~ Game Plan ~

Summary: Harry is bored one day...then he gets an idea. Why doesn't he liven things up by playing a few games on unsuspecting people?

Pairings: Severus/Harry, Draco/Luna, Ron/Hermione, Sirius/Remus

Warning: Slash, pure silliness, OOC at times

Disclaimer: Are Harry and Ginny together at the end of Deathly Hallows? Yes? Then I do not own Harry Potter . . .

~ Sardines ~

How to Play Sardines

- Choose one person to go and hide.

- The remaining people are silent 'trackers' and must move quietly (no talking or laughing) as they search for the hidden person

- When a tracker finds the hidden person, they must creep into the hiding place with the hidden person and wait for the other people to join them.

- Once everyone is in the hiding place yell Sardines and start again with the person who discovered the hidden person first


Harry Potter was officially bored. He had only been at Grimmauld Place for a few days and he was bored stiff. Sure Mrs Weasley kept them busy trying to restore the house to its previous state however it wasn't helping in the slightest. Once a section of the house was clean it would find a way to return to its dirty state. He had a thorough belief that Kreacher was behind it somehow but without any proof he wasn't going to get anywhere. Even Sirius was reluctant to blame the house elf and that was saying something but it still didn't alleviate his boredom.

Looking around the room he noticed that no one had followed him into the kitchen. It was just after lunch and he couldn't take it anymore. He'd gotten tired of cleaning and had snuck out of the drawing room leaving everyone else to suffer Mrs Weasley's wrath. The most important thing was he was alone at last . . . but he was still bored. How could he liven this place up without cleaning it? Seriously that was not a fun way to spend his holiday. He did enough cleaning at the Dursely's to last a lifetime!

He wanted to play. He wanted to spend the remainder of his holidays having fun! Not cleaning!

That's when an idea hit him . . . what if he started a game and waited for everyone else to join? Harry knew that Sirius would be proud of him for starting something like this, something entirely Marauderish, and would defiantly join in on the fun. The same could be said of Fred and George. He could easily manipulate people into joining by using a tiny bit of magic since he was in a house filled with adults. He wouldn't get caught using his magic.

Mayhem was about to begin!

There was just one problem. What game would be play? Harry tapped the table top thinking. He knew plenty of games since he had watched Dudley play them with his groupies but he didn't know which to choose. Well Hide and Seek would be great but normally with that only one person would seek while the others hid . . . he knew what to play . . .

Glancing around Harry noticed that he was still alone in the kitchen. Grabbing his wand he spelled the table cloth to drag anyone beneath it when he was discovered. Without as much as a sound he slipped beneath the table cloth and watched as it closed and hid him from view. This would defiantly be fun . . .

Harry remained quiet as people walked by oblivious that he was beneath the kitchen table watching them. He watched through the open door as people walked around on schedule and obeyed what Dumbledore told them to do . . . how boring. Many people were walking past the kitchen and no one noticed that he was even there. This game was defiantly worth it. So far he had noticed that a few people slipped away from Mrs Weasley every time she began her cleaning most of them being adults. Others had snuck off to do something else and hadn't bothered to return they just ran out of the front door. This was excellent black mail material for later games . . .

Tonks had practically run out the door surprisingly without tripping once. Fred and George had slipped out and moved towards the basement probably to begin experimenting. He had also witnessed a kiss between two unlikely people. Now Harry wished that he'd bought a camera . . . maybe when in the next game he played on people. Well at least he was planning ahead now.

Then Snape entered the room.

Harry knew that Snape would find him regardless of whether he was as quiet as possible. He wasn't a spy for nothing after all. Sure enough, Snape took one look at the kitchen table and spotted Harry even though the table cloth hid him excellently from view.

"Potter, what are you doing hiding beneath the kitchen table?" Snape said his face set on a sneer.

Harry didn't answer. It would be a difficult task to get him under the table and join him in his game but he was ready for anything. Snape would join him beneath the table even if he had to force his magic to pull Snape in. After five minutes of Snape belittling Harry with abusive words for not answering him the kitchen went silent until the table cloth covering it lifted and Harry saw Snape crouch down. It looked really awkward for Snape to do which meant he's resolve was beginning to crumble.

"What is your problem Potter." He growled.

It was obvious that he was drawing near his limit. Snape would soon give in or be dragged beneath the table to join him. Then he would have to wait for the next person.

"I'm playing a game." He informed Snape.

"Does anyone else know you are playing this . . . game?"

"Well you do." It was an obvious answer but one that Snape wasn't looking for.

"How is that supposed to . . ." Snape trailed off as a force known as magic pushed him beneath the table.

"What?" he spluttered indignantly as the table cloth fell down hiding both Harry and Snape.

"I told you Professor it's a game."

Snape was still in shock it seemed from the small bit of magic. Sure enough he snapped out of after a few seconds to calm himself and hide behind his Slytherin mask.

"What is this . . . game called?" he asked clearly suspicious and he had every right to be.


