Two Kings

"I can't kill him yet Shiro…" Ichigo whimpered as he stepped slightly back, his back hunched forward a bit as his right hand gripped his left arm tightly. In his left hand, he held a sharp blade tightly, his grip slightly trembling. There was a slight humming behind his ear but Ichigo knew know one was behind him. It was the spirit that now lived inside him. The spirit, Shiro, was talking to him in his mind. "I know but we have to be there when he's about to touch the little girl."

Ichigo whimpered lightly, hating what he had to do. He hated waiting for the person to committee the crime before he was aloud to stick his blade in the person's throat. He hated knowing that he might be a little late and his targets victim might get hurt. But he also knew he wasn't aloud to kill anyone unless they hurt someone else entirely innocent. His actions weren't innocent, he knew, but he took pride and pleasure knowing he helped the weak by killing them. He just hated waiting.

He wasn't a killer that simply loved killing. He was just a boy that killed for the weak and helpless. He killed those who deserved to die. But he wasn't the only one who killed though, either. The spirit inside him, Shiro Saki, would take over sometimes and kill off some very bad people. Ichigo enjoyed letting Shiro take control sometimes because that meant that he could take a brake from killing. Usually though, once Shiro returned to Aizen's place after their murder, Shiro would return his body back to Ichigo. Ichigo was always confused about it but Shiro simply stated that he didn't enjoy being in control of someone else's body that much.

Ichigo was caught off his thoughts when Shiro mentally shoved him. "He's going into the building! Hurry and fallow him!"

Ichigo whimpered lightly at the mental abuse but fallowed orders anyways. He knew he had to make sure he was right behind the man to catch him before he was able to fully rape the small girl. Ichigo fallowed silently after the burley man he had been watching for a few days now. Ichigo usually doesn't stereotype people by the way they looked but this man made Ichigo's skin crawl. He learned many years ago to fallow his gut instinct. Luckily his instincts were right. After the first day of watching the guy, he found out that he was stalking a little girl in sixth grade.

It was enough for Ichigo to kill him but that would mean he was also aloud to kill young women when they stalked their crushes. He would never do that because women are just foolish. So he had to wait for the man to make a move before he could really kill him. This night, the little girl went out to grab some medicines from the convenient store at the corner. She lived in the more ghetto part of the city so it was normal to see young kids out alone. He took her when she was walking back home.

Ichigo held the knife tighter in his hands as he fallowed the man into the abandoned building. The burly man held the scared girl tightly to his body as he ran up the stairs while touching her body. The little girl tried to scream but the man held a hard over her mouth. The girl tried to struggle but the man was holding her too tightly for any chance of escape. Ichigo couldn't see the girl much but he knew she was scared beyond anything. The man ran up the stairs quickly, passing a few floors on his way up, Ichigo easily keeping up with the man. The man finally stopped and ran into a room with a tattered up bed. The man threw the thrashing child onto the bed but kept his hand clasped firmly over the young girls screaming mouth. She threw her arms and legs wildly but the man simply pushed them aside. He brought his other hand onto the girl's stomach and ran his hands up her stomach under her shirt, grabbing onto her breast as well.

The girl went cold stiff before screaming and trying to thrash around harder. The man was just too strong. He grinned wildly before bringing his hand down to try and take the poor girls pants off. Ichigo couldn't watch anymore. He needed to save the poor girl before she was raped. Gripping the blade extra tight, Ichigo launched out from the shadows and grabbed the surprised mans shoulders before throwing said man to the wall. Before the man could regain his footing and attack, Ichigo quickly launched the blade towards the man's throat and caught his arm. He cut him deep, causing the man's blood to splatter everywhere. Ichigo made sure not to catch any of the blood on himself.

Seeing the blood, the traumatized girl screamed loudly. Ichigo quickly spun around to throw a random blanket over the girls face so she wouldn't see his face. Luckily it was dark but he had to make sure. He doesn't want to get caught just yet. While being busy on making sure the girl didn't seem him, Ichigo momentarily forgot about the bleeding man. Said bleeding man stood up quickly and brought a fist up over Ichigo's head and hit him hard. Ichigo yelped and clutched his head hard. The man made a move to punch the orange haired teen but Ichigo easily brought his blade around and slit the man's chest. Blood sprayed but Ichigo jumped back before it touched him, bumping into the girl in the process, which knocked the poor girl out.

