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I pulled up to a tall building in the middle of downtown Seattle right on the corner of 7th and Olive Way. It was raining and I was late. Well, so much for a good impression on the first day.

I checked my tits and makeup in the rear-view mirror, and then breathed into my hand. After the hot piece of sex that came to my house in Phoenix, I was not about to be caught with coffee breath.


When Jacob came to Phoenix, he informed me that my skill in account management was 'highly coveted' in his line of work. He said that having to deal with high profile people called for someone who was ahead of the game in keeping tabs on everything. He asked me to come work for him, to which I agreed, but only after he told me my yearly salary.

My eyes almost popped out of my head, not only at the amount of money I'd be making, but also at the fucking hot boss I would get to work closely with every day.

I swear Renee jizzed herself when she opened the door. He looked me over for a minute before he introduced himself. I noticed his eyes stayed on my very full C-cups for quite some time. I didn't mind, seeing as I was staring at his arms and his chest just as much.

Renee was literally drooling all over him while he sat in our living room. I suppose the saying 'like mother, like daughter' runs bone-deep in this case. He didn't seem to mind until Renee's hand swept over his junk. I think that sometimes people underestimate the horniness of my mom.

He wasn't there for very long, just long enough for me to need to 'use the restroom' so I could change my panties after watching him lick his lips and check out my breasts. The thought crossed my mind to whip out the Jack Rabbit real fast, but it would probably cause too much noise and that house was not very soundproof. Renee and her weekly sexcapades were proof enough of that.

Once he left it was a different story. Renee left for work, and I had the whole house to myself. That was the first time Jacob Black starred in my self- love fantasies.


I decided I smelled okay, and I hoped that a view of my nearly visible nipples through my sheer blouse would get me a free pass for being late for my first day."

I threw everything into my purse and pulled my Beaded Aluminum Bullet out, shoving it between the seat and the console. I don't want to go in to how long it's been since I had a hot piece of man meat between my thighs, but let's just say that I have not been able to get Jacob Black out of my mind since we first met, and I've been using my shiny new toy a little more often of late.

I'd hate to have it fall out again like it did at the grocery store. A little boy that looked to be about seven picked it up and showed it to his mom, stating that it looked a lot like her lipstick that stays in her dresser drawer. Yeah, that was embarrassing enough for the both of us.

I think I may need it if I'm around my new boss at all today.

I grabbed my bag and stepped out into the downpour. All the rain makes me miss Phoenix, but as long as I was wet from head to toe, I didn't have to worry about the wetness between my legs as much.

I ran to the door and almost busted my ass when I got there. I hate it when fancy businesses decide to use smooth-as-fuck floors especially when it rains like crazy up here. I guess they make enough money not to worry about a lawsuit. Eh, maybe it's just my clumsy ass. I had a hard time finding the elevators so I walked up to the front desk to ask the pretty little blonde temp how to get up to Alpha P.R. She gave me a flippant look, which I returned.

"Where are the elevators located?" I asked, not really caring in the least if I sounded snobbish.

"Around the corner and all the way down the hall. Take a left once you get there. They're right by the restrooms," she directed, not looking up from her computer screen.

I nodded my head and didn't offer her a response; she looked like one of those bitchy 'my job of answering phones and sitting on my ass all day is very important' hookers. She could take some make-up tips because the pale foundation with the dark lipstick was out of style.

I followed her instructions to the elevators and pushed the button. The doors opened and I stepped inside, slightly shocked to see my new boss standing there.

Oh man, he looked fucking yummy in that suit. I looked him up and down and gazed at the chubby he was sporting, almost licking my lips in excitement. If I were his mother, I would have shouted it from the rooftops that my son had a monster peen.

But I'm not, so I won't. I'd just admire it from afar and add the mental image to a file for later.

I stepped to the back and leaned against the wall while the doors closed in front of me. The floor I needed was already lit, so I didn't have to bother moving from my spot.

"Hi, Jacob. I'm not sure where my office is, can you help me?" I glanced at him as he continued to study a folder. He hadn't acknowledged me, which bothered me. What was his problem? He wasn't when he was at my house.

