Written for the Love Triangle Challenge

This was extremely hard, as I cannot picture Ginny with anyone else other than Draco, so I hope I did justice to it. Also, this is not beta-ed so if you see any mistakes, do let me know :)

Triangle: Dean/Ginny/Harry

She had liked Harry since she had laid her eyes on him. Everyone thought it was a stupid-girlish crush, on her brother's best friend, but somehow, she never quite got over it. Even when she dated Michael, it was Harry she thought of. Harry, Harry, Harry.

And then...

Dean came along. She hated him at first. She thought he was a flirt, hitting on her and messing with her head. With time though, she felt herself liking him. She liked how he called her his princess, she enjoyed the attention he bestowed on her and she gloated when he passed those smiles to her.

But, she always wondered, was Dean only just there because it was easy for her? Because it was convenient to fall for him and not get her heart broken? Because he was always there, and well there was no hope with Harry?

She hoped that Harry would never like her back. Because if he did, she herself would not be able to predict the consequences. It would complicate things far too much.

Pretty short, but do let me know what you think :)