Hey, everyone! Ok, so this is a poem with characters from multiple anime shows (these characters, DON'T belong to me). And, just to prevent confusion, each stanza (paragraph) is told from a different character's point of view. Each character's POV is used twice in this poem, but they are not directly after each other. Meaning, I used one character in the first stanza, and then another one of their viewpoint's doesn't appear until the 5th stanza (or something like that). There is, however, a pattern in the stanzas, and you will surely figure it out if you take the time to read this :). Lastly, after each stanza, it says who's POV it is in italics so you'll know who is talking at each moment.

If you're still confused after that explanation, feel free to PM me.

Also, if you don't understand why I wrote some of these lines, don't be hesitant to ask me, I'll explain as best as I can.

I'll tell you what shows these characters are from at the bottom of the page.

Sorry for rambling! Enjoy!

Hiding the Hurt

*Multiple viewpoints

I fight,

I kick,

I scream,

But do you even know

What it truly means?


I smile,

I prance,

I wait,

But the truth is,

It is myself I hate.


I guard,

I protect,

I cry,

But those tears don't matter,

The real ones are inside.


I follow you,

I join you,

I fantasize,

But I know,

You could never, ever be mine.


I taunt,

I laugh,

I sneer,

I do this all

Just to get to the man I dear.


The noise,

The violence,

The pain,

I endure it all

To prove I'm not lame.


The cheerfulness,

Running away

And witty remarks,

Is how I hide the feelings

That flurry through my heart.


The merriment,

The eating,

The attachment of myself to my friend,

Is the only way to escape my spiraling hole,

The only way to ignore the dread.


The filming,

The obsessing,

The homemade outfits,

They all make me happy,

If only for a bit.


The hate,

The tears

And anger,

All show my frustration.

Why does Father love you better?


Everything we do,

All that we are,

They're all blankets,

Shielding our minds.

We do this all,

We stand proudly and tall,

We're hiding the hurt.

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Triela is from Gunslinger Girl

Fai is from Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle

Mikoto is from Mai-HiME

Tomoyo is from Cardcaptor Sakura

Suigintou is from Rozen Maiden

*I strongly recommend each of these anime shows :D