"You're late Miss Swan. Paul will show you your office when we get to our floor. Until then, can you keep it down while I try to do your job? Oh, and it's Mr. Black." Still, he didn't look up. Hmmm...

I suppose the see-through shirt didn't help. It may have, if he bothered looking up from his important papers. Instead, I tried not to think about the wetness between my thighs. It didn't matter that I was drenched everywhere right now thanks to the wonderful Washington weather.

The doors opened and he walked out, not offering any more conversation. Not that he said a lot anyway. I stepped out after him and noticed that most of the people who worked here were Native American. Yeah, I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I started to follow after Jacob, t realized I had no clue where he was headed. He stopped and barked some loud, obnoxious orders at two girls sitting in a cubicle. They quieted and went back to work as he left them to their work.

A man who resembled Jake somewhat stopped him and asked something I couldn't hear. It may be due to the fact that Jake's ass was facing me and I couldn't help but stare. Oh, how I wanted so badly to pinch it. Yeah, it was probably hard as a rock, so that probably wouldn't happen. I guess I could always bite it...

Jake started walking again and the man he had been speaking to came toward me as I stood in front of the elevators like a total douche.

"You must be Bella. I'm Paul, and might I add, you are one hell of a piece of work." He said this while his eyes travelled up and down my body, stopping a little too long on my chest. Hey, at least someone noticed.

This should be fun. I rolled my eyes at him and cocked an eyebrow. I decided to just go along with it.

"Yeah, that's me. Bella, the great piece of work. You should see me in the sack."

I don't know why I told this to a man I had just met and found out I'd be working with. It could be because I had absolutely no control over what comes out of my mouth at times. Thoughts of Human Relations drones started running through my head. Oh well, he started it. And yes, I realize I sound like a six-year-old.

He licked his lips and dropped his eyes back down to my melons. Oh for the love of something holy, was it that difficult for someone to look at my face for once?

"Is that an offer, because I'd be all over it, or you, rather." He was still staring at my chest and undoubtedly talking to it. I cleared my throat, bringing his eyes up to my face.

"Yeah, not going to happen. So, Jake says you can show me where my office is." I smiled at him, hoping that he'd hurry the fuck up and show me where I'm supposed to be.

"Oh yeah, and I can also help you with logging your hours. The computer can be a pain sometimes, so let me know if you need help. I can't say that I'd be disappointed to look at you everyday if you needed my help."

Is he ever going to stop? This guy seemed really forward, and I was at a loss for words. Clearly I had no idea what I was getting into when I took this job. I decide to see if I could pry something from him in return for the jug ogling he'd been helping himself to.

"So if I'm a little late..." I trailed off while I ran my finger down my neck to my chest and between my breasts. I played with the opening of my shirt, pushing it back so he could get a better look at my taa-taas. His eyes followed my movements and I watched his Adam's apple bob as he gulped.

He started to say something, but words seemed to fail him, possibly due to the fact that I may have accidentally-on-purpose popped a button open on my shirt, giving Paul a clear view of my see-through bra and breasts underneath. I'm such a whore. Not really, but maybe a little.

"I can definitely help you out with that," he said finally. His eyes were still molesting my chest, so I wasn't sure if he was referring to being late or what my hand was doing. I decided to keep this going a little longer. After all, he was pretty easy on the eyes and I didn't know anyone here. Anyway, it was always fun to watch the effect I have on men. I love being a tease.

"That would be really nice. Can you show me where my office is now?" I tried to keep my voice light, not wanting him to pick up on my annoyance with the delay in finding my new office. I stopped groping myself and fixed my shirt. His eyes finally found my face again and he nodded toward the end of the hall.

" Right down there. Your office is between Mr. Black's and mine, so if you need anything, I'm right next door."

I caught the meaning of his statement and filed it away in my mental memory shredder. I liked to look at the guy, but all of this on my first day? Damn, he doesn't waste time.

