One late August, Saturday morning, James awoke in his bedroom, as the sun rose. James loved to practice his Quidditch early in the morning, for his little siblings weren't up at that time.

James quickly awoke, stretched his arms and yawned. He jumped out of bed, and ran to his Quidditch chest. He kept his balls, upstairs, safe in his room, so that all and Lily couldn't touch them.

He thrust the chest open, and was shocked to see that his prized quaffle wasn't in it's place. Quickly, James' mind shot to conclusions.

"ALBUS!" James yelled loudly, not caring if he woke the whole house.

Within moments, Albus was rushing into James' room.

"Are you crazy?" Albus exclaimed. "You wanna wake everyone up?"

"Why'd you steal my quaffle?" James exclaimed. He had either not heard Albus' comment, or was choosing to ignore it.

"How do you know it was me?" Albus exclaimed. "It could've been Lily!"

"LILY!" James automatically screamed. And, as with Albus, she was soon in James' room.

"WHAT?" Lily exclaimed. "I was trying to sleep!"

"Lily, you stole my quaffle!" James quickly accused.

"No I didn't!" Lily exclaimed, anger evident on her face. "Al did!"

"Lily, you liar!" Albus lashed back, glaring at his little sister. "I didn't steal it!"

"WELL SOMEONE DID!" James screamed loudly, anger in his every word.

James stood there, hands on his hips, glaring at his two little siblings, when Harry walked into the room.

Harry had an irritated look on his face as he looked over his children.

"What is going-" Harry started, before all three kids started talking, trying to get louder than the other two. They were each screaming their side of the story, before Harry tried to calm them down. After a moment, Harry had to scream to get louder.

"Quiet!" Harry exclaimed, and it was quickly effective. The three children knew when their dad meant business.

"What is the meaning for all of this shouting?" Harry finally asked. "It's early and on a Saturday no less." And, like before, all three children spoke at once, but this time Harry could make out what each child said.

"SOMEONE STOLE MY QUAFFLE!" James exclaimed.

"JAMES ACCUSED ME OF STEALING IT!" Albus exclaimed, a little after James and Lily finished with,


Harry just shook his head at his children's antics.

"One at a time, please. James, please start." James looked over at his two little siblings with a smug look.

"Well, someone, ALBUS," As he said his brothers name, he fixed Al with a glare, before continuing. "stole my quaffle!"

"James! LIAR! I DIDN'T!" Albus quickly exclaimed, glaring at James.

"And guess what else, Daddy?" Lily looked up at her dad. "Albus, accused ME of doing it! ME, Daddy, really ME!" Lily gave her dad a hurt face, and Harry couldn't help but lightly smile at the adorability of his daughter.

"Lily, you're not perfect! It could have been you! So, don't act like you can do no wrong!" Albus rudely told Lily. Lily just gave him a sad look, rolled her lip up, and stomped her foot.

"Lily, please don't stop your foot." Harry said to his daughter, for he was used to her temper; just like her mothers. At Harry's words, James and Al slightly snickered and shared a smug look, before Harry gave them a look.

"I'm sorry, Daddy." Lily said, in her perfectly innocent voice, and then she started to slightly tear up. She knew exactly how to play her father. And, like Lily knew he would, Harry instantly felt bad.

"It's okay, Lily-flower." Harry assured her.

"Umm… could we get back to the more important problem," James cut in. "Like that fact that someone STOLE MY QUAFFLE!"

"Yes, I know James, I heard you the first time." Harry said, and James slightly huffed. "Okay, James, son, how do you know that someone stole it?" Harry asked.

"Well, Dad," James started, speaking as if he was trying to explain something to a small child. "maybe because it's because, IT'S NOT WHERE I LEFT IT!"

"James, let's not yell." Harry chided him. "Your mother is asleep. Now, please tell me what happened, quietly."

"Okay, I woke up, looked in my Quidditch chest for MY quaffle, and it wasn't there." James explained impatiently.

"James, just because you can't find it doesn't mean that Al or Lil stole it. Plus, it doesn't sound like you looked around at all for it, yet." Harry told him.

"Yes it does, Dad! I left it RIGHT here!" James yelled. "I KNOW it was one of them!" James yelled at his two little siblings, and Lily started to cry, and Albus looked a mix between mad and sad.

"James!" Harry exclaimed, clearly not happy with what he had done to his siblings. "You do not yell at your brother and sister like that." Harry scooped Lily up into his arms, and she cried into his shoulder. "I'm sorry that you can't find your quaffle, but you know you don't yell at Al and Lils like that."

"But it's missing!" James exclaimed.

"What's missing?" Everyone heard a new, groggy voice, coming from the doorway, and turned to see Ginny standing there.

"Mummy!" Lily and Albus exclaimed, and Albus rushed to his mother, and she gave him a big hug.

"What's going on in here?" Ginny asked. "I wasn't thrilled to wake up to you three fighting; again."

"Lily or Albus stole my quaffle." James said simply.

"Stole?" Ginny's eyebrow rose. "It's not just yours James, others can share." Ginny said sternly.

"But it's my special one!" James whined.

"James." Ginny said sternly, and James quickly shut his mouth. "And, if you would stop yelling for one minute, and ask where it was, I'm sure you could've found out much sooner."

"Whatever." James said simply.

"James, I took." Ginny said.

"You!" James exclaimed accusingly, before Ginny glared at him.

"I mean, you borrowed it." James quickly fixed his sentence.

"That's what I thought." Ginny rubbed her temple's. "It's too early for this," She mumbled.

"How about we go out for breakfast?" Harry quickly offered, and all three kids looked excited.

"Sure," Ginny smiled at her husband. "That sounds like fun."


This is my very first story! I wrote it along with my bestie, Lyric Medlie! We wrote it together so, she gets half the credit! I hope you enjoyed it! Please review! I hope to write more stories in the future!