Snape glanced around the small space beneath the kitchen table then between himself and Harry and at once knew what the game entailed. He really didn't want to be stuck in here with Potter or whoever else decided to find him. That would just be torture and he wasn't going to put up with it.

"In no way do I wish to partake in such a childish game!" Snape seethed trying to pull the unmovable table cloth back.

After trying for five minutes to remove the table cloth (it was as heavy as a Giant!) by both magical and physical force, Snape gave up and decided that glaring at Harry would be the answer to his problem. He gave up on that quickly as well resuming to his threats.

"Potter! Let me out of here or I will-"

"Quiet Professor or we'll be discovered." Harry whispered seemingly unaware at the look Snape was giving him.

"Potter I must protest-"

"Quiet! Someone is coming!"

Harry pulled Snape further under the table and clamped a hand over his mouth as a few people past by the kitchen. He could feel Snape glaring at him though he didn't acknowledge it. He had yet again startled his professor and the look on his face was worth it. This was a game worth the abusive words he would suffer later . . . if he lived that long after this. If looks could kill he would have been ten feet under already. However they couldn't so now he had someone to talk to maybe then he could pass the time until another person found them. Hopefully someone he actually liked.

"So what were you doing before you joined the game?" he asked pleasantly.

"I, Potter, was enjoying my time away from meddlesome children." It was meant to be hurtful but Harry ignored it.

"Well that sounds nice. Before I started this game I was helping clean this house with the other Weasleys and Hermione. Though I swear that every time a room was cleaned it would just return to its previous state. I was trying to explain to everyone that it was Kreachers fault but no one would believe me! Finally I just gave up. It was so boring-"

"Potter I do not care about what tiresome task the Weasley's gave you to alleviate your boredom. I would however like it if you could shut your mouth before I shut it for you . . . permanently." Snape growled. He really just wanted this 'game' to end so he could return to his dungeons.

"Well that wouldn't be nice . . ."

"No Gred it would not . . ."

Harry turned around to find that Fred and George had lifted up the table cloth behind them after sneaking into the kitchen and had overheard them talking. That meant that more people would be joining them!

"Hey Gred, Forge, want to join in?"

Fred and George glanced at each before replying.

"Why Harry it would be an absolute . . ."

". . . delight to join you and the Professor . . ."

". . . we so adore in a lovely game . . ."

". . . of Sardines!"

Fred and George moved the table cloth aside and climbed beneath the kitchen table to join Harry and Snape. Unfortunately Harry moved closer to Snape who spluttered and was pressed against the end of the table and the heavy unmovable cloth. Fred sat closest to Harry while George remained of Fred's other side. Snape turned and glared piercingly at Harry as if it were his fault that he was there . . . which it was.

"How is it that they can willingly enter and yet I was forced into this juvenile game?" Snape enquired with warning in his voice.

". . ." Harry didn't answer. He simply stared at his fuming potions master calmly.

"Well?" Snape demanded. His patience was being tested by this brat!

". . . magic."

Everyone beneath the table turned left to find Luna Lovegood sitting beside George staring into thin air. They all looked at each other and a silent question passed through them. Where did she come from? Harry knew better than to question where Luna appeared from. She just turned up at precisely the right time. Luna wasn't in the Order but that didn't mean that they could hide anything from her.

That simple answer from Luna would have had Snape yelling profanities if Harry hadn't covered his mouth while footsteps approached the kitchen. Everyone fell silent. It appeared as if the only person not enjoying the game was Snape which was too bad for him since he wasn't getting out until the end.

"Snivellous! Why is my godson sitting beside you underneath the table?"

Sirius had lifted the table cloth and was glaring at Snape who had Harry pressed up against him. It looked as if Harry was clinging intimately onto the dreaded potions master and he didn't like it at all. He wanted to keep his godson as far away from Snape as humanly or magically possible. Once Snape managed to remove the hand covering his mouth he answered.

"Honestly it's not as if I had any choice in this situation Black. This would be all because of your beloved godson-"

"Harry was this your doing?" Sirius enquired.

"Yep, we're playing Sardines!" The answer was said so innocently you could practically see the halo above his head.

Finally Sirius seemed to notice that there were other people also under the table and relaxed. At least Snape wasn't molesting his godson in his kitchen. Sirius glared scathingly at Snape before climbing beneath the table cloth and sitting across from Snape with his arms wrapped around his legs. Snape was forced to do the very same as the room between them was restricted.

"Very well . . . I'd take any chance to spend the time with you especially if I can annoy Snivellous." He wasn't about to leave his godson alone with Snivellous not while he was around to say anything about it.

Surprisingly with five people beneath the table there was still plenty of room. Hopefully more people would find them and then they could act more like Sardines . . . until then they would have to wait patiently.

"So Gred, Forge, I trust that you are spending the money I gave you wisely?" Harry said as silence once again fell upon the group.

Snape and Sirius who had been locked in a death glare spluttered at his comment.