I'm not going to say that getting Paul all hot and bothered was entirely my fault, but that isn't the point, not completely anyway.

I liked my office. It was nice and roomy, with the desk backed up to a wall of windows. I had a great view of the Space Needle. I told myself I'd have to check it out sometime soon. There was a leather couch and coffee table across from my desk. It looked rather comfy, and I lost myself in a fantasy of my boss and me on the couch. Paul cleared his throat and leaned over my shoulder to whisper something in my ear.

"That couch is very comfortable for after hour activities; trust me, I know. This used to be my office, and I can't wait to see you on it." All thoughts of the couch and a sexcapade with my boss flew out the window and sailed over to Puget Sound where they fell hopelessly in the water and drowned.

I quickly noted that Paul must hold the manwhore position in the office, and although I did find him hot, I wasn't willing to be added to his list of office fucks.

Paul left me with stacks of account files I needed to go through. I sat down and admired the view, all the while wanting to burn my new office furniture.

Maybe starting a bonfire on my first day wasn't the best idea, but as soon as I could I was going to order a new couch.

I checked my phone to see if I had any calls from my mother. As much as I loved Renee, she could be a nag. I was very surprised I was able to talk her into letting me move to Seattle all by myself. I figured she just wanted a chance to eye fuck my boss some more, not that I could blame her.

I had one missed call from Edward, wanting to know where I was, saying that Renee told him I moved to Washington. I rolled my eyes when he asked me to call him back. I moved to set my phone on vibrate, but before I had the chance, his number popped up on the tiny screen and the phone rang.

I decided to answer and tell him to stop bugging me. His excuse for calling turned out to be that his investment business was in some dire need of account management. I told him to find someone else but he reminded me that I owe him some money that I didn't really have.

After paying for the move and my deposit for my apartment, I was left eating Ramen Noodles and T.V. dinners until I got my first pay check. It was a shit life at the moment, but the view from here was more than worth it. I asked him to give me a chance to get paid, but he refused. It was coming back to me why I dumped his spoiled ass. He always wanted things how we wanted, when he wanted. I was not the chick for that kind of thing.

I reluctantly agreed to take a look at his accounts, simply because I was tired of hearing from him. I figured the sooner I got his shit finished, the sooner I could get him out of my life, for good.

I snapped the phone shut and immediately heard an oh-so-sexy voice coming down the hall. I had only been at this office for half a day, but I already had that beautiful sound tucked away in a file labeled voices I wanted to hear scream my name. There weren't many in that folder, in fact it had been empty until now.

"Let me get back to you on that one, Paul. I'm heading down to the gym right now to get a work out in before that thing this afternoon at Contour."

MMM. Workout. Yummy. I wondered what he was wearing.

My mind went on the fritz as I imagined him sweating while all of his beautifully carved muscles flexed and relaxed. The thought alone made me want to spread my legs for him.

I tip-toed to my office door like a four year old sneaking to see Santa, my curiosity peaked to see my rude ass boss in work-out attire.

I glanced around the door frame, and Lord have mercy on me, because what I saw must have been a sin. His back was to me, but it was okay because the view I had made me soak my not-quite-dry-from-earlier panties.

He was wearing a white sleeveless undershirt with black mesh basketball shorts and sneakers. I realized there was nothing fascinating about the clothes except that I could see those broad russet muscles of his arms and shoulders.

Before I realized it, I was caught by the demigod himself. He was staring at my breasts, and I couldn't help the whimper I released as I looked down the front of his shorts. I was pretty sure the rock hard rod he had been sporting down there was the same size as this morning; I was now convinced that it wasn't a chubby. He was just that big. At the thought of this, I whimpered again.

He cleared his throat and quirked an eyebrow at me, and I could feel my thighs clamp together to try and keep the floodgates closed. It was no use. It was like trying to stop the flow of the Hoover Dam if the wall had a gaping hole in the middle of it.

I tried to come up with something to say before the moment became any more awkward. Nothing came to mind. Then it hit me. I left something in my car; something that surely would come in handy right about now. It was almost lunch time anyway.

