Basically, there's been a big party at Boyce's to celebrate this year's exams being over. This story takes place the morning after, with everyone returning to work in their hangover hats...I don't own anything!

(Ps. Thanks to all those who have written GW fanfics anywhere and an avid fan like myself some satisfaction to see people keeping these characters alive)

Guy struts through the double doors clutching his own buttocks. He likes to think of this as his walk of victory – the prize of gloating for his sheer brilliance.

'What's got you looking so pleased?' Caroline appears from around the corner and looks Guy up and down with a mixture of curiousity and fear. She, like everyone else in the hospital, knows that Guy's strut can only mean terrible things have occurred.

'I am the most irresistible person I know,' he says, tweaking his own nipples for effect. 'Four numbers, Caro. That's right. And Mr Ginger Bollocks got none.'

Almost on cue, Mac strides in and joins the morning march down yet another corridor.

'Who got what?' he asks, sensing that he is once again the topic of Guy's depraved thoughts. 'Are we talking about last night then?'

'That's right ponce.'

'Guy was just saying how many nurses' drinks he spiked. What was it, four?' Caroline chirps, pleased to get her morning quip on the table reasonably early. It was always easier to slight Guy before the first hour in theatre.

Guy's face only betrays a look of insult for a moment before he is back in his stride. He turns and walks backwards, facing his two companions.

'Very funny Dr Todd. I didn't see you pull a single bird last night.'

'Funny thing that,' she retorts, almost absently. 'I really must try harder.'

Mac grins at Caroline's ability to play Guy's games. Mac himself had lost patience within the first week of Guy arriving at the hospital, and had succumbed to the occasional petty insult just to keep afloat. Caroline, however, has this knack of both agreeing and shutting him up at the same time. It was like she had some sort of invisible muzzle on him.

'Speaking of last night,' Caroline interrupts Mac's thoughts. 'Where's Martin? He was supposed to crash on my sofa last night, only I couldn't find him when I went to leave.'

Guy tries to suppress a laugh and fails miserably. It is evident that he knows something the others don't, and all sorts of awful thoughts begin to creep into Caroline's mind.

'What have you done to him?' she demands, simultaneously lurching forward and clutching at Guy's scrubs.

'I wasn't having him come back to our place– '

'My place, my place!' She throttles him as best she can, achieving little more than the mere annoyance of her captive. 'You are my lodger. It is my house.'

'Isn't it your brother's…?' Mac's contribution is not a welcome one, and he finds himself leaping backwards in fear as Caroline turns a look of pure fury towards him. 'Not that it matters, of course.'

Wrath diverted, Caroline releases Guy's collar momentarily, before realising why she had grabbed it in the first place and renewing her assault.

'Where – is – Mar – tin!' she shouts, punctuating her question with thumps against Guy's torso.

'If I tell you, do you promise to keep beating me?' Guy lifts his top and presents his bare chest to Caroline, who instantly stops thumping him and cringes away. 'Why do they always do that?' Guy asks no-one, genuinely puzzled.

'We'll never know.' Mac shakes his head in mock confusion and pats the anesthetist on the shoulder. 'But seriously, what have you done to Martin? He's supposed to be keeping track of Sue White for me.' Mac peers nervously over his shoulder, as if expecting the mad woman to leap out and accost him. Luckily, his paranoia is this time unnecessary.

'Our dear little vole-y friend is probably just hiding somewhere. He'll get used to his new look soon enough.'

Mac and Caroline turn to each other with genuine concern for their friend. This seems to feed Guy's good mood and he pirouettes his way to the end of the corridor.

Just a few rooms away, Martin cowers somewhat pointlessly behind a glass panel. He is crouched silently, until the booming voice of Boyce betrays his noiseless camouflage.


Martin jumps and sweeps his white coat over his face. 'Er…Boyce could you keep it down?'

'Nonsense Martin! Got a bit of a hangover have we…wow.' Boyce trails off in surprise as Martin lowers his coat, revealing two badly drawn blue ink eyebrows, about halfway up his forehead. 'You did have a big night, didn't you mate?'

Martin sighs pathetically and rubs his face, smudging one of the eyebrows and giving himself the appearance of a confused Picasso painting. 'It was Guy,' he whines. 'He shaved my eyebrows off while I taking a nap last night.'

'Taking a nap? Wow, you sure know how to enjoy a party.'

'Yeah,' sighs Martin, entirely missing Boyce's sarcasm. 'And the worst part is I couldn't even go back to Caroline's place like I planned.'

Boyce grins and jams his hands in his pockets. 'Yeah, how did those plans of yours go? Did you woo the lovely Caroline, or was she too sober?'

Martin scowls and makes a noise in his throat like a drowning cat.

'Oh come on Martin. I'm sure Caroline wouldn't have minded a couple missing eyebrows.'

'It wasn't that.' Martin shuffles awkwardly and looks at his trousers.

Boyce tries to interpret his body language. 'He didn't shave anything else, did he mate?'

'No,' says Martin. 'He…' Martin struggles with his words, tripping over every attempt to speak.

Trying to help, Boyce suggests possible tortures he considers accurate. 'Tattooed 'keep off the grass under your navel then dyed your pubes green? Put a ferret in your trousers?'

'No!' Martin finally finds his tongue. 'He duct-taped my pants on.'

Boyce snorts with laughter, but, seeing the look of dismay on Martin's face, attempts to seem concerned. This attempt is thwarted the second he opens his mouth and says 'Go on, give us a look then!'

Down at theatre, standing at the sink, Caroline is scrubbing her hands like she's aiming to strip them of skin.

'Touched Guy again have you?' Mac jokes, sidling up to the sink as well.

Caroline's face drops instantly. 'Mac…do you really have to…'

'Relax Doctor Todd, I was kidding.'

Mac forgot how raw her wounds were from the Holly incident. Not only from what Mac had done, but Caroline's own actions as well. She'd so willingly run to Guy; forgiving herself was evidently no easy task.

'Mac, last night…is it true? What everyone said about you and…well, you know…?'

Mac hangs his head. She knows. Of course she knows.

'Caroline, I –'

'Is it true, Mac?' she asks again. Her face tells him the answer will kill her. But he can't lie to her.

'Yes. It's true.'