Author's Note:

The moment I said it,

The moment I opened my mouth,

Lead in your eyelids.

Bulldozed the life out of me,

Sadly, things just happen this way.

It's not even light out;

No, I've never seen you like this.

You're scaring me.

You're scaring me.

You're scaring me today.

- The Moment I said It, Imogen Heap

" No…you can't. I'll go." With the tension in the air, it was overwhelming. The girl was shaking with anger. She couldn't let her brother do this. " If anything happens to me…tell them…I…-"

He was roughly cut off as he fell. She held him down with her metal arm.

" How many people do you want to hurt, you suicidal freak?"

" Wha-?"

" Your damned 'self-sacrifice' thing only pleases yourself!"

" Kate…?"

" Like you ever saved anyone that way. You just want to protect yourself from pain. It's selfish. You want the people who care about you to suffer."

Her brother looked up at her, too stunned with disbelief to speak. He was opening his mouth, as if about to object, but Kate cut him off again. His blue eyes were glazed.

" That childish behavior of yours…can't be undertaken any longer. One who thinks so little of his life can't protect anyone." Her brother was struggling now. "Enough.."

" Giving yourself up.."

"Shut up…"

" Being a 'tragic hero…"

" Shut up…"

" Hurting those who cherish you.."


Kate was slammed backwards. She pushed herself back up, glaring with hate. Her brother stared at her. He was glaring, sweat coming off his forehead. The dawn light was just beginning to light up where they were standing. The tension was nearly lighting the forest on fire.

Her brother just turned away.

" Your own arrogance for ambition will kill you." The words hung on the air, and her brother just stood, staring in the distance. And then, the world he saw in front of him seemed to fade away.

And he ran.

And ran.

Blindly fled until tears were streaming down his face.

And Sierra watched Odett cry in her sleep.

Yup… that was chapter 4. Sorry it was so short. I'm really out of inspiration.