"I need to go relieve myself in my car." Oh shit. That was not at all what I meant to say. He eyed me like I'd lost my mind.

"I need to get your thing in my car." Damn, this can not be happening right now. Where the fuck was my brain filter?

I tried one more time.

"I'm going to my car." He nodded his head, but as he did, I noticed his gaze fell back to my tits.

Before I could cause myself any more embarrassment, I walked away and headed for the elevators. I pressed the button and noticed that Jake was still standing by my office, looking straight at me.

He didn't look perturbed; he looked more amused than anything. I hoped the twins won him over this time.

The elevator dinged and I walked inside, only to remember that I'd left my keys in my office. I wasn't too keen on the idea of further embarrassment, so I decided to get off on the second floor and walk around for a minute.

The floor plan in the building was very open. I was thinking this must be the floor mean Mr. Black was coming to. There was work out equipment all over the place, with every kind you could possibly imagine; from dumb bells to stand-alone Universal machines. He must like his employees to stay in shape.

In the far right corner there was a glass wall with what appeared to be a swimming pool. I decided that this was another perk to the job I was growing quite fond of. I glanced up to notice that the third floor wasn't really like a floor at all. It was more like a cat-walk that opened up to a nice view of the workout center.

I decided I'd spent enough time walking around the fitness floor and thought it was safe to go back upstairs to the office to retrieve my keys. I noticed Paul leaning against the railing on the third floor watching me.

I made my way back to the elevators and glanced back up at Paul who had started snickering at me. I thought he may have lost a few marbles somewhere between now and this morning, not that he had many to start with. I looked at him in utter confusion, almost like when someone says , "Do these elevators go up and down?" No sir, they go to side to side; the up and down ones are around the corner.

The elevator dinged, so I turned back and walked straight into a wall of steel. I felt two massive hands grab my shoulders and push me back to arm's length. Looking up, I realized I just face-planted into Mr. Black's chest. He looked down at me expectantly.

His eyes were so dark and piercing that I felt my skin burning away. The non-verbal thing we had going on was so intense, I had to clamp my thighs together again, because well, let's face it; my panties had been soaked enough for one day.

It occurred to me that I should keep extra panties on hand at work for this sort of thing. At this rate, I'd deplete Victoria of her Secret by the fourth of July, and it was only June.

Maybe I should just attach a bag of sorts to my poon and that would save me tons in the panties department. No, that would just be wrong, and a tad bit gross to change out.

He was still looking at me and I had nothing to say, so I tried to slide past him, but he pulled my arm lightly and swung me around until I was standing in front of him.

"I thought you were going to your car, Miss Swan." He was still holding my arm and I tried to pull it back, but he wasn't letting go. I wondered if I could use that groin kick I learned in self defense, but I thought better of doing so immediately.

I don't like the thought of hurting that anaconda he's keeping in there, not to mention the fact that he was my boss and that nutting him was probably grounds for termination. I could always use the defense that it was a knee jerk reaction, but still...

"I realize this Mr. Black, and I am going to my car, just as soon as you let go of my arm. I just got a little lost," I give him a tight smile.

"As you wish Miss Swan. Could you have the Gregoire file on my desk after lunch? I need to go over it before tomorrow morning." He released my arm and I walked around him, giving him room to step out of the elevator. The doors closed and I pushed the button for my floor.

I got my keys and went to my truck, finding my Beaded Aluminum Bullet and shoving it in between my boobs. I thought about going ahead and taking care of business, but as close as I was to draining this Hoover Dam, I wasn't sure I would make it to the restroom before I reached that point. I also used all the Kleenex in the car while jilling off on previous occasions, so the car wasn't really an option.

I rushed back inside, feeling like I was doing something very dirty and wrong, but loved the adrenaline rush from it. I grabbed a salad from the deli on the first floor before making my way back upstairs. Because of my unscheduled event, I wasn't going to have time to make it back down here. The line was long and my feet were starting to hurt from the heels I wore today.

