Throughout my life I have experienced the greatest joy of love; Charlie's birth, as well as the greatest of sorrows; the ongoing departures of Jo and the loss of admiration from Charlie as a result of my actions. I am a man who loves a woman so terribly much that I dare not believe in a world that has us apart.

However, we rarely receive what we want from this world. Jo has forbidden her heart and yet she has mine. There was once a time that I completely believed that we would never be together. Jo's husband had passed and the regret she felt with the guilt I felt; seemed as though there would never be a chance again - although circumstances change people in extraordinary ways.

When once I believed so completely that I would never feel Jo's heart again our separate worlds stopped and rebirth into one united life. It was a terrible day when I received the call from the hospital concerning Jo's accident. However, from great pain comes great joy.

I am a man who loves a woman so dearly that we can never truly be together. We have shared great joy and great sorrow. We are separate and yet we are one. As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote; Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us... We beat on boats against the current borne back ceasely into the past. I believe in Jo's and mine love, no matter how long it remains out my grasp and I will fight the currents of past failures; for that one hope. The hope that next time will be different and that next time I will be a man who loves a woman who loves him in return.