~ Seven Minutes in Heaven ~

How to Play Seven Minutes in Heaven.

The names of all the participants are placed into a hat. A person then is chosen to select two names. These two people are locked into a closet or another dark enclosed space for seven minutes. Participants are allowed to do anything during this time as long as they abide by the rules set up before the game has begun.


Harry had done nothing for weeks. Well, not really. He had been terribly busy what with sneaking around with Severus, hunting Remus and Sirius, hiding from Mrs Weasley and attempting to figure out how Bellatrix and Rudolphus managed to sneak into Headquarters the last time he had played a game.

So far, he had only managed to hide from Mrs Weasley. The others hadn't been so easy. Severus hardly ever stayed at Grimmauld so that ruled that out and when he was, he didn't pay any attention to Harry. Remus and Sirius were excellent at hiding from him as well what being Marauders. Then there was the issue with Bellatrix and Rudolphus which he still hadn't figured out. Of course, not actually having them to speak with wasn't helping that entirely.

It was fair to say that he had been kept busy or at least that was the belief of the Order. Harry himself was bored stiff and when Harry was bored, mischief occurred that had the entire Order trembling.

Unfortunately for the residence of number twelve Grimmauld Place, Harry had been back in the Black Library researching yet again.

The last time he had discovered a game in the Black Library, the group had spent the better part of the day trapped in small spaces with at least two other people. Some were unlucky to be in larger groups. However Harry saw it as a success considering that he had managed the beginning of a rather unsuccessful relationship with Severus Snape.

However he really wasn't enjoying the spoils of his last attempt like he should have been doing. Apart from the hiding nothing ever occurred that brought interest to Harry. And since he still hadn't figured out a way to leave the house to go on a 'walk', he needed to spice things up a little by playing yet another game.

And he had just the game to do it…

"Seven Minutes in Heaven" was the title of the game he had chosen. The game had been found in an old school book that had belonged to Sirius and had immediately caught his interest.

The only down side was the participants had to be willing otherwise it wouldn't work. Yet he knew that he could easily gain everyone's attention with the help of the other children. They would be eager to play a game such as this and once they were hooked then all that was really needed was loud noise to attract the adults. Harry's plan was fool proof. The adults wouldn't be able to join but they could sit back and watch. Severus would just have to deal with it.

Once he knew the entire Order were gathering for a meeting downstairs, his plan began. Fred and George were his first targets. This was after all a game that mischief makers would find amusing especially if they could use more of their jokes in the games. He had yet to set the rules of the game.

Finding the twins was easy. They were tucked away in their room huddled over something. A slight cough was all that was needed to gain their attention.

"Fred, George, how would you like to play a game?" Harry questioned slyly.

The twins looked at each other and grinned. Consideration wasn't even taken into account.

"What did you have in mind?"

Harry smirked victoriously. Step one complete.


After step one was successful, Harry's plan flew into action. Fred and George were able to get all children within the house to agree to play Harry's game. Now he had a list of names all ready to be dropped into the sorting hat that had surprisingly wanted to participate in the games. Fawkes had dropped it off though how this kept happening, Harry didn't know.

George, Fred, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna (though were she appeared from no one knew), Tonks, Charlie and Bill (they were meant to be downstairs but honestly how cared?) were all to be part of his game.

Clearing his throat, Harry stepped before the group, the hat in one hand and a smile on his face.

"So everyone knows we are here to play the marvellously childish and arousing game of Severn Minutes in heaven?" It was rhetorical but people nodded anyway. "Alright, so we have the Sorting Hat here to help us with this game."

The group moaned. Really this was a bad idea. Playing this game could only lead to problems later down the track, especially with the wide range of people present, many of them being siblings. Hopefully the hat could distinguish between that.

"I have placed all the names inside." Harry stated, scratching his head sheepishly. "Unfortunately, the Sorting Hat kind of ate the slips of paper so he'll be shouting out pairs of names every ten minutes to give us time to recuperate. That also means that he could shout the same name out in a row so you should all be prepared."

This time, someone actually fainted. Harry's games were going from bad to worse and nothing they did seemed to keep him occupied. The oldest there, Bill, hadn't thought that Harry could possibly get this carried away. Perhaps however it was just magic's way of keeping him entertained when no one else appeared to be able to. Bill didn't care as long as they was over soon.

"So people, we need rules here!" Harry called. "I'll write them down as they are shouted out and then place them into the hat so he doesn't get confused. He can also be our judge since he's magical. That way there won't be any cheating."

The group sighed. Harry was too cheerful for this to go down well.

"We don't have to do romantic things in there do we?" Ginny cringed.

Harry glanced back at the cupboard he had chosen. It might have been a little grimy on the inside but honestly what part of this house wasn't?

"You don't have to." Harry agreed. "You don' even have to do anything romantic in there with your partner. You could I don't know, tell them a secret."

The Weasley's all sighed, relief flooding them. At least if they were now paired with each other they wouldn't be placed in an awkward position.