I loved my Valentino Cotour Bow d'Orsay pumps, but after a while, my arches began to ache. Renee always said a good pair of heels had to number one, not dig into your feet, and two, be tall enough to make your ass look good. These heels were a little out of my price range, but when your slightly crazy, widely eccentric investment making boyfriend was paying the bill, what the hell? Why not walk around on seven hundred dollars?

I made it back up to my office to grab my purse and make a beeline for the restrooms, but just my luck, they were being cleaned. I went back down to the third floor and looked around for the bathroom.

I notice that Mr. Black was working out on the rowing machine. It was such a beautiful site that I thought I somehow died and went to whore heaven. I could not, for the life of me imagine how something so delicious could exist in this world. It was too much and I let out a low whorish whimper.

I headed to the restrooms where I entered the second to last stall at the end. The restroom was empty, for which I was eternally grateful. I didn't need to share my self-love with anyone else.

I tried to figure out what the best position for such activities would be, seeing as I didn't make it a habit to dabble in my honey pot in public. I thought placing my foot on the seat of the toilet might be promising, but before I tried it, I placed some toilet paper on the seat. I had no clue whose ass had been on there and I didn't want to infect my beautiful Valentino pumps with any pussy-eating fungus.

I propped my foot up on the toilet and hiked up my skirt so I could reach the Promised Land. Man, I was throbbing so much, but OH!, Was it a nice feeling. I yanked my panties to the side with over-eager fingers, pretty certain I wouldn't need any lube because I was drenched. I dipped my fingers inside for a little action before rubbing my juices on the Bullet.

I turned on the toy and rubbed it over my clit for more stimulation. The metal was cold, eliciting the most sinful sensation to run through my body. I started to feel the tightening in my stomach and decided a little penetration would do the trick. My mind drifted to thoughts of Jacob Black running his hands all over my body and taking up residence in the Promised Land between my thighs.

He was rubbing me and twisting his fingers in and out of me while hitting my very lovely g-spot...

I was about to fall over the edge when the bathroom door opened, causing Mr. Black to disappear and my bliss to be lost for the moment. Someone entered the stall next to me and I was done. I removed the Bullet and lowered my foot to the ground.

The girl next to me snickered and I know it was meant at me. Bitch!

"Was someone trying to relieve herself?" she giggled. I was feeling very uncomfortable, so I tried to hurry out of the stall and make it out of the bathroom before the chick saw me. I grabbed the handle on the door, my hand hanging in limbo as soon as she started talking to me again.

"You're the new girl right, Bella something? Your shoes are very noticeable." She exited the stall and I came face to face with a beautiful Native woman. She was one of the women Mr. Black had yelled at this morning.

She was looking at me with a smirk that seemed to say been there. My face was flushed; I knew this without looking in the mirror, and there was no way to hide my embarrassment.

"You aren't the only one to do that, you know. My first day went the same way. My name's Leah by the way. Jake has that effect on all the women. Don't worry about it; sometimes we all come in here and have a giant 'Jake-fest', just minus Jake," she explained. I wasn't sure if she was playing around or being serious.

The look on my face must have conveyed my confusion, because she let out a nasally braying sound I assumed was supposed to be a laugh.

"I'm only kidding, about the last part anyway. The only problem is, Mr. Black doesn't mix work with play. Ever. It really sucks for all the women who work here, because it's like getting to watch but never touch. Or if you touch, you can never taste. Oh well, at least it gives us good thoughts to go home to." She walked around me and left the bathroom.

I walked back into the stall to clean up the mess I had made before my hasty exit. I was glad I had my stuff to clean my Bullet with in my purse. Really, it shouldn't be called a purse – it was more like my bag of tricks.

I started to think about what Leah told me. She was right about having good thoughts to go home to, and that was something that was going to come in nice and handy this evening since I couldn't finish my self-love session at work.

I wasn't a fan of the fact that he didn't mix play with work, but I could understand why. If I couldn't taste or even touch, well, I was sure as hell going to eye fuck the jizz out of him.

As much as I loved my new job, this was going to make for one hell of a long week.