So I heard the Ice King was getting married. And hey, that's great. Maybe he'll cut me and all the other princesses a break if he's got one leading lady in his life. LSP seems pretty freaked about it, though with her, I can never tell if it's a good or bad sort of freak. And all the people in the Candy Kingdom seem pretty lucid about it, so it's nice no one's really got their knickers in a bundle over it. I mean, I'd have some serious issues if Mr. Cupcake started sobbing over this news (And maybe so hilarious video footage). Finn also came to talk to me about it, as he, out of everyone, seems to be the most pleased. Even if he complains about how wishy-washy the guy can be a lot of the time.

And hey, I'm a princess. I should be glad to see a royal couple about to be born. I should be happy. I shouldn't really care one way or the other. But… I think I do care. I think I'm jealous. And I can't be sure, since I never get jealous, about anything, but all I know is that hearing about the wedding, and thinking about the wedding… it just makes me want to punch something. With science. And it's not because I feel as though we're star crossed lovers, or think of him as any less of a patoot then he so is, it's just… stupid. To care, I mean. I'm stupid. But I'm not at the same time, because he was supposed to be obsessed with me! I mean, sure, he captured other princesses, but I was, like, the Princess Peach to his Bowser. And he just drops it? Like that? Without so much as a letter?

I mean, he sent me an invitation to the wedding. I don't think I'll be going, though. I'd just end up punching both him and his fiancé in the face. With science.