Chapter 1: A princess is born.

Hello everybody I'm Cami-chan and the author of this story. Well I'd like to thank fyerigurl and AquaJet because the inspired me to write this story. Well…ENJOY!

*Phone rings*

"Mushi Mushi"- somedude

"Hello is this Takeshi Konomi"-me

"Hai"- Takeshi Konomi

"Do I own Prince of tennis?"- me

"…no…"- Takeshi Konomi

"aaawww"- me

The sun was shining in the middle of the sky. It was after school and a certain arburn colored hair girl was watching her senpais and her all time crush play tennis.

'mou I wish I could play with ryoma-kun..' sakuno thought 'maybe I should try out for the girls team, but I know I can't make it...' Her mind was filled with her becoming a pro tennis player and winning the nationals.' Ah! I know ill ask obaa-chan to coach me!'

The door opened in coach Ryuzaki-sensei's office. Sakuno appeared and she looked like she ran 25 laps around the courts. She walked near Her obaa-chan's desk. Slowly Ryuzaki-sensei stopped writing in her note book and asked

"Ahh sakuno what is it"coach ryuzaki asked.

"ano obaa-chan can you coach me in tennis please"sakuno said." I want to try for the girl's regular team."

"Oh trying to get serious for a special arrogant brat huh" Ryuzaki-sensei said.

"Obaa-chan!" Sakuno softly yelled with a hit of a blush on her obaa-chan was right on the target, sakuno mostly wanted to get better at tennis to impress ryoma but there was something eles that had her attracted to this sport.

"Haha ok I get it i will coach you" Ryuzaki-sensei said.

"Arigoto obaa-chan!" Sakuno smiled and ran out of the office.' Obaa-chan is going to help me so I shouldn't put it to waste.'

-Next day (A Saturday)-

"Obaa-chan Moikai!(play again)"sakuno said in breaths.

"Your quite persistent sakuno" Ryuzaki-sensei said.'Don't give sakuno you can try better!'sakuno metally slapped at herself.' Ow that mentally hurt..'

-few weeks later (day of girl regular tryouts)- -after school on girls tennis courts-

"Hey ayame do you think we will find some suitable team members" a girl in glasses with short black hair and black eyes was fairly tall and mostly spoke in a monotone.

"I don't know haru but it looks like a lot of strong players are trying out." Ayame responded. She had long dark orange hair with red eyes. She was tall and looked very mature." You're not gonna try out huh? Gonna stick with making our practice schedule and making those evil little mud cakes you call energy bars.."

"Oh are you making fun of my Haru beautiful creations…" Haru said while digging in her bag for something.

"No. I'm just saying. Is there any other reason you don't want to be a regular." Ayame asked.' Beautilful Creation?'

"I didn't say I didn't want to be a regular, besides I rather be the stalker of the stalker." Haru smiled mischievously.

"Haru don't tell m-" Ayame was cut off by the slam of the door. Two girls who looked very young appeared. They looked like exact clones but there was more to them than meets the eye."AYAME-BUCHOU!"A girl yelled who glomped on ayame. She had long green hair and it was let down. Her eyes were green and she is average height. There was a big smile on her face and she was holding a big fat Toast Plushie.

"Yumi get off!" ayame demanded

"Umm Yu-chan I think you should get off ayame-Buchou.."a girl with a shy voice said. She looked like Yumi but her hair was tied up in a ponytail. She had a worried look on her face and she was holding a little Hello Kitty Plushie."Ok Ru-chan!" Yumi said while getting off. She slide down Ayame's back and fell on the floor.

"Hey are you guys gonna try" Haru asked.

"Of course why wouldn't we"Yumi and Rumi said in unison.

"Hi minna(everybody)"a sweet voice and calm said

"MOTOKO-CHAN!"Yumi tried to glomp on her but she moved."WAHHH!MO-CHAN HAS GOOD REFLEXS!"

"Haha sorry Yumi-chan did you get hurt"Motoko had cerulean coloered hair and light blue was definetly the prettiest girl there.

"Don't listen to Motoko, Yumi you know she secretly wants to see you suffer." Haru declared.

"WAAHHH! IS THAT TRUE MO-CHAN!" Yumi cried, tears in her eyes but they all knew it was fake.

"Of course not!" Motoko said *telepathy with Haru** U Son of a Btch! I thought we were in this together!*-Motoko

*Telepathy with Motoko** Now don't get sooo mad I was just kidding anyway do you have that humiliating picture of Ayame-buchou*-Haru

*Yea I'm saving it for later*-Motoko

(Haha they have scary powers…)

'These two are planning something….' Ayame wonder what they we thinking. Then she remembered what they did last year.' Umm maybe I shouldn't think about it..'

"Anyway, Motoko are you gonna sign up" Haru asked

"Of course we were on they team last year" Motoko answered.

"But we sucked because of that what's her face girl" Yumi reveal.

"That is why we must train and build up a good team" Ayame declared."Good afternoon minna"a girl with short brown hair and reddish brownish eyes was small and cute and her voice sounded very cute and girly.

"Ohayo Nayomi-chan!" Yumi said glomping on her.

"ano Yumi-senpai please get off" Nayomi kindly asked

"OK!SINCE YOU ASKED SOO NICELY!" Yumi shouted happily. She slide down Nayomi's back like she did with Ayame.

