Summary: A collection of Uke Xander short stories. Slash. Xander paired with Spike, Angel, and Angelus.

Warning: Slash, sex, rape, semi-consensual rape, swearing, violence, death, gore, pain, vampire biting, sex rituals, toys, rimming, fisting, tentacles, dominance/submission, bondage, hurt/comfort, magic, imprisonment, traitors, revenge, abuse, abandonment, and different interpretation of vampire nature.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy: The Vampire Slayer or any of the affiliated people, objects, spells, or inventions. They are being used here for non-profit purposes and purely for fun.

Inspired by: Crush: Uke Ichigo Collection by BonneNuit


Bloody Kisses

By Moirae Ma'at



Chapter 2 - Animal Instinct, Part 1 –T –Angel x XanderBuffy experiments with a spell and gets an unexpected result.

Chapter 3 - Animal Instinct, Part 2 –M –Angel x XanderXander is kidnapped due to Buffy's spell.

Chapter 4 - Animal Instinct, Part 3 –M –Angel x XanderAngel's experience with the whole fiasco is a little odd – he can't remember a few of the days and that is not good.

Chapter 5 - Animal Instinct, Part 4 –M –Angel x XanderThe after-effects of the spell Buffy cast are a lot more wide-ranged than she expected.

Chapter 6 – Buying Mates, Part 1M – Angelus x Xander – Angel goes to an auction and comes home with a Xander.

Chapter 7 – Buying Mates, Part 2M – Angel x Xander – The drugs wear off and Xander has to deal with the after effects of the auction.

Chapter 8 – Peace in DesperationM – Spike x Xander – Spike's vampire has really only ever wanted one thing – to belong – so when it gets the chance, the vampire claims it with both hands.