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So for our last Torchwood quote we come back to the book that started this story. Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful day and holiday.

Torchwood Quote:

…Plus, he was wearing a really unadvisable beige trouser suit.

'I've been shopping on the way in,' he explained. 'Everything so far has been Lisa's. But I figured it's a bit… you know…'

'Creepy?' Gwen was quietly appalled.

Ianto nodded. 'Yeah. Dead girlfriend's clothes. I know. But I still had some of her stuff, and I figured… well, she's the woman I know the most, really. Well, that's not true. There's also my mother. But, firstly, it's just wrong, and secondly, floral print.' He put on a brave smile, showing off perfect teeth. 'Anyway, I spotted this on the way in. It feels a bit more… me.'

Gwen nodded, kindly. 'Yes. Very nice.'

Jack wandered past. 'Ianto. Beige. No.' He vanished into his office.

Ianto sighed. 'Were you being polite?'

(Almost Perfect, By James Goss, Pg 60)

Unpleasant or Extraordinary
By Wildfire

Ianto stood by his window looking out to the street, listening to Jack and Jordan playing in the child's bedroom. He had spent all of the previous night curled around Jordan, then this morning he had made him a rather large breakfast before they had spent the day at the park with Jack.

It was now getting close to five o'clock and Ianto was starting to get antsy. He felt like a slightly bad father to be doing what he was about to do, but he really needed to do it. It had to be done; but now his heart pounded a little harder as he watched a car pull into the compound. Finally. He left the window to go and open the front door, and waited at the top of the stairs for R.J. to climb up.

R.J. gave him a half-hearted glare as he reached him. "You've been home just over 24 hours and you're already getting a baby sitter?"

Ianto smiled. "Only for a few hours. Thank you for doing this."

"Yeah, yeah." R.J. grinned, and gave Ianto a soft punch in the arm. "So, where's the munchkin?"

"With Jack in his room." Ianto moved to one side to allow R.J. to enter the apartment.

R.J.'s face darkened a little. "Well, let's hope he's still alive then," he commented tartly over his shoulder as he headed for the room. Ianto followed, hoping to avoid the explosion that was bound to happen between the two.

Jack looked up as the young man came into the room, with scowl on his face. "R.J.? What are you doing here?"

"I'm taking Jordan out to dinner and to see a movie," R.J. deadpanned, clearly seeing no reason to have to explain anything to the immortal.

"He's a bit young for a date, perhaps in a couple hundred years? Plus, I think at this current point Ianto would like to keep his son here."

"Actually Jack, I asked him to come," Ianto corrected as he leaned against the door frame. He knew it was horrible of him - really, really bad parenting - but he needed this. It was only for a couple of hours after all.

"Why?" Jack stood up, arms crossed, a mulish, stubborn expression marring his handsome futures. "We just reunited you with your son yesterday, and now you want him to go out?"

Ianto couldn't help the small blush that spilled onto his cheeks. "It's only for a few hours," he argued, amazed at Jack's sudden and uncharacteristic denseness.

"Why? What is so important that needs to get done in a few hours that he can't be here for? Do you have any idea how much he missed you?" Jack accused.

R.J. gave a snort. "For once I agree with the idiot. Though an idiot he is. Harkness, what do you think he wants, that would need you to be here and Jordan not to be?"

Jack blinked, his eyes widened and his expression cleared as he broke into a large grin. He clapped his hands. "Jordan, R.J.'s going to take you for a special dinner and to see a movie!"

Jordan blinked, looking up from his toys. "What movie?"

"Traveling Trevor," Ianto answered. "You'll like it." He went to Jordan's closet, pulling out the boy's coat, before kneeling down. "Come here."

Jordan went over to him. "You come?"

Ianto gently brushed Jordan's hair back. "No love, this is special time for you and R.J., you don't get to see him often. But I'll be right here waiting for you when you return." He carefully put the jacket on the child, zipping it up.

"Jack come?"

"Papa," Ianto corrected softly, since he figured if Jordan knew who Jack was he should really start call him by the appropriate name. "And no, he's going to stay here with me." He leaned forward kissing Jordan's forehead.

"Me wanna stay here too!"

"'I want to stay here too,'" Ianto corrected, "But not tonight, we need to talk about some very serious agendas and you would be very bored, plus you wouldn't be able to spend time with R.J."

"I don't wanna go!" Scowling he stomped his foot and started undoing the zipper of his coat.

Ianto sighed and pulled the boy against him. "Jordan, I know the timing of this is really not ideal. I understand, and I understand why you want to stay at home." His fingers gently combed through Jordan's hair. "I'm not going to negotiate this though, even though I really want to. I need you to be a big boy and have a fun night with R.J."

Jordan put on his most adorable pout looking up at his tad with the biggest watery eyes he could manage. "Please?"

Ianto smiled. "Your papa is teaching you bad habits." He stood Jordan back up onto his feet and re-zipped the boy's coat, giving his nose a little tap once he'd finished. "Do you know that Traveling Trevor's about a young boy that is on a quest to save his village from being destroyed by an evil wizard? It sounds very exciting; when you get back you can tell me if he was able to save the village."

Jordan paused at that. "Okay, but you have to be here when I get home!" he said with a definite nod.

Ianto smiled. "I'll be here, love." He stood up picking Jordan up with him. "Remember to be good in the movie and not talk while the show's on, ok?"

Jordan nodded. "'Kay."

Ianto gave him a firm hug and kissed the boy's head again. "Tell your papa good bye," he said as he passed the boy over to Jack. He was relieved that Jordan had decided to go, as he wasn't sure he'd be able to continue to push the child to leave, no matter how much he needed comforting of his own.