"Hey everybody!" A tomboyish voice had gray and light blue eyes. She was pretty tall and looked had an expression on her face that said 'don't mess with me'.

"Hi Karin" everybody said

"looks like alot of people want to be a regular" Karin said

"Yea I mean look at the crowd outside" Rumi said.

A light knocking on door brought everyone's attention to a young girl.

"umm hello my name is Akira I'm a new student and I want to try out for the team"Akira said. She was really tall and had lavender hair with pink eyes.

" Oh well Welcome to Seigaku, Akira!" Ayame said." Did you find everything you needed in school?"

"Yeah i did"Akira replied" When do we start playing matches?"

"Soon we are waiting for coach Ryuzaki" Ayamed answered

Sakuno ran to the tennis courts wondering if she was late. Then she saw that there were many people Sign up. 'ano there is soo many people will I make it?' She arrived on the courts to be greeted by the many mobs if people.

" Ahh Ryuzaki-sensei is here" Ayame said

Everyone who was trying out went on the courts to hear the rules and what block they are people dropped out when they found out who they were going against. It was cleary shown that they just wanted to get used to the boy regulars.

"I didn't think this Many of them would give up that fast" Ryuzaki-sensei said

"hmmm I know since we have less then half left then we will just used observe who got talent." Ayame implied.

"Ok I guess that will work.." Ryuzaki-sensei said.' Good luck sakuno' "Ayame there is one girl I want you to play close attention to."

"Oh and who is that" Ayame asked.

"You will notice her when you see her."Ryuzaki-sensei answered.

"Oh are you sure about that?" Ayame asked."I'm sure I coached her myself" Ryuzaki-sensei

"Ohh then I look forward to it"Ayame said

The first match began and it was Nayomi' match. Her and her opponent shook hads and walked to their sides of the court.

One set (Nayomi)to serve

Nayomi served an ace.


Nayomi made several more aces,her oppenent was pretty weak. A few moments later, Nayomi won and told her opponent that it was a good match.

Game set match Inoue Nayomi 6-1

Wows and cheers were heard from outside the gates.

"Nice match Inoue-San"Akiko said(her oppenent)

"Same to you Aomori-san" Nayomi said.

The next game was for Karin. She walked to the court and sighed that her opponent was pretty weak looking.

One set match Nakamura(Karin) to serve.

It wasn't long until she won the match.

Game set match Nakamura Karin 6-0

'Che… I'm not even tired' Karin thought.

The next match began and it was for the all famous Motoko. She was a born a genius in almost everything. She got outstanding grades, was a prodigy in tennis, and she played the piano at college level.

One set match Matsushita(Motoko) to serve

In 5 minutes Motoko crushed her oppenent, the girl didn't even have a chance.

Game set match Matsushita Motoko 6-0

Many more wows and oos were heard.

Soon it was Yumi's and Rumi's turn the both won there games 6-0

"YAATA RU-CHAN I BEAT HER!" Yumi cheered.

"umm Yu-chan please don't shout here" Rumi asked politely.

Then it was Akira's turn. She was twig looking but her shots were pretty powerful. The crowd was shocked and charmed by her cuteness.

Fanilly, it was sakuno's turn and she got a pretty talented oppenent.

One set match Ryuzaki to serve

Sakuno served an ace and soon won the game1-0

"Sensei is this the girl you were talking about" Ayame asked

"Yes although she isn't showing her true potential after all she is my granddaughter." Ryuzaki-sensei said

"ohh pretty confident there coach" Ayame replied

Sakuno was winning but her oppenent wasn't giving so she used one of her moves

Sakuno hit the ball up in the air which made it look like a lob. But then It suddenly dropped landing on the net. Finally it dropped on the oppenent's side of the court.

"Haha coach I see what you mean she not only has determination but she also has talent"Ayame said a little stunned

"Yea and she only learned that and a few more moves in a few weeks" Ryuzaki-sensei said

"What is the name of that move?" Ayame asked

"Tsubaki drop" Ryuzaki-sensei

The whole crowd who was watching was amazed including the former regulars.


"Ya I did she is amazing who is she" Rumi asked

Haru popped out of nowhere and said "Ryuzaki Sakuno freshmen Granddaugther of Ryuzaki-sensei Stutters a lot."

"WAAAHH!WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!"Yumi shouted in a ninja form.

"Ohh then she might have gone through some rough training" Rumi said.

Soon sakuno won.

Game set match Ryuzaki Sakuno 6-0

' I beat her' Sakuno wasn't that tired because of the terrifying training her obaa-chan put her through


"30 laps around the court!"Ryuzaki-sensei said

"eehhh! Obaa-chan!" Sakuno complianed

"and do it under 10 minutes or i'll make you drink inui juice!" Ryuzaki-sensei said.

-few minutes later-

"Sakuno you made it under 10 minutes and 0.01 seconds" Ryzuaki-sensei said.

"D-does T-t-that m-mean?" Sakuno stuttered.

Inui popped out of nowhere and handed Ryuzaki-sensei a mug of 'Aozu'.

"Here you go Sakuno" Ryzaki-sensei mischievously smiled handing Sakuno the mug.

"O-obaa-chan NOOO!"She screamed when she after she drank it.

-home of a little arrogant brat-

'What was that sound?' Ryoma thought while practicing.

-end of flashback-

"Well looks like we have our results" Ayame said.