A year had passed since Bethany and Priestly became parents of a beautiful baby girl and still worked at the Beach City Grill. Today was Priestly's day off which meant he was watching baby Megan while Bethany did her shift.

It was around lunch time when Priestly walked in with their daughter in the baby carrier.

"How's that little girl of yours," Mr. Julius asked from his usual spot.

"Pretty just like her mother," Priestly said setting the baby carrier on the table so Mr. Julius could see her.

Mr. Julius looked at Megan in shock. "What did you do to her?"

Priestly shrugged. "Just gave my daughter a hair makeover."

"Priestly," Trucker said trying not to laugh at the innocent baby's hair.

Priestly shrugged his shoulders. "What? I got bored watching her," He said in defense.

"Bethany dear, you need to see what your husband did to your daughter," Mr. Julius called.

Bethany looked at them from the opposite side of the room finishing up a couples order.

"It'll be about 10 minutes," She told them with a smile and walked over to where the guys were at and gasped when she saw her baby girl with a little Mohawk do. "Priestly, how could you do that to her," She said picking her daughter up. "Poor baby," She said kissing Megan on the cheek.

"I got bored. She doesn't laugh at my funny faces anymore," Priestly told her.

"Then let her play with her stuffed animal," Beth told him. "I just can't leave you two alone can I?" She told Megan in a baby voice making Megan laugh.

A/N: I had this idea for a while now and for those who read The Beginning story I made Bethany pregnant at the end as a miracle since she was told before that she couldn't have kids. I might do more one-shots with this story. I also wanted you to see Priestly as a dad.