Ichigo quickly recovered from his fall and walked slowly over to the badly bleeding man, knowing said man doesn't have to energy nor the strength to move from the blood lost. Ichigo roughly held the man's hair in his right hand and brought the blade up to the man's throat, about to kill the man with the finishing blow.

"Stop right there!" Ichigo spun his head towards the sound in surprise to find a short, white haired male holding a pistol directed at Ichigo's heart. "Drop your weapon and step away from the man!"

Ichigo stood there wide eyed in surprise for a minute before listening. He dropped the knife and let go of the man, causing him to fall to his face. Ichigo took a few steps back from the bleeding male.

"Put your hands up!" The white haired male yelled, making poor Ichigo whimper in fear. Ichigo hated guns. He had a horrible phobia with guns. In the back of his mind, Shiro whispered reassurance to Ichigo. He also told Ichigo of a plan to get out. Before Shiro could tell the scared male, the white haired male switched the lights on in the small room. Ichigo's eyes widened. The male in front of them now knew what he looked like. Shiro cursed in the back of his mind.

"Shit, change of plans. Listen to the guy and when the time comes, I'll take over and knock him out."

'But you don't have your glasses. He'll see your eyes…' Ichigo replied in his mind, but kept his fearful eyes on the white haired male.

"That's what I want him to see." Ichigo really didn't understand but agreed anyways. He knew Shiro was smart and strong. Ichigo trusted Shiro knew what he was doing.

"Put your hands on your head!" Ichigo whimpered when the man's gun came closer to his face and complied. Tears started to stream down freely when the gun was pressed against his head as the man made his way to turn him around. In that instant Shiro took over, causing Ichigo's eyes to turn from normal brown eyes to yellow eyes. Darkness instantly came over what used to be white. The short man gasped in surprise and took a step back. Shiro stopped Ichigo's body from crying and instantly a devil's grin took over. "What's wrong copper? Never seen a freak be' fore?"

Before the man could reply, Shiro pounced on him and sent him to the floor hard, causing the man to knock out for a moment. Before the male could come back into consciousness, Shiro brought a rag from inside Ichigo's coat pocket and gagged the foggy minded male. Smiling at his well done work, Shiro gave Ichigo control again. Once back in control, Ichigo stood back up and grabbed his blade. Noticing the evil man was still barely alive, Ichigo went over to his body and easily sliced the man's throat. His body went limp and cold in an instant. Ichigo dropped the body to the floor and walked back over to the white haired male who was now awake and trying to get the gag off.

Ichigo kicked the gun away before taking wrapping his arms around the male, stopping him from taking the gag off. Ichigo searched the man's pockets to find a pair of handcuffs and twisted the man's arms behind him and placed the on. The man groaned from either pain or anger before trying to kick Ichigo. Ichigo easily dodged before giving the man an apologetic look. "I'm sorry sir. If you hadn't seen my face, I would have let you go but I can't now. Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

At Ichigo's words, the white haired male's teal colored eyes widened in fear before trying to attack Ichigo again. Before he could land a kick on the sad teen, Ichigo jumped behind him and hit him hard on the head, instantly knocking the male out. The male fell forward but was caught by Ichigo before he placed the man over his shoulder. Somewhere in the distance, he could hear sirens and car horns. 'The male must have called for back up,' thought Ichigo as he grabbed the unconscious girl and throwing her over his other shoulder. He easily ran out of the room and down the stairs into the door in the back of the building. He ran out of the building before running out towards his car hidden in the alley way a few blocks away from the abandoned building. He laid the two unconscious people on the ground softly before opening the car and putting the male in the back. He laid the girl next to the male before closing the door and sitting in the driver's seat.

He quickly started the car before reversing out of the drive way and driving the opposite direction the cop cars were coming from and easily passing them without being pulled over. He drove around a few blocks before driving back towards the little girl's home. He easily laid her against her front door with a blanket wrapped around her and a bag of medicine in her hands before ringing the door bells a couple of times. Before anyone could answer the door, Ichigo ran away, not wanting anyone to see him. He quickly checked on the short male before sitting back in the driver's seat and driving towards his uncle's home. Uncle Sosuke Aizen.


Aizen wasn't happy. He was used to his nephew bringing home his targets to kill them but never had he ever brought a cop home. His nephew only started killing bad people for two years and never had he slipped up so badly. His nephew's only reason for it was that he didn't know any cop was stationed around there and that he didn't know a random cop would be walking around there either. After looking at the man's I.D. (after Aizen removed his hidden gun for Ichigo) they were able to look up information about the man and where he was stationed. The officer's name was Toshiro Hitsugaya. He was stationed in the west part of the city, far away from where Ichigo was conducting his killing that night.

"I-im sorry Uncle A-a-aizen!" Ichigo, Sosuke's nephew, cried as he bowed lowly to the angry brown haired male. Sosuke glared down at the shivering boy before lightening his gaze. He loved his nephew deeply and he didn't like to see him anything but happy. He knew that Ichigo only called him Uncle Aizen when he was scared of him. He especially didn't want his own nephew to fear him. Sosuke sighed before crouching down in front of Ichigo on his knees. He laid his hand over Ichigo's head and ran his fingers through it in a comforting manner. Ichigo shook in fear before slowly relaxing under his favorite uncle's touch. "It's alright Ichigo. I shouldn't have yelled at you. You did nothing wrong."

Ichigo sniffled loudly before looking up at his uncle with fearful eyes. He knew his uncle would never lay a hand on him but ever since what happened six years ago, he was always afraid someone might lay a hand against him again. Aizen smiled softly before slowly bringing his arms around the shivering blonde in a hug. Ichigo shivered lightly before wrapping his arms around him. The two stayed like that for a few minute before being interrupted with a soft aw and a loud giggle. The two looked up to find Gin, Sosuke's husband, grinning wildly at them from the door way. Aizen lightly glared at his lover but Gin ignored him. Gin's attention was on Ichigo who he could see was crying not ten two minutes ago from hit red shot eyes and tear stained face. "'s Su-su bein mean to ya 'gain Ichi?"

Ichigo smiled and laughed softly as Sosuke detached his arms away from him and helped Ichigo stand up. "If I found out you let the dogs in the game room again I might yell at you as well."

Gin's grin fell for a moment. Quickly catching his mistake, he brought his grin back up and waved at the two grinning males, "No, me? I could 'ever!" Gin quickly turned around and ran out the room. The two males laughed as they heard Gin yell to the dogs to get out. Ichigo's mood lifted instantly. Both Gin and Aizen knew exactly how to make him feel better. There was a scoff at the back of his mind at that statement. "Oi, what about me King? I know how to make you feel better more then those two!"

Ichigo mentally laughed and shook his head. Sometimes he couldn't help but love the spirit living inside him. Before he could reply, Sosuke turned towards him, "You should go check on your cop strawberry. He should be waking up soon."

Ichigo instantly became red at his words as he hunched his back forward again and gripped his left arm with his right hand. "Y-yes sir."

Embarrassingly, he ran out the room. Sosuke laughed as he watched his embarrassed nephew run out his room. He knew his nephew hated being called strawberry. It wasn't his fault his foolish sister named him after a fruit but he loved the name anyway. It helped make up funny jokes to his nephew. Aizen smiled lightly as he thought about the other jokes he made up about his nephew. He laughed.

"Whats so funny?" Gin questioned as he walked into the room, a slight sway to his hips. Sosuke watched his lover walk past him, swaying his hips, as he walked towards the bed. Sosuke ran his eyes up and down Gin's body as he closed and locked the bedroom door. He knew Ichigo wouldn't bother him if his door was shut. Gin's grin grew wider as he slowly threw off his shirt. Aizen licked his lips in anticipation. Gin brought his pants down to show that he didn't have any boxer's on, meaning he went commando all day. "You should dress more like that everyday."

Gin's grin grew even wider as he sat himself on the bed. "I thin' peop'le 'ould wan' ma if I di' 'at."

Aizen slightly frowned, "Everyone wants you."

He pushed Gin down to his back and grinds their hips together roughly, "But only I can have you."

Gin snickered and moaned as he ran his fingers through his lovers hair, "The' come an' take meh ya tig'er"

Aizen complied fully.


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