A/N: Big props to Poet on the Run for this. I told her I wanted to write something and she suggested writing about the girls getting ready at Aunt Lisa's during "House Party". She also gave me the title, haha. :D Enjoy!


By angellwings

Macy's head plopped against the back of Aunt Lisa's couch. What was taking so long? Macy was ready to party! She had her cutest dress on. The one Stella had insisted she buy specifically for their first L.A. party (Stella didn't know their first party would be this soon). She wanted to see the guys! Stella wasn't the only one who had missed them! They'd been gone two months. That's eight weeks.

She had gone eight weeks without seeing the Lucas brothers. She'd missed them more than Jonas. That's why she didn't fight Stella too much when the girl suggested she stop acting like a crazy fan person. They were her friends, and if her fan girl side made them uncomfortable then she was willing to adjust. The fan girl would still be there, of course. She would just be more composed.

"Everything okay, Macy?" Lisa asked as she joined her on the couch.

She nodded. "I'm just anxious to see my friends again."

"The rockstars?" Lisa asked with a scowl.

Macy sighed, "You're wrong about them, you know. Stella's right. Joe's different. They're all different."

Lisa sighed. "I know you'd like to believe they are but—"

"I'm not delusional, and I'm not that gullible. They're good guys. Rockstars or not," Macy told her with a sad smile. "You'll see that eventually too, I think."

Lisa gave her a pitying smile, and walked away toward her tiny kitchen.

Macy didn't know how to feel about Stella's aunt. She wanted to like the woman, but Lisa didn't like Jonas. It was hard for Macy to like anyone who didn't like Jonas. Something new she discovered, though, was that it was even harder for her to like someone who didn't like the Lucas boys. Sure, they were dorky and occasionally annoying, but they were good hearted guys. People who didn't like them or judged them because they were "rockstars" weren't worth dealing with in Macy's opinion.

Stella finally came out of the bathroom, and Macy hopped up and smiled at her.

"You look amazing!" Macy said excitedly.

"You too!" Stella gushed. "I knew that dress would look good on you! Ready?"

"I've been ready for hours," Macy said with a playful glare.

"What? I've got to look good for Joe."

Macy laughed and linked arms with Stella. She pulled her towards the door, "Get your aunt and let's go, already!"