"Why of course o wise investor!"

"You shall see the product of your marvellous . . ."

". . . donation when you travel with our brother dearest . . ."

". . . and Miss Hermione to Diagon Alley!"

"We're positive that you shall enjoy it!" they said at the same time.

Harry hummed joyfully. He was glad that he gave them both his Triwizard winnings. They would be put to good use! The world needed more laughter in it after all.

"What money?" Sirius demanded.

"Potter I can't believe you would waste money on something as trivial as a joke shop." Snape said.

Fred and George looked towards their professor in surprise and amusement.

"Why professor we didn't know that you cared for us so much!"

"If we had known we would have given you a discount!"

Snape groaned while Sirius and the twins snickered. Harry just leaned into Snape which he didn't feel due to the torment he was feeling from three of the people under the table. Luna continued to stare into space.

"A gaggle of geese shall soon join the fold."

Luna's voice was eerily calm when she spoke and everyone was staring at her like she had a second head except for Harry. He knew what Luna meant for he was able to translate what she said. She meant that more people would soon be joining the game and not only a few people probably more like seven.

Of course the conversations continued between the group apart from Sirius and Snape who appeared to be staring each other down. Fred and George were discussing their pranks and novelty toys they had invented using the money to Harry who was thrilled that he would get whatever he desired for free because he was the investor. Luna seemed content humming an odd tune that no one seemed to recognise but everyone had tried to guess. That was until a voice cut through their talk.

"What is going on here?"

Everyone looked up to see several people standing in the kitchen. It was obvious that it was nearing nightfall now which meant that more people would begin to turn up and hopefully join the game. Then they really would be packed beneath the table like Sardines.

"We're playing Sardines!" Harry chirped.

"What happened to cleaning?" Hermione scolded. Even if she despised cleaning she didn't want to go against Mrs Weasley.

"It was boring though Hermione!" Fred and George protested.

"So I decided to play a game instead! Would you like to join?"

Before they knew it Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Tonks, Remus, Kingsley and Moody were all beneath the table talking quietly amongst themselves . . . well that was after the first ten minutes of awkward silence. Harry who was still pressed up against Snape and Fred was now opposite Hermione. Ron sat beside her with Ginny on his other side. Somehow Tonks had been dragged under without knocking the entire thing over and was now sitting beside Luna. Remus, Kingsley and Moody were all opposite them. It defiantly was a tight squeeze but at least they had escaped cleaning duty.

"So how did this even begin?" Remus asked obviously amused at the dark looks Snape was sending his way.

"Well I was bored in the kitchen and decided I needed to liven this place up a bit. You see it's dreadfully boring and the idea of cleaning isn't very fun so-"

Snape groaned. "Did you have to set him off?"

"Why Snivellous I didn't think that a mere school boy could set you off." Sirius said provokingly.

"Shut it Black or I'll-"

"ANYWAY . . . the first person to find me happened to be Snape . . ." Harry continued ignoring the talking during his dialogue.

"How long have you been under here?" Kingsley asked.

Snape's eye twitched. "I. Have. Been. Here. All. Afternoon." He answered slowly.

"Then Fred and George walked in . . ."

"That must have been fun with them around!" Tonks laughed actually paying attention to Harry.

"You have no idea . . ." Snape said.

"That's when Sirius found us!"

"Pssh more like accused me of molesting his precious godson when he's the one on me. Honestly Potter's practically in my lap. This is undignified and I've wasted so much time when I could have been doing potions instead." Snape grumbled earning laughs from everyone.

"Somewhere along the way Luna turned up and then after that you all showed up. Now we're just waiting for Mrs Weasley! Then when she finds us we all shout "Sardines" and we've finished the game." Harry's excitement was nearly contagious to all (except Snape who was no longer complaining about having Harry practically lie on him. Sirius was seething at that) so they continued to talk in whispers.

"Where did everyone go?"

The group of sardines froze as they heard Mrs Weasley in the hallway. It was nearing the end of the game and the excitement of the group could be seen only in their eyes. They watched almost bouncing as Mrs Weasley entered the kitchen and spotted them beneath the table.

"What on earth are you doing beneath the dining table?" Mrs Weasley screeched lifting up the table cloth.

"SARDINES!" Everyone yelled.

Slowly everyone began to crawl out from beneath the table overjoyed that they had avoided spending the day cleaning since the sun was already setting. It was obvious that the time Harry and Snape had changed something since he was no longer complaining outright about Potter still holding onto his robes. Sirius was practically trying to pull him off.

Fred and George had immediately rushed down to the basement with new ideas for their experiments which would not be tested on Harry due to his involvement. Not surprisingly Luna had disappeared as if she wasn't even there and everyone else had returned to normal though the group was obviously closer than before.

"Now what will I do for fun tomorrow?" Harry wondered to himself.

Got a game you'd like to see in Harry Potter action? Well then send me the rules and how to play and I shall see to it!

This had been a creation of pure boredom . . .