So I was randomly sitting in my house tonight and I had this idea for a story, so I ran with it. This is just going the prologue. I have a plan with how I want to take this story and I think I can make this one last for quite a while with what I want to do and how I see this story unfolding. For those of you who are reading my other stories as I update them, I promise I haven't given up on them. I have serious cases of writer's block for my other stories, so please bear with me. I promise I will update them, I just don't want to disappoint you guys. I only want to post when I'm absolutely sure that you guys will love what I have written.

So here is just a very short prologue for my new story. I really hope I can get this story to turn out the way I want it to. So please leave me your thoughts and opinions as the story gets going. I realize this is very short so please check back with it as it gets going. As soon as I post this I'm going to go write the first chapter. Also any errors I apologize for. I don't have/use a beta. The good thing about that is I can post faster, the bad is there may be errors and I ask you to forgive me for them. Again, please leave me your thoughts and check back for the first chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't, nor have I ever, owned Twilight or any characters associated with it. I just thought of a story line and borrowed the characters. (:

Edward's Point of View

There were many different things that made her who she was, many different things that made me fall in love with her. The way her brown eyes could read my every thought, even the ones that I didn't say out loud; the way her smile could light up a room the second it spread across her face; the light pink that would flood her cheeks whenever she became shy, nervous, or embarrassed; how no matter what was going on, she always held everyone else's concerns above her own. She was perfect in the sense of the word. She had no flaws. How it had taken me this long to realize I was in love with her was beyond me.

Unfortunately for me, this realization had come almost a year to late. She was in love with someone else. She was in love with Jacob Black. I shouldn't hate him, but I do. He was once one of my great friends, but now just hearing his name made my blood boil. I would never tell her this though, because he made her happy. He was the reason she smiled all the time, not me. He was the reason she was happier now than I had ever seen her before. I had known her my whole life and yet she has had never been happier than she was now. I only had myself to blame.