Mayhem Loves Company

Summary: Cindy asks Riley to help her cause trouble at an upcoming beauty pageant.

Thanks for the reviews guys! To an anonymous review, "nah-mean" is subjective, and I've seen it spelt different ways. However, I referenced "knamean" straight from the comic:

http:/www . gocomics . com/boondocks/2007/04/12/

Huey knew something was up when Riley willingly allowed Cindy McPhearson into their house. They'd run off into the backyard, and Huey's "Riley's Gonna Do Something Stupid" radar started working overtime. Last time the two of them plotted together, Riley ended up getting shot over chocolate bars, and the younger brother only escaped with his life because Huey was savvy enough to lend him a bulletproof vest.

The minute he stepped out into the backyard, though, Riley had aggressively shooed him away while Cindy glared. It didn't matter if he attacked them with three different styles of Chinese Kung-Fu. Huey wasn't getting information out of either of them. As much as he wanted to say that he had better things to worry about (and he probably did), thinking of those two plotting together set off a loud mental siren that he couldn't ignore. Images of Woodcrest burning to the ground while Riley and Cindy nonchalantly walked away from the flames and the ashes ran through his head.

Slow down, Huey. You jus' gotta get your paranoia under control. He thought to himself. Huey figured he'd just talk to Riley after Cindy left and attempt to pry information out of him. Prying information out of Riley, however, would be about as fun as yanking out his own teeth.

Meanwhile, Cindy and Riley carefully planned chaos. Cindy wanted everything to be in perfect disarray. She pictured the rest of the pageant girls and their parents running for their lives. Sure, she would definitely go without dinner for the evening, but it would have been well worth it. Besides, she had a box of thin mints stashed under her mattress, anyway.

"So here's how it's gonna go down: You escort me across the stage, an' when we're halfway to the end, we'll both pull out our guns and be like blak-ka! Blak-ka!" Cindy held an imaginary gun and shot at an imaginary audience.

"Hold up, hold up," Riley stopped her, "When do I set off the stink bombs?"

"Hmmm," the blonde thought for a moment, "Right before we walk. They'll be too polite to say nothin', and we'll be all up on 'em before they realize what's goin' down."

"A'ight, a'ight. But when do we drop the fish?" Riley inquired.

"Damn, Reezy, stop sweatin' me! We'll drop the fish. I'm jus'… not sure how, yet." Cindy confessed.

"We could get some o' the Girl Scout hos to hide out an' drop 'em when we give a signal."

Cindy scribbled in a small notebook, "Perfect!" she grinned mischievously. "I'll call up Kim an' Marie tonight. They my most hardcore girls. They'll do it."

Suddenly, a third voice interrupted. "Riley! Grandad wants to see you!"

The Mischievous Duo looked at each other for a brief second, bewildered. Finally, Riley stood and reluctantly walked inside the house, motioning for Cindy to stay outside. On the way to see Grandad, he passed Huey at the backdoor. The two brothers stared each other down. Riley already knew what was up.

"Why you always gotta be a fairy faggot hater boy, Huey? Me an' Cindy ain't even doin' nothin'!" He stormed off to the living room before giving the elder brother a chance to answer. Riley found Grandad sitting in his recliner. "Yeah, Grandad?"

"Huey says you up to somethin' with Cindy McPhearson. Says you're plotting and I should keep an eye on you."

"Me an' Cindy weren't plottin' nothin', Grandad! Huey's jus' bein' a gay-ass hater boy again!"

"Grandad, are you really gonna trust him?" Huey piped up when he entered the living room. "Riley's friendships always turn out bad! Remember Ed and Rummy? What about Gangstalicious? And Lamilton? Something bad is gonna happen unless you put your foot down, Grandad!"

Robert stroked his chin, "That's true-"

"Grandad, this is Cindy McPhearson we're talking about here! She jus' a cute li'l white girl! What kinda trouble could I possibly get into hanging out with her, huh? She ain't like Lamilton or Ed or Rummy! Huey jus' need to stop hatin' so much an' learn to stay outta my business!"

Suddenly, Grandad seemed to take Riley's side. "Yeah, Huey, why you all up in yo' brother's business? Shoot, if he wanna hang out with that li'l cutie pie Cindy, I ain't got no problem with it."

Riley strutted away, smirking triumphantly before turning his back on Huey.

"I will not let you embarrass the both of us with whatever you're planning to do." Huey warned. Riley simply responded by giving him the bird and continuing to walk away.

Oh, yeah. Grandad TOTALLY plays favorites with Riley.