"Alright, so, rules?"

Harry grabbed his quill.

"No Sex!" Hermione cried out.

Everyone turned to her as she blushed red.

"Just… that… no one wants to hear that and it's not very romantic in there… stop looking at me like that!"

They all turned away, Harry writing it down regardless.

"If your partner says no, you can't still attempt it." Charlie said.

It was sensible so it also went on the list.

"No torture." Luna said staring into a corner.

Warily, Harry wrote it down though were Luna believed she would be tortured from no one had any clue.

"Nothing permanent!" Ron cried, eyeing the gleam in the twins' eyes.

The group agreed that anything permanent wouldn't be very much appreciated with the exception of a hickey or anything that might happen accidently.

"Is that all?" Harry asked, looking at their meagre list.

In truth he wasn't complaining. The less on the list the more people could do in the cupboard and since no one could currently think of anything Harry allowed the Sorting Hat to swallow the list.

"So if that is everything then we shall begin!"

The group gave a roar, ready for anything that could be thrown their way.


Downstairs the meeting was just ending when the determined roar from upstairs startled them and Walburga Black. She immediately began screaming. Sirius charged up the stairs as everyone else covered their ears. Bliss surrounded them seconds later.

"What is going on up there?" Moody growled, his eye swivelling around to face the location of the children.

"I think Harry has found himself a form of entertainment." Dumbledore answered fondly.

Several of the Order members paled dramatically. All focused their eyes on the roof. Oh, they knew what happened when Harry got bored and they didn't like it.

Eventually Sirius returned shaking his head and smiling.

"What is going on up there?" Moody repeated.

"Oh the kids are merely playing a little well known Gryffindor game."

Remus choked.

"And what would that be?" Molly frowned.

"Oh, only the coolest of kids knew what it was" Sirius boasted causing Remus to chock again.

"Well I expect that is where Bill, Charlie and Tonks are then?" Dumbledore enquired.

Sirius nodded walking to the pantry. He pulled out a packet of popcorn and cast a heating charm on it. The Order frowned.

"What in the name of Merlin are you doing Black?" Severus growled.

"Making popcorn, I'm not missing this for anything."

Seconds later he left the meeting.

No one knew really what to do after that. What game had Sirius actually interested in watching that 'cool' Gryffindors played often? That one, they couldn't piece together. Fortunately, they had Remus with them.

"Remus, what game are they playing?"

"They are playing Seven Minutes in Heaven." Was all that was said before he fell into laughter.

"Seven Minutes in…" Severus trailed off and swept up the stairs.

"Must be some game." Arthur commented.

Remus merely fell to the ground.


"Within my head, within my head, I call the first names of Tonks and Ginny."

The Hat had decided to make everything sound official. The group was kind of a little freaked out by it. Yet the still went with it. Tonks shrugged and grabbed Ginny's hand, dragging the slightly unwilling girl into the cupboard before it sealed shut for the entire seven minutes, a feature Harry felt useful in this circumstance.

That was about the time Sirius poked his head through the door and enquired what they were doing.

"We're playing Seven Minutes in Heaven."

It felt like those words had been mentioned a lot today though he hadn't really thought he'd spoken it a lot. Perhaps the game needed a different name. Meh, Harry would think on it later. After all, the action, or not, was about to happen.

All eyes were peeled to the door. A sudden burst of laughter echoed around the room. It was Ginny they all realized that. The second sound was a scream also belonging to Ginny.

"What is that cousin of mine doing to that poor girl?"

Sirius had returned and with popcorn.

Munching on the popcorn, they all had their eyes glued to the cupboard waiting for the time to run out. What Tonks was doing to Ginny was producing all sorts of sounds and some were rather embarrassing for the fiery girl.

As the timer ran out, the cupboard opened with a click, Ginny sprawling on the floor with what appeared to be Tonks hanging above her. Tonks had apparently utilized her Metamorphmagus ability to her use and began to transform into different things. Currently she looked an awful like Dean Thomas, her current boyfriend.

"Well if that ain't awkward…" Fred commented.

George nodded in agreement.

Ginny blushed but stood as Tonks transformed back a smug expression on her face. Her abilities were obviously a very prideful point. This only amplified everything to the max.

The door burst open to reveal the last person anyone expected to show up after Sirius, Severus. The man had narrowed eyes and was searching the room. When he found what he was looking for, he stood into the room. Attempting to pull Harry out of the room however didn't work.

"I can't leave the room if I'm part of the game Severus. The Sorting Hat won't allow it." Harry said sweetly.

Severus knew this was punishment. He had practically avoided the brat these past weeks in an attempt to gather his composure. It hadn't worked. Harry was his and would now remain that way.

Growling, he sat down, keeping Harry close to him.

"Within my head, within my head, I call the names of Fred and George."

Severus relaxed his grip a tiny bit but didn't let go as the twins walked confidently into the cupboard.

From the second they entered all that was heard was loud hammering of metal against wood. Nothing was said or uttered in that time not from the twins within or the people waiting patiently on the outside. If the last revealing had been awkward this one certainly was going to be something else entirely.

