Author's Notes: Believe it or not, this is the final chapter. I know, it's a bummer, but I assure, the ending will leave your little bloodlusts quenched and your fond memories of Gin Ichimaru stained with blood., so enjoy the last chapter of: Demon of the Heavenly SWORD! by FMASTA9.

Chapter 3: "Shinso." Gin finished his previous incantation, his eyes opened and his smile widened. Blood splattered across the forest floor, and it continued to drip off of the long blade stuck in the tree several feet away,

emerging from the hilt in Gin's hand that pierced Jeibatsu's chest. Jeibatsu couldn't comprehend what just happened. How a master level swordsman was defeated so swiftly and without effort, no answer came to him that

made sense other than the fact that Gin was a captain-level soul reaper. "God…spear, huh," Jeibatsu threw up blood, "a pure spectacle…compared to a dog." "It seems you're not as good as they claim you to be, Tenroi. How

the soul society failed to catch you b now is beyond me," Gin gloated to the dying exile. "That white sword…those red eyes…they don't fit. It's as if you were some demon granted a heavenly weapon," Jeibatsu struggled to

speak. Gin's sword retracted back into its short sword form, causing more blood to spill from Jeibatsu's wound, which lead him to fall to the floor in a pool of his own blood, dead. "Bye-bye now," Gin joked as he closed his eyes

and walked away. He returned to the sake joint where his employer, Tabachi, awaited his return. "Ah, Gin, you're alive! Got him did you? Sit, I'll order a glass of milk," he struggled to speak in one sentence out of pure joy,

his drunken lips spitting everywhere. Gin just smiled his usual smile. "So where is he, I'm eager to pay you for the bastard!" Gin said nothing. "Is there a problem?" "I left him back in the woods," Gin grinned evilly. "Wha…

why?" "I guess I lost interest…oopsie," Gin shrugged innocently. "Wha-lost interest? What interest did you have hunting him down in the first place?" There was a pause. "I guess I was eager…eager to kill a comrade again,"

his tone turned serious. Tabachi backed up from the captain in disguise, fearing the state of his partner's sanity. "Why would you be eager to kill a comrade…wait, then that would mean you're-huh!" Blood covered the pure

white sword that extended from the floor, through Tabachi, and out of the ceiling (and probably stretched into the midnight sky). His red eyes stared at the skewered man. "Because I enjoy it." The sword retracted and

Tabachi collapsed. Gin got up and dropped some coins on the bar that he picked out of Tabachi's pocket and proceeded to drink the glass of milk that awaited him in one swig. A sigh of content followed his placing of the glass

back on the bar. "Now that I have your attention, I want you all to remember this," Gin spoke to the residents of the sake joint with a grin, "my name is Gin Ichimaru, demon of the heavenly sword and recently elected

captain of squad three of the thirteen court guard squads." The room was filled with gasps and whispers at his proclamation, a captain of the soul society was a rarity around these parts. Silence enveloped the room. "All of

you pay heed that I was never here and Tabachi was merely assassinated by a rival dealer, understand?" Silence. "Good," his smile widened as he raised his hood and walked out into the thundering sky. A rain of blood

poured over that bar that night, as every one of the tenants would remember the name of the man that visited them that evening. Gin Ichimaru, demon of the heavenly sword, a title he liked the sound of, and kept in his

list of nicknames he's been called over the years. It went near the top of course, as it represented the day he had opened his eyes…twice.