Jack took him and tossed him in the air before catching him and giving him a tight hug. "Oh, I'll miss my big man!" He laughed as Jordan gave him a rather wet kiss on the cheek and then passed Jordan to R.J.

R.J. took him, settling the child on his hip. "You have just over three hours to see to your agenda; be sure to finish before we return." He gave a curt nod to Jack and a fond smile to Ianto before leaving the flat.

Ianto stood silently for a moment, knowing he wouldn't have to wait long before -

"SO!" Jack clapped his hands. "You wanted to be alone…. With me." He waggled his eye brows suggestively.

Ianto smiled. "Perhaps, but perhaps I just wanted some time to collect my thoughts?"

"No," Jack disagreed firmly.

"No? Well, perhaps I just needed some quiet time?" Ianto tried again, starting to move backwards to his room.

"Nope," Jack countered again with what could only be described as a leer.

"Hmm. Well, maybe I just needed some good old fashion soaking in a large tub by myself?"

"Absolutely not," Jack said as he followed Ianto towards the room.

"Well, I'm at a loss then. I can't imagine what it was I needed to do so badly."

Jack moved forward quickly pressing Ianto against the wall just outside his bedroom. "Mm, I could help you with that. " He grinned. "You see for the last month or so you've been watching my backside and missing the bulging muscles and wondering—"

Ianto silenced the man with a kiss. If there was one thing Jack was horribly good at, it was talking with cheesy lines. The kiss wasn't soft or slow, it was exactly the opposite. It was hard and fast, full of pure lust; the desire to touch and be touched. The warm flesh of Jack's calloused fingers found their way under his shirt and over his stomach. Damn he loved Jack's hands. Ianto was pretty sure they were magical, as no hands should be able to move the way his hands did.

His head jerked to the side as the need for air became overwhelming. Jack obviously didn't feel the same as his mouth immediately latched onto the Welshman's neck, his hands continuing up Ianto's chest.

"Jack..." Ianto groaned, as he wanted the older man in a way he had never wanted anyone else. He was slightly curious to think if there ever would be someone he would be as attracted to.

The clothing was quickly becoming a problem, as it was getting in the way of Ianto being able to explore the body he had once known so well. He pulled, pushed and nearly ripped at the clothing that seemed to have become glued to his lover's body.

Jack gave a loud laugh when a particularly harsh pull sent them both falling to the hard ground. Jack was lucky enough to have landed on top of the other man. A position he was more than happy with, and he ran a gentle hand down Ianto's now bare chest.

Ianto gave a loud moan as Jack kissed him hard again; he could feel Jack lying over him, the hot flesh flush against his own. "Jack…" he found himself whimpering, and realized he was ready to beg the man even though he hadn't done anything yet. He might have felt a little disgusted with himself, if he wasn't so engrossed with where Jack's hands were currently heading.


Jack smiled as he propped himself up on his elbow, head lazily resting on his hand. His fingers traced slowly over Ianto's chest, as he watched it rise and fall in a slow, even pattern; his finger tip moving up and circling the pink nub of Ianto's nipple. The floor was hard and cold, but he didn't mind in the least.

He grinned as Ianto mumbled in his sleep and swatted at the empty air. He was sure there could never be anyone as adorable as the man in front of him. He brought his hand up to Ianto's mouth running his thumb and fingers over the young man's lips. "You shouldn't be legal, you know," he said softly. "You're far too pretty." His fingers moved to trace over Ianto's eyebrows. "You know when I first realized I had to have you? It was after those insufferable cannibals. We had treated you like you were our servant, even when we started trying to include you, we were rubbish at it. And yet on that day, you preformed better than we all did. Owen was a mess, leaving the keys in the car and so focused on Gwen he didn't even notice the obvious. Gwen was still so green herself. Tosh… Tosh did well until she froze up in the slaughter room. But not you, she told me every time you thought there was an opening you took it. Brilliant. You came out beaten and battered, and still you gave that little smile when I came to collect you. You couldn't even stand and you asked me what I needed." He smiled leaning down to kiss the sleeping man.

"Mmm." Ianto smiled into the kiss. "And here I thought it was that my backside looked so incredibly perfect in those jeans."

Jack chuckled. "You were supposed to be asleep." He gave Ianto's nipple a little twist.

"I was trying, but you're bloody loud." Ianto opened his eyes half way. "Most people think to themselves, not to the person sleeping peacefully."

"You spoke to me when I slept," Jack reminded running his finger down the length of Ianto's face.

"You were in a coma, Jack! It's a bit different." Ianto sat up, forcing Jack to move back a little. "What time is it?"

"We have at least another hour." Jack grinned. "Lots to do in an hour."

Ianto tried, he really did, but he couldn't stop the grin that plastered itself over his face. "I suppose a shower might do," he conceded.

"Oh, I like showers." Jack nodded standing up. "Did you know humans are a rare race that uses water to shower with? Most life forms use something more hygienic as they shower. Like if we were to use a milky soap…"

Ianto took Jack's hand listening as he continued to ramble on about things that usually made very little sense. Sometimes he'd catch little things Jack would say, and usually he'd wish he hadn't. Eventually he figured he'd hear and understand it all, but now was definitely not the time. After setting the water at the appropriate level Ianto gave the still rambling Jack a firm, but gentle push into the shower.

And finally shut him up with an equally firm, but gentle kiss.

So we reached the end. First drabble up will be CountryCide! I really had fun writing it so I hope you will all enjoy it. Hope you enjoyed this story! Anyone know of a good community this story would fit into?