When they exited, Sirius chocked on the popcorn.

"How did you two accomplish that?" Severus enquired.

Between them they were carrying a large model of Hogwarts. It even included small moving figurines. The twins however refused to answer. All they did was place the model to the side for everyone to exclaim over.

"Within my head, within my head, I call the names of Harry and Luna."

Harry, while Severus was busy looking at the model, grabbed Luna's hand and ran into the cupboard just as he heard a shout. The door slammed shut behind them, leaving Severus looking angered that he had allowed Harry to slip away that easily.

He gave a low growl that kept everyone else quiet and began stalking backward and forward before the door. He wasn't going to allow anyone contact with Harry after this game was over. No, Harry would be by his side all the time, even if that meant he had to go to meetings with the Dark Lord. There just wasn't going to be-

"Luna!" Harry's voice sounded scandalized.

Severus' hands tightened into balls nearly cutting into his skin. What was that girl doing in there?

The minutes appeared to tick by so slowly that Severus was positive a snail would have been faster. It wasn't possible but the time just didn't seem to end! He needed Harry out of there now. The door clicked open.

As if nothing had happened, Harry and Luna walked out, side by side. Both wore fairly neutral expressions on their faces. The group couldn't spot anything about them that might point to what had happened in the cupboard. It was rather frustrating.

"So what did you do in there?" Severus demanded once the door was open.

"Oh, we spoke about the Snuzzler and its inability to commit to feelings."

Harry snorted, casting an amusing look at Luna. Snuzzler, indeed… the word didn't quite fit the person but he guessed that was the reason for it. No one else would know what they had been speaking of.

Severus snatched him immediately and tugged Harry close. He wasn't about to let go this time…

"Within my head, within my head, I call the names of Charlie and Harry."

Harry gaped.

"What! Oh come on, you did that on purpose." He screeched to the hat.

The Sorting Hat was watching everything. It knew that Severus was reluctant to see him with anyone else. That was the aim of the game after all but did he have to make it so obvious? Damn that smart hat.

"Come on, Harry."

Charlie dragged Harry out of Severus' grip and into the cupboard. The boy was obviously trying to get Severus attention so it was easy to choose what he was going to do with Harry.

Severus could barely contain his rage as the sounds from inside started. The moans and screams had many of them blushing. Harry shouldn't be making any of those sounds. He was the only one allowed to hear them. Why? Why, did he always react too late to romantic pursuits? He must have been cursed or perhaps it was just because Harry was an Even's. That family didn't seem to agree with him at all.

Finally the door clicked open.

Severus had a grip on Harry as soon as he had spotted the black mop of hair. The others ignored them as Severus dragged Harry into a corner and refused to let go.

A bruise, there was a bruise on Harry's neck. Really there wasn't anything else wrong with him apart from a slight blush on his cheeks. He was perfect, he was healthy but it would take days for that bruise to fade, days in which Severus would suffer for his hesitance.

"Within my head, within my head, I call the names of Bill and Ron."

A wicked gleam entered Bill's eyes as Ron was mercilessly dragged into the cupboard.

The cupboard snapped shut and the sounds of laughter immediately began. The group was informed that Bill knew everything there was about his siblings. Being the eldest gave him knowledge and patience to act upon it. Charlie confirmed that Bill was mercilessly delivering a tickle-torture as they spoke. The Hat obviously didn't think it was counted as torture as the laughter continued.

"Never… again…" was all Ron managed before he collapsed as his time clicked over.

Harry smiled from behind Severus. He wasn't allowed any close to his friends than that especially Charlie and Luna. The others laughed at Ron's turn. That had certainly been amusing.

"Within my head, within my head, I call the names of Ginny and Hermione."

Hermione and Ginny shrugged and entered eager to get this over and done with. The cupboard was once again silent, the girls obviously choosing to do something similar to Luna and Harry. They were talking. Not very interesting but there wasn't anything they could do about it. All they could do was play the waiting game.

Finally they exited.

"What was that all about?" Tonks and Sirius exclaimed at the same time.

"Secrets, secrets that shall never be uttered again." Ginny said ominously.

No one said any differently. That tone wasn't one to argue with for any amount of galleons in the world. It would simply have been foolish to push that far especially with Hermione and Ginny behind the payback. They could be ferocious when needed.

"And that concludes the end of this game." The Hat said and disappeared as Fawkes collected it.

"Well I'm glad that is over." Ron sighed.

Severus merely dragged Harry away. The brat wasn't leaving his sight for the remainder of his life.

"So Harry's moans…" Bill trailed off slyly. Everyone eagerly leant forward.

Charlie just laughed.

"Oh, we faked it all. Snape will even find that the 'bruise' on his neck is just a bit of make-up."

The group snickered at the man's misfortune. He would never be able to win with Harry making the calls.

Next time it will be… Scavenger Hunt. Have a game you want to see? Please tell me, it should be interesting.