Chapter 2

Everyone who was still alive was looking for the guys from maintenance office. They found them in the store room. They started killing every single one of them. They also broke everyone's cars. Giant picked up a car and threw it on the other cars. Giant broke 20 cars, Shizuka broke 10 cars, Nobita broke 5 cars, and Suneo broke 0 cars. He is an idiot (A/N: Sorry Suneo fans!). Doraemon was trying to stop them. He wanted to become a hero in front of Mi chan. Their parents were still beating the hell out of the maintenance guys. Suneo was being a scaredy-cat idiot. He was showing off his new toys. Giant threw them on an aeroplane. Suneo sat in the corner and cried like a baby. Everyone ignored Suneo and left. When he found out, he cried for his mother, who was currently in the spirit world. They hired new maintenance people. After that, everyone lived peacefully.

p.s. Suneo didn't live peacefully. He kept crying for 10 days.