A/N: This is my first vampire diaries drabble. I love Damon and Bonnie as a couple in the books but in the tv show I prefer Elena and Damon. Anyway this drabble centers around Bonnie and Damon. Enjoy! Reviews are much appreciated! It takes place after dark reunion

The Crow Knows Best

Bonnie stands on the moist grass; leaning against a boulder; staring at the open sky filled with billions of stars. Her sixth sense suddenly kicks in but she ignores it when in the corner of her eye she sees a familiar crow perching on a branch.

After a while she speaks, "I know you're out there Damon. Don't patronize me."

There's silence; a flap of wings and a figure descends at the edge of the tree line. Half his face shines in the moonlight while the other lingers in the shadows.

"I wasn't patronizing."

One second he was there and the next he was up against her breast and his sweet warm breath were on her neck. She pushes him back, "Would you prefer if I said stalking?"

He shrugs, "More like watching from a bird's eye view." He says smirking.

"You followed me?"

"Yes. That doesn't surprise you?"

"For the last week you've been on my roof, I've seen you. Meredith called and said she aimed a slingshot at you."

Damon grimaced muttering something unpleasant.

Bonnie rolls her eyes.

"I've just been concerned for your well being." He snickered.

"Yeah right." She slides down the boulder and brings her knees to her chest, "Go bother a scarecrow."

"Ha. Ha." Damon says dryly and sits down next her.

"Shoo go away!" She hits his shoulder and he laughs evilly.

"You look like you could use a friend." He nudges her.

"Bite me."

"Oh I most defiantly would my dear but there are certain things that hold me back."

"Like your little brother who you hate but yet still save."

Damon looks hesitant for a moment. He then reaches into the pocket of his leather jacket and pulls out a small silver flask. He pops open the cap and Bonnie smells the heavy scent of coconut rum.

He takes a few sips and sighs, "I hate him."

"You're lying."

"No. I hate him. I wish he'd die-again."

"You're an ass."

"So I've been told." He takes another sip, "Why do you doubt yourself?"

Bonnie digs her foot into the dirt," Excuse me?"

"You have all this power and you doubt yourself. Which is why you're out here in the dark I assume."

Bonnie hesitates, "I don't. But people doubt my abilities. They don't think I can handle things but I can."

Bonnie was thinking towards Stefan, Meredith, and Matt. She knew Damon knew whom she was talking about but she didn't want to say anything. She hated how Matt and Stefan thought Meredith was stronger-they have not admitted it but she knows. Meredith doubts her too.

"Take it from someone who knows; prove them wrong."

Bonnie stifles a laugh, "Don't you mean rebel and act upon your intentions only?"

He smiles, "Whatever works best."

Bonnie blinks and he's gone. There's a flap of wings and a large black bird flies up and into the night sky. Soaring and circling the area she watches as the crow perches on a nearby branch.

Glaring, she calls, "Don't make me throw a rock at you!"

Damon lifts his wing and Bonnie wonders if he's flipping her off.

She sits for a few more moments. Damon had good advice but probably not good intentions but she didn't know for sure. The truth was she was doing the same thing her friends were doing to her she was questioning his abilities. Damon's advice was good and with great determination Bonnie stood and decided to keep his advice locked in the back of her mind for safe keeping; for now.

"I'm leaving." She announces, "If you follow me I'll use my powers on you."

There's a flap of wings and Damon soars above her head, making a cackling/choking sort of noise and Bonnie swears he was laughing.