hearing this many things, the keen beeping of my heart monitor, the nurse searching for the doctor, and my nurse that was trying to relieve me. I felt pain, a lot, in my chest, I... I could barely breath, they put on me that strange mask, but the pain was still there.

"What's going on here?" My father... that was his voice. He sounded angered, confused, and worried.

No... take him out... I don't want him here!

I cried as I thought of you, that fact that I'd never see again, and with that mere thought my heart rate just increased.

"General let us handle this!" One of the nurses told my dad, but he just wouldn't listen.

"He is my son! I have to be by his side!"

The screams...make them s-stop... please stop!

"General, please leave, this commotion is only hurting your son more." The doctor finally came and he explained as he went to my side.

I kept crying, this when the most I need you, yet you're not here with me.

I only heard the door close, and the yells of my dad silenced, then, I just fell asleep.

Normal POV

Kaoru stood outside Yugi's room angered, he gripped his fists as he remembered how his son was so worried about that letter that some boy gave him. It was that boy's fault that Yugi was suffering right now, it was his fault.

And he remembered, that some soldiers told him about some kid that always held paper planes with him.

He was going to pay for what he caused.

Accompanied by two soldiers, Kaoru made his way through the camp, searching for the boy that was responsible of his son's suffering. They stopped walking when they spotted a form lying on the ground surrounded by a lot of paper planes.

So that was him.

"Well what is this?" The General said gruffly, waking the teen up, an evident look of terror in his eyes.

With no warning at all, Kaoru took the first plane he saw and was surprised at seeing the same reaction that Yugi did when his plane was taken away. "I was told one of the prisoners was real attached to some papers." The General looked down at the petrified boy with hate, hate for what he caused to his son. "But now that I see it with my own eyes, I can't believe it." He hissed.

"Give it back!" Just like Yugi exclaimed, this boy did. The guards quickly held the boy down, not letting him move.

Kaoru unfolded the letter, and read nothing but nonsense, something about leaving... that was just rubbish. With a mischief and cruel smirk, he ripped the plane apart before the boy's eyes.

The boy screamed and broke free from the soldiers' grip, then punched the General on the face, causing him to fall on the floor. Startled, Kaoru held his bruised cheek, and stared in disbelief how this kid could protect just some letter like this, risking his well being. The boy cried, and for a second, Kaoru felt regret for his actions, but then remembered...

Images of Yugi in bed asking him what was wrong with him, and then of him in pain not so long ago, flashed through his mind.

Now the guilt was gone.

More angered Kaoru stood up and ordered. "Take him to the gas chamber." Then left, only hearing the faint screaming of the desperate boy.

Yugi's POV

A few months have passed since then, and now, I can't move at all, I just can breathe and blink, nothing else; my arms, legs, all of my body, has lost its strength and mobility. I'm trapped, in this bed until my time comes.

I guess the last moment is coming soon.

I remembered when I said goodbye to you. Now that I think about it, I regret not telling you what I felt. I shouldn't have pretended to be strong, but, it's too late. What have you said if I told you? I don't care really... I just want you to know. My heart is begging me to express this feeling to you.

Silent tears made their way down my cheeks at the thought.

But I hope, that you're somewhere out there, smiling.

I want to see you, one more time...


Our promise...

The plane that my father took from me was an inch away from my hand, if I could only... hold it, maybe, our promise, could still be kept. Somehow.

I tried to move my fingers, but they only trembled, causing the plane to fall from my bed.



A flower without the sunshine is doomed to die. Me weakened, without your letters... I will perish, sooner or later, now that I can't even read with blurry eyes your letters, that were my sunshine.


I can hear cold sounds, resounding in the room.

If this is the last moment, let me see him one more time, let me go to where he is.

I feel... someone...

I opened my eyes, and could see the blurry figure of my father, smiling endearingly at me. He didn't say anything, he just picked the letter from the floor and placed it on my hand, and I held it in a weak grasp.


Our promise will be, fulfilled.

I smiled.


Because you were there, I could always smile.
Deep darkness ripped us apart,
Deep darkness reencountered us again.

I stood in a wide field, with flowers, birds, blue skies, a bright sunshine; it was all so beautiful.

I felt no pain, I wasn't weak, I could breathe normally. Where was I...?

Then I noticed, there was fence in front of me, that same fence that kept me and you apart. Oh, that's right... I never knew your name. I looked up and gasped at seeing the fence vanish in thin air, and I was even more surprised at finding you there, right in front of me, with a wide smile on your face, your eyes were glistening with love and joy. To me.

See you tomorrow,
you know where...

I stared in shock at you, and you just gave me a faint nod and said. "I've been waiting for you."

Happy. I felt so happy. We're finally here! Both of us, together, no fence, nothing keeping us apart! I ran to you, and captured you in a hug, and felt even happier when you returned it with the same love I gave it to you.

"What is your name?" I heard you whisper in my ear.

I smiled wider. "My name is Yugi." I replied, still not breaking the hug, and resting my head in your shoulder.

"Yugi..." He repeated. "I am Yami."


I broke the hug and stared at your face in pure joy, the smile in my face not going away.

You suddenly held my hand in a gentle grasp. "Come, I want to know 'everything' about you."

Then, we walked